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  1. HeresJohnnny

    [VIDEO] Getting better at LEGO Technic

    What an excellent video with top tips!! Cheers buddy
  2. HeresJohnnny

    42043 Arocs Turntable problem - Please help!!

    Grease is the word!
  3. HeresJohnnny

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I have 42009 and when I built it all functions worked fine. There appears to be a real negative attitude towards 42009 on here. This was the set that made me a massive technic fan. Is it perfect, No, would more motors and re-design improve it, Yes. But I truly belive this was a key set in the evolution of Lego Technics and one every serious technic fan should own!
  4. Where'd you get such an awesome username? :laugh: :thumbup:

  5. Would have said definately receiver and battery box combined, but having purchased 2 x sbricks now and Lego re-chargeable batteries its a moot point to a certain degree. However, the sbrick app and designing the controller for the ap is a pain. So if Lego done a combined receiever and rechargeable battery, and it used bluetooth I'd def purchase them!!!
  6. HeresJohnnny

    42043 Arocs Turntable problem - Please help!!

    Didn't have any problems with the instructions myself, but I always disassemble back to before the point where theres an issue and start again. I find this not only cures the problem but gives me a fuller understanding of the mechanics of the model and insight into using similiar designs in MOC's.
  7. HeresJohnnny

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    Hi All Been a memner for a while but never post, so hello all. I remember first reading about Blackbird and his collection and thinking "wow" wouldnt that be awsome (I had just got my first small(ish) technic set. Now, 18 months down the line and having amassed 20,000 plus pieces (I know nothing compared to you guys) its starting to take over the study and the Mrs is saying this is getting too much and me thinkng "I've only just begun! I can now see where Blackbird is coming from, but it must be a heart wrenching decision to make! I think its a male thing, we start collecting and before you know it, its got out of hand!
  8. HeresJohnnny

    How many spare parts do you have?

    HI My first post! Yeah! Started technic about a year or so ago. have about 14500 parts. Sets I own are 42009, 42024,42043, 42054, 42055, 42030. Have noticed how collecting parts becomes like an obsession!!! It's taking over the spare room!