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  1. Jonas

    Walking Robot 2.0

    Nice and clever design. I am going to put it on my build list.
  2. Jonas

    LEGO Education EV3 MicroPython

    I just want to confirm that the MicroPython runs on Windows 7 (Win7 Pro in my case). The above described problem was solved after I let Windows search a driver for EV3dev (connected via USB). I do not know which driver has been found, but now it works.
  3. Jonas

    LEGO Education EV3 MicroPython

    Hi, it looks interesting so I gave it a try. I followed the instructions, successfully installed the MicroPython, created an SD card (4GB) with the image, saw and browsed the new menu on my EV3. Then I opened the first program (beep) and wanted to run it. And here I have a problem: When I click on Click here to connect to a device, I see Searching for devices .... and nothing else. Do you think that it is because I use Win 7 Pro?
  4. Jonas

    Copenhagen Kiosk, free instructions

    Really nice and cleverly built! I admire your wide range of building interests: from sophisticated Technic GBC models to amazing modular city buildings.
  5. Jonas

    Pendulum wave music machine

    It is amazing. I liked the previous visual version but this acoustic is even more interesting. It seems to me that the stacked differentials is a hot topic of this season. A couple of weeks ago we had here another fascinating MOC a 64-Speed Lego Technic Gearbox, also based on differentials.
  6. Jonas

    EV3 Cables - too stiff !

    Just be careful. The connectors are not the normal telephone ones even though they look so. The connectors used by Lego are unique (from many reasons) and the only known source to purchase them is a Chinese shop. That is why also the crimping tool must be modified.
  7. Jonas

    EV3 Cables - too stiff !

    There is a possibility to make your own cables from a more flexible 6-core cable. You will need connectors (a cheep source is e.g. here), a 6-core cable from an electronic shop and special crimping pliers. The latter needs to be slightly modified, see e.g. here. If you plan to use more cables with various lengths, this may be a good solution. Or contact other interested people in you region and make together a small home manufacture.
  8. Jonas

    Tensegrity GBC

    Very nice. So, if I understand well, the central idea of this GBC is gravity balancing: not just the tensegrity paths but also the lift chairs. Well done!
  9. Yes, I have seen it. But the video is rather short to see what happens after hundreds of cycles.
  10. Hi, I want to ask the users of EV3 system: How much can you rely on position determination made by EV3 unit that computes it from the quadrature encoder inside the EV3 servomotors? Particularly in a situation where the position of a driven mechanical system (e.g. a robot arm) changes quickly and in both directions? Is it precise and robust enough so that limit switches may be omitted? I saw some robots with EV3 and many were without these switches. I ask because I am experimenting with EV3 motors combined with Arduino and even though my control programs (inspired by this project) seem to be fast and accurate enough, there are always small deviations of the position after several movement repetitions. After tens and hundreds of repetitions the deviations becomes critical.
  11. I hoped that my above response would be understood as a hyperbole. I just wanted to pointed out that - for some people - it may seem so easy to ask for limits/bans for cars, planes, travels, some meals, power stations, plastic, .. whatever, except of what they themselves like/need/use. If they want to make the entire world "sustainable", no growth would be possible.
  12. If you decided to share you concerns on THIS FORUM, I suppose you want to read responses that take LEGO into account. Too much plastic produced in the world? Well, let us admit TLG is one of those who contribute to it. Production growth? TLG is one of those companies. People asking for new products and buying them though they do not really need them? OK. That also us in this forum. People wanting new instead of old (still usable) products? OK. That also us in this forum. Etc. So would you agree that the most natural response to your concerns (at this forum) is: Stop buying plastic products, incl. Lego. Let us use (play with) only the existing sets and pieces. Let us share them with others, e,g with our children (and next generations). Or ask TLG to introduce policy: 1 kg new Lego for 1 kg of returned old. ... In this way we stop at least one of the closed loops you mentioned in your posts and make the world a bit more sustainable. Are you ready? Are we ready?
  13. Jonas

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    I had to look at the video to see what you mean. If I remember well that gear was prepared for the case that the additional (relay) module would be driven by the main drive - via a gear train attached to the spiral lift. That idea did not prove to work well, so I added an additional motor. The 24t gear was left on its place. Jonas
  14. Thank you, Philo, for the fast response.