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  1. Brickadier General

    [MOC] Vikings - miniland scale

    What an excellent twist on the Miniland "theme." The brick-built shields are a really nice touch!
  2. Brickadier General

    A LEGO Encyclopedia is in the works...

    Hi Gary, This is a great opportunity, and I'm really, really looking forward to the prospect of a hardbound English collector's guide (and I understand you can't guarantee that). You are more than welcome to use anything I have shared online ( Whenever I can, I scan stuff to share with BrickSet. Since you have an early toy section, I have two items that were "copycats" (or the other way around) of LEGO's early plastic toys. One of these is a clown keychain with tongue that sticks out when you press a button. The other item is a game of stacking clowns (made by Noma, most famous for Christmas lights). If you think it would help you please let me know.
  3. I'm interested in purchasing magazines that were published for LEGO's employees (preferably English). LEGO Review (known as LEGO Revue in Germany and Klodshans in Danish) was published in the 1980s and 1990s. This was replaced by LEGO Life magazine (in the late 1990s or so, it would seem). I'd like to build a collection of these magazines because they are a great historical resource and are fun to read. I'm interested in buying any issues you might have. If you'd like to bundle other stuff together, I also collect LEGO brochures, catalogs, kids magazines, etc. Hoping that someone out there has these...
  4. Brickadier General

    A mini-doll rant by a mini-doll fan

    I sympathize with some of your points, mainly the lack of variety. Friends minidolls currently don't lend themselves very well to MOCing. I made a Friends diorama set in the early 1900s and set about to use stock Friends parts. Making the figures look period correct was not very easy with the given Friends parts. I also felt like there aren't many male figures (or at least male figures I could use for my MOC). I like the minidolls but wish they had more points of articulation. I'm assuming these were left out for quality reasons. Still, it would be nice to have more posing options.
  5. Brickadier General

    Ideas for CMFs

    Oh man, so many good figures to choose from. However, the toy maker is probably my favorite. Really clever looking! Speaking of toy makers, it would be really nice if they released Ole Kirk as a minifig with a pull-duck...
  6. Brickadier General

    Čerge (Gypsy Caravan)

    There are many nice details in this little scene; In particular, I love the clothesline. The color scheme of the wagon is appealing, too. The green roof with gold accents works quite well, and makes great use of the larger pieces often used for an airplane roof. Good job!
  7. Brickadier General

    [MOC] Donald Duck's House

    Great house! It definitely feels very "cartoony." The hammock hanging from the trees is particularly interesting. What did you use to make the hammock?
  8. Brickadier General

    Batcave 1966

    Whoa, nice work on the Batcave! It looks like it'd be a lot of fun to play with for hours on end. Love that you've included Bartman. haha
  9. Brickadier General

    Ghostbuster Lego Ecto-1A decals build

    Nice mod. I really like the use of black & yellow plates to make the "caution stripe" along the car. Good work!
  10. Brickadier General

    Stickers in Lego Sets (opinion)!

    For the most part, I'm ok with stickers because it means more MOC parts! Printed parts are nice when you get them but have more limited application. All of my stickers get filed away in a "giant sticker bag." They pretty much sit in there for years unless I can find an appropriate MOC to use them in.
  11. Brickadier General

    [MOC ]Giant Attack!

    You did an excellent job with the contours of the giants face. That was the first thing that jumped out right away. Great build overall!
  12. Brickadier General

    Legal Action on Clone Brands?

    Counterfeits flourish on eBay; they are just too difficult to regulate. When one seller gets taken down, 3 more take his/her place. Counterfeiting of actual sets in China has been an ongoing problem. Back in the early 2000s, Enlighten was doing 90s LEGO sets, ripping the box art from LEGO. In China, I think this too is difficult to regulate. I can totally see why this is happening, though. It's been a few years now, but I lived in China and remembered coming across genuine LEGO. Back then, it was retailing for around 30% higher than my home in the U.S. If you consider the purchasing power of the average person in China, a LEGO set is akin to the "Ferrari" of toys. It's a luxury product that few can afford. In come the countereiters...
  13. Brickadier General


    I'm really liking that Batmobile. It was the first thing I noticed in your picture. The blending for the greys with black works surprisingly well for a bat-vehicle and definitely make it more interesting to look at. Very good job!
  14. Brickadier General

    MOC: Detroit 1930

    All the details...this looks so wonderful! I am particularly interested in how you did your vehicles. You used some interesting non-traditional solutions to creating certain parts of the car (like the crossbow for the grille and hood ornament of the one vehicle). Gives your build even more character.
  15. The rarest LEGO item currently in my collection is this 1940s convertible. Plastic is fantastic, but wood is also good. ;-)