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  1. TRU stores in my area received the 42075, 42076 and 42077. No sign of the Mack Anthem yet. Being a bit short on cash I just picked up the 42075 First Responder kit. It is a really good model IMO, wish it had dual rear shocks instead of just the one, but for small-medium size kit, it was nice to see an actual differential. Also I think a good companion model to last summer's 42068 Rescue Truck. Around the large city I live, the airport uses lime green paint on the emergency equipment instead of red, as a lot do in the US that I have seen. That would have been quite cool for the 42068. Will have to wait until after the New Year to pick up the Rally Car and hopefully at that point the Mack will be in stock at local TRU as well, not interested in the Hovercraft myself. For a company that has declared bankruptcy, I'm quite surprised they are even stocking larger sets.
  2. Sorry, felt I should leave the images in for comparison, but seeing them together, I would agree dark azure. Any idea when these last 4 sets get released. I know from past experience, you generally see smaller 1H sets just before Xmas, sometimes all, this was the case in 2015 and 2016 here in the US. We got jacked with the larger 1H sets last winter and had to wait until 2H releases. Just wondered if anybody had any info on it? Since coming out of dark ages in late 2004, I've never seen any 1H releases in November.
  3. I don't know, it sort of looks like it could be medium azure.
  4. That stinks...getting tired of the same old LBG engine blocks/cylinders. DBG and clear we're rather cool, I know my 8435 4WD has DBG and my 8428 has clear. I know I could probably get different colors from Bricklink...I actually have some blue pistons and also brick red pistons, also some clear cylinders. Just wish with the all the different newer parts in a myriad of colors they would produce some different mold cylinders and pistons out of the box. This car does look a lot like Racers cars from the mid-late 2000's...just with suspension, steering and an engine...definite plus, interesting color choices though...
  5. Not exactly on topic, but I wonder why the 42061 Telehandler had such a short life span? Less than a year here in the US. I see it is Out of Stock and call to check availability on the US S@H website, even Amazon doesn't seem to carry it anymore either. That's odd. Another oddity is the lifetime of the 42042 Crawler Crane from summer 2015 being so short, yet Lego still sells the 42043 Arocs truck. Agreed there. New pieces are still a cool thing for me, a Lego nut in his mid-40's. So many have been released in the past few years, and some in different colors. Kind of agree with you on the 8297. New style diff, suspension I'd never seen before, a model almost totally in my fav color, DBG...
  6. They have been in TRU's now since few days prior to Thanksgiving(week of Nov 20). Largest set so far is the Racing Yacht. Got the compactor/dozer. Nicely working set for such a decent price. Not really interested in WHACK! and BASH!, or whatever the pull-backs are called this year. Container Truck was a bit smaller than I had thought. I see there is a lot more new added since couple weeks ago, have some catching up to do. One Racers set I always liked that was almost purely Technic pieces was #8649 Nitro Menace from 2005. Could kick myself for not getting #8653 from that same year. $99 MSRP at TRU, I still recall seeing it. Now its selling for like 10-15x that or more. I was just getting back into Lego in early 2005, and $99 seemed like a lot to spend on a kit, little did I know how expensive they woudl get. I even haggled for months about getting the #8421 Mobile Crane at $149 that summer..didn't end up buying my 1st one until summer 2006, right before the 8285 Tow Truck was released. A 2-cyl engine on a medium size model?? Almost looks silly. Come on Lego, at least 4 cylinders would have been nice, if in a boxer style. It will go nice with 42068 from last summer tho.
  7. Someone asked if some of the 1H2018 sets we're in TRU stores in the USA, and they are in some stores at least. My AFOL friend in Pennsylvania said the pull-backs we're there, the blue/grey/orange compactor type set and also the catarman we're on the shelves in the TRU nearest him, he even snapped a pic with his phone and sent it to me. I didn't find any in 1 of the 4 local TRU's around city I live in, but I've only checked 1 store. I am very surprised that they are available so early this year, in the past 13 yrs or so since i escaped my dark ages, I've never known January releases to be at TRU this early, they aren't posted on TRU's or Lego's websites yet.
  8. That is a really sweet looking catamaran...is this at least in part of what the actual model looks like? Not too bad for 1H, but where's the largest one? Guessing its supposed to be the Mack truck? Generally, there is at least one medium-large set for 1H. It was the 42066 in 2017. That would rather suck if there wasn't a larger model. Kind of like that wheeled scraper set, lots of colors and interesting wheels, rather small but pretty cool. Wish they would make one on a large scale for a 2H model. Catamaran is must buy for sure, as well as the rally car. Looked quite extensively, even Google pics, but just can't find any...but now I see since that some have been posted.
  9. Wish I had seen the prelim images before they we're taken down...ah well I'm sure they will be soon up since January is coming fast. And hopefully us Americans and Canadians don't have to wait until August for the larger 1H sets like this past January although most of the larger 1H sets we're pretty pathetic, only one I bought was the 42066 Air Race Jet besides the ones we did get (42057-42060) with the BMW and Telehandler coming couple months later. Crazy thing about the 42066 is there was an importer from the UK selling most of the other sets on Amazon and I picked up the 42066 for $135 and when it was officially released here in August its MSRP was $159.99, so made out $25 ahead on that one. We get so many European cab-overs that us Americans/Canadians do like to see some long-nose tractors in the mix, 8285 and 9397 we're very cool...not saying I'm against the cab-overs, not at all, the 8258 was an amazing build and truck as was the 42043, but our road and highway network can handle the space long-nose trucks need. I also realize TLG is based in Europe, so their designers would obviously be more familiar with cab-over trucks and enjoy designing them. Just saying, that's all...
  10. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Can't recall if I replied to this or not...I enjoy the B model much more than the A...the Private Jet model is much more interesting IMO. A note about the 42070. Despite the super high price and all the quirks about this model and coming from a standpoint regarding the lack of suspension, the designers could have used the 8435 4WD from 2004 type suspension that would have made it a bit more appealing, they could have used that model's independent front suspension w/ the shock absorbers and left the rear 2 axles with pendular type 'suspension'. Just saying...obviously the other gripes and the huge price tag probably would still outweigh if there was even front suspension.
  11. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    You speak (or write) perfect English, was just wondering if you would be posting it here. No, I can't read Polish. German, yes, and some Czech (have a HS friend from ages ago that moved back from US to his native Poland) but no other languages. Jim did a great job of reviewing, just would be nice to have another reviewer's opinion as well. I'd do it, but my grammar is far from perfect. I'm assuming your review was in Polish since it is for your country's Lego group. I'll check it out anyway. EDIT: I did go to your review and it was an easy read, just had Google translate it for me. Great review btw. Well, in reality they don't scale well, but the Lego versions side by side are much more even in scale. I rather like to group my models that are close it scale together. I definitely don't want an 8453 Front-End Loader, small scale, sitting next to a 8265 Front Loader, large scale.
  12. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    I was rather interested in the 42070 B model. Maybe because it's just different, one could say the same for the 42069 B model, very unusual. That being said, I plan on building both. I realize that 42070 B doesn't look to use anywhere near the same amount of parts, or gears for that matter, than the main model, but it just looks interesting. I know Sariel really bombed the 42070 in general in his review. I read it and do agree on many points, but curiosity got the better of me so I downloaded the B model instructions. Luckily I got a great deal on the 2nd 42070 I bought, so even if the B model 'sucks' once I build it, I can always build another tow truck... I do agree with you on the 42066B. It took a long time to get to the US, but upon looking at both models, I do think I like the Private Jet better. I'm not planning on using the stickers on the wings or other parts, so it will easily be built and look good. Nice comparison shot. Looks like both are the same scale. Will you be putting your review on EB?
  13. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Thanks Jim. I've never been this active in a set discussion before so just wondered.
  14. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    @TechnicRCRacer - yeah, but try to get your hands on 1 of these nowadays, way out of reach as far as price by itself or in the motor kit pre-PF. I have 2 8421 Mobile Crane sets that use these motors and I bought an 8287 kit back in 2006 to motorize the 8285 Tow Truck's B model. I have since taken it apart, I have a shoebox with all special assemblies I've built for various models, I might just have that motor in there. I never toss a part unless its in bad shape. @Ngoc Nguyen - I agree with you. No wheel lift spells Recovery Truck only. I managed to pick up 42070 for $225 at TRU, so at least some price solace there.