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    [COR - FB] Bakery, Jameston

    Great build, colors are so nice as always! Clever oven. I love love the feel of this, something about the smaller scale...
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    [OL-FB] Beauchamp Shipyard Rope Factory

    This is really stunning, Cap! I am struck by its size but also how neatly composed it is. So many details to love!
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    [COR - FB] Spice Merchant, Jameston

    Amazing colors! I love the pergola too. The novel tree and flower overhangs are also excellent!
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    [COR-FB] Mushrooms for Dinner, Wullham

    Lovely story! Nothing not to love here. Save some mushrooms for me, Treewa!
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    [Mini-Challenge] The Ice King

    Nice photos to accompany the challenge details, Key!
  6. Great narrative around your excellent vigs! I'm a sucker for well done vignettes too! The figures are also extremely sharp with detail
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    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thank you Ross! Yes I have a feeling they will intersect! Hopefully without any stake burnings ;) Yes possibly we could crossover at some point! Thank you! I think he will too :)
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    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Emile Rousseau — Captain — Preservation and Acquisition of Cultural and Religious Entities Emile Rousseau by Django Fett, on Flickr Background Emile Rousseau was temporarily staying in a nearly 25 year-old, non-contiguos Oleon outpost. It was his quiet retreat after a near 10 year military service as apart of the royal infantry. He had tried staying in Lavalette but found it too distracting for his writing. Emile had always shown a penchant for articulating the ways in which cultural artifacts should be protected and learned from. Emile had been long developing a dissertation (without a formal education) while serving as a rank-and-file in the royal infantry. While his more scholarly tendencies were lost on many fellow privates, astute NCO's with greater means would help Emile develop ideas and understanding through supplying him with subsequent literature. It was this slow process that landed Emile at the finalization of his collected essays which he had only, finally, got published in the spring in Oleon proper, with Emile all the way ensconced in his ruins. Emile felt slightly anxious about his published work. It was not that Emile was worried about reception or glory. It was that he only needed to know it was circulating, he trusted the intellectual elites and clergy members would be at the very least pushed to change the investment of time and money into preserving cultural entities. Emile hoped his essays would have such an effect, his writing was extensive and the fruit of 12 years of hard work, 10 of which during several military campaigns. Presently It was during another sleepy afternoon that found Emile cooking his dinner on the shore of the island ruins. It had been several months now since his essays had circulated the upper echelon of Oleon, which Emile was not aware of yet. Emile Cooking Dinner by Django Fett, on Flickr All had been quiet on the small island. That was until — halfway through cooking his halibut, Emile spotted a correspondence dispatch, undoubtedly from a larger ship beyond sight, or perhaps a neighboring settlement. Emile waited for them to come ashore. No doubt it was news of his essays, Emile thought. But then... why was it a military correspondence? Emile at the Lookout by Django Fett, on Flickr The boat came ashore and the lead correspondence officer approached Emile to confirm his identity. Upon confirmation he was handed a letter with a stamp that was clearly Oleon high council but he had never seen anything like it before, not unusual for an lower-class infantry veteran. Emile Being Recalled for Service by Django Fett, on Flickr Very, good Mr. Rousseau! This is for you then. We will dock here overnight in-case travel is necessitated. Emile was skeptical, but still excited to see if the letter would make reference to his writings being a success. Thank you. You and your men can rally around the fire a meal is on, please do not wait for me. Emile was eager to read in private. Emile opened the letter carefully but quickly nonetheless. In short, the letter read: Mr. Rousseau, Your essays grasped the interest of some of the more important nobility Oleon has to offer. So much so, that they saw fit to circulate your writings among certain members of the High Council. The state has seen fit to request your servitude once again and re-conscript you. You will not be returning to the infantry of course but you are to enter as a Captain of a new company as per your needs. You are to rendezvous back in Oleon to form a small group of advisors that will head-up the sort of initiative we feel you have made so apparently necessary to procure and protect the interests of Oleon in the realm of art, history and religion. More details that deal in more direct terms can be expected once you arrive in Oleon, some details can only be spoken for security sake. Thank You. Emile took a moment to collect his thoughts My papers have a captive audience. I must now take command of the very things I have written of. — Extra Birds eye view of the island:
  9. Incredible build! I am a sucker for how you build up those cliff sides with foliage or sand/earth. Interesting determination about the copper as well... can't wait to see more!
  10. Django Fett

    Orange Plantation

    Really lovely! I love the roofing and the oranges of course!
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    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thank you so much to the both of you! I will certainly reach out soon, Keymonus thanks for your openness.
  12. Django Fett

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Hi all, been away for a while while finishing up school. Wondering where I can go to understand what this Era II means :) Anyway thanks and happy to be back :)
  13. Captain Picard: Chapter 2 "Mapping the Future" It's a beautiful morning on the outskirts of Lavelette and the soldiers (of the hospitable outpost run by Lieutenant Barry) are bustling about with tasks and endless banter. Picard observed from the first floor window that Barry's ranks were composed of two sappers, two infantrymen and one sergeant apt in the way of navigation, the crew was joined momentarily with Picard's men (An infantry and seaman). It was pleasing for Picard to see the integration of his men back into the fabric of the Oleon ranks. Quaint as this locale was, Picard was a Captain and would no doubt soon need to report to his superiors and answer many questions. Inside the quarters of the outpost, Picard was joined by Barry who after their discussion and revelation to Barry of the fate of Picard's vessel, seemed to have bonded with Picard in a natural sort of way. "Well Barry I must admit, despite the fact I would enjoy to stay here for much longer, if I do not return soon to my superiors, I will be in hot water." Picard admitted. Barry understandingly leaned back and said "You have no need to explain yourself, sir. I understand your duties lie far beyond this small outpost. My ability to have been able to quarter you and your crew has been a great honor, sir." "Please, I should be thanking you for saving my crew and I from certain death. That sergeant of yours now, Barry, he seems quite sharp with directions. Might I do so well as to have him accompany me on the way to the nearest fort?" Said Picard. "Without question, sir. I will inform him at once and he will plot you journey to... well that's up to him I suppose - he considers even the tide and wind direction to figure out the fastest routes and optimal destinations." Said Barry. Later that day Sergeant Lyndon plotted the course they would take and prepared the small scouting boat for journey. Where will Lyndon plot for Picard and what will Picard's superiors think of the calamity on the Finch? Overview of the updated outpost build...
  14. haha it's a special kind of brick
  15. Alas, The Return of the Long Forgotten Captain Picard - Upon an Unknown Oleon Post. After a disastrous maiden voyage of Picard's little known vessel the Finch (sight unseen before engulfed in flame soon after it's first departure) Picard and the last two remaining crew members escaped the fiery wreckage onto an escape boat. For a mere two weeks they survived off of rations which kept them from the likely barbary of cannibalism. Staved off this horrible fate they did, however. All the while, Picard somehow mustered the sense of mind to map his way to known Oleon waters (but not recently noted) in hope to find some sort of refuge. With a great stroke of luck, and not a day too soon, Picard and his weary crew arrived upon a tiny outpost adorned with the Blue and White "Vive le Roi!". Never had someone so tormented by the endless blue of the infinite seas been so thankful to see more blue, a different kind of blue, the blue of the Flag and uniform he had come to love as much as life itself. Quickly greeted by the commanding officer of the outpost followed by his orderlies, the man's name was Barry and Picard embraced Barry with kind regards and politely suggested with some urgency that he and his remaining crew were in dire condition. Embarrassed for not being quicker to realize and knowing to ask questions later, Barry escorted Picard and his two crewmen into the outpost for food and sleep. The next morning Picard awoke to a lovely midsummer afternoon. Picard felt refreshingly human again, after good sleep and sufficient nourishment, but soon remembered and became mentally enclosed in what transpired what happened on his ship weeks back. His brief bliss was instantly dowered by the memory of the happenings which precipitated his being there at the outpost. About an hour after he awoke, Picard was greeted by Barry with some bread and coffee. Picard could tell from Barry's steadfastness in demeanor he was eager to smooth over his impending inquiry into the fate of Picard's vessel and the story of his journey which lend him to the outpost. Barry worried most about how many men Picard had lost during the ships demise, and how that it weigh upon Picard once shock wore off. "So..." Picard said wearily "You'll be wanting to hear about the boat fire which cast me upon the sea with only two men and a row-boat". Barry leaned back in his wooden chair which exerted a long creak "I'd be lying to say it weren't on my mind". "Well" Picard responded with intent "It was no accident, it was an act of malice and insurrection from within the ranks of my tight crew". Barry now knew he was involved in a story much larger than the day-to-day of his quaint outpost... ~ Thanks for reading, im glad to be back posting again! I have a lot to catch up on. Suggestions for a location of the outpost are welcome! ~
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    [OL - Prospecting] A Hard Day's Work

    This is great! Love the hierarchy created by the angles and proportions.
  17. Thank you all, and Drunknok I believe I have to catch up on Oleon settlements before deciding but the overall story arch will follow Picard and Barry seeking a new ship for Picard so perhaps a settlement with good shipbuilding sites?
  18. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I will certainly work on a small and speedy exploratory vessel for Picard and his team!
  19. Lieutenant Olivier Picard Raised only by his dear father, Picard was taught the essentials of directional skills and navigational aptitude at a young age by his father (who was an expert for a small crew of merchants in his youth). Picard is the oldest of two boys born to the Picard name (his late mother Marianne died during child birth to Francois the youngest sibling). His father, Jacques, instilled ideals of free will and independence from faith in Olivier from very early on. These controversial teachings shaped the thinking and pragmatism Olivier brought to his approach to cartography and navigation. Olivier attended university and rose to the top of his class with ease. The esteemed military leaders of Oleon took notice of young Olivier's skill set upon his graduation. After a mere two years apart of the grand army of Oleon, Olivier gained the prestigious honor of becoming a Captain, becoming one of the youngest ever to lead as a captain under the blue and white flag. After a heated debate during an officers dinner, Olivier's beliefs or, lack-thereof, were brought to light which resulted in a swift demotion to Lieutenant. Olivier is now awaiting assignment to explore New Terra in order to map out land forms not currently chartered; with his trusted and ambitious platoon, Olivier looks to serve Oleon in the advancement of knowledge and expansion of power. godard by django fett, on Flickr (Pictured center)