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  1. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I will certainly work on a small and speedy exploratory vessel for Picard and his team!
  2. Lieutenant Olivier Picard Raised only by his dear father, Picard was taught the essentials of directional skills and navigational aptitude at a young age by his father (who was an expert for a small crew of merchants in his youth). Picard is the oldest of two boys born to the Picard name (his late mother Marianne died during child birth to Francois the youngest sibling). His father, Jacques, instilled ideals of free will and independence from faith in Olivier from very early on. These controversial teachings shaped the thinking and pragmatism Olivier brought to his approach to cartography and navigation. Olivier attended university and rose to the top of his class with ease. The esteemed military leaders of Oleon took notice of young Olivier's skill set upon his graduation. After a mere two years apart of the grand army of Oleon, Olivier gained the prestigious honor of becoming a Captain, becoming one of the youngest ever to lead as a captain under the blue and white flag. After a heated debate during an officers dinner, Olivier's beliefs or, lack-thereof, were brought to light which resulted in a swift demotion to Lieutenant. Olivier is now awaiting assignment to explore New Terra in order to map out land forms not currently chartered; with his trusted and ambitious platoon, Olivier looks to serve Oleon in the advancement of knowledge and expansion of power. godard by django fett, on Flickr (Pictured center)