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  1. HeresJohnnny

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Personally, this will be on my must have list for various reasons: 1) New control system 2) Sh&t load of parts 3) Love construction models, feels like technic was made for these. 4) I'm a big set whore!
  2. HeresJohnnny

    Obsession with build times

    Some interesting comments! Maybe I need to go through all my builds and make sure the lego logo is the correct way up on all of them
  3. Hi All Rare poster, avid reader of this forum. As a (what I would call) intermediate lego builder I had an interesting conversation the other day with a guy who has just returned to lego technic as an adult. He had picked up at reasonable prices 42009 and 42082. Having been signed off work for a month he thought this would be a good time to get back into lego technic. The conversation went along the lines of "do you have 42009 and 42082?" I told him I did and that they were both interesting builds, He asked how long each one took me to build, I asked why. He said that he had read that 42009 was a 10-13 hour build and 42082 was 15-18 hour build and that it had taken him over double these times. When thinking about how to reply, I realised this would be a good post on this site, hopefully! It appears in some circles people have become obsessed with build tmes and the faster the better the builder. As I explained to my friend; firstly, even though he built technic as a kid, he's returning as a a fairly new builder because lego technic has come a long way in 30 years so build times would be slower. Secondly, I believe alot of people when they buy a set (especially a big set) open it up, get the instruction manual out and follow it step by step without actually learning the different/new processes that that build offers. This is why I believe many folks would struggle if you asked them to moc up vehicle with gears/motors/actuators etc, they have never learned the fundamentals of technic building. Lastly, I asked if the sets were new, and he said no, they came in a box with all pieces lose. I explained that they could add upto 50% to build time having to sort through looking for pieces. I then sent him photos of my lego area (drawers for different pieces, dedicated desk and trays etc). I wriite this piece because I think its inportant to highlight why we build. I build for fun yes and a hobby but I want to learn the techniques so I can apply them when I build off topic (without a manual). Again and again I read post saying "built so and so and this wont work or that won't worK" if people when they built these big sets worked out what gear was doing what or how this affected that as they built they a) wouldnt make these mistakes and b) if they did they could figure out why the problem occured. So my advice to new builders is slow down, enjoy the build and at each step learn why you are putting this gear here or that axle there. You will enjoy your build more, learn more and become a better builder, and if you want to start creating mocs you will have the skills to do it well. What are peoples thoughts on this? Or am I talking bricks?
  4. HeresJohnnny

    [VIDEO] Getting better at LEGO Technic

    What an excellent video with top tips!! Cheers buddy
  5. HeresJohnnny

    42043 Arocs Turntable problem - Please help!!

    Grease is the word!
  6. HeresJohnnny

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I have 42009 and when I built it all functions worked fine. There appears to be a real negative attitude towards 42009 on here. This was the set that made me a massive technic fan. Is it perfect, No, would more motors and re-design improve it, Yes. But I truly belive this was a key set in the evolution of Lego Technics and one every serious technic fan should own!
  7. Where'd you get such an awesome username? :laugh: :thumbup:

  8. Would have said definately receiver and battery box combined, but having purchased 2 x sbricks now and Lego re-chargeable batteries its a moot point to a certain degree. However, the sbrick app and designing the controller for the ap is a pain. So if Lego done a combined receiever and rechargeable battery, and it used bluetooth I'd def purchase them!!!
  9. HeresJohnnny

    42043 Arocs Turntable problem - Please help!!

    Didn't have any problems with the instructions myself, but I always disassemble back to before the point where theres an issue and start again. I find this not only cures the problem but gives me a fuller understanding of the mechanics of the model and insight into using similiar designs in MOC's.
  10. HeresJohnnny

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    Hi All Been a memner for a while but never post, so hello all. I remember first reading about Blackbird and his collection and thinking "wow" wouldnt that be awsome (I had just got my first small(ish) technic set. Now, 18 months down the line and having amassed 20,000 plus pieces (I know nothing compared to you guys) its starting to take over the study and the Mrs is saying this is getting too much and me thinkng "I've only just begun! I can now see where Blackbird is coming from, but it must be a heart wrenching decision to make! I think its a male thing, we start collecting and before you know it, its got out of hand!
  11. HeresJohnnny

    How many spare parts do you have?

    HI My first post! Yeah! Started technic about a year or so ago. have about 14500 parts. Sets I own are 42009, 42024,42043, 42054, 42055, 42030. Have noticed how collecting parts becomes like an obsession!!! It's taking over the spare room!