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  1. Cyclone Titan

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    It's been a long while since I regularly posted on this forum. Speaking only for myself, I've changed a lot. I've still been checking out the front page for news, reviews or MOCs. But that's about it. I don't often go into the forums a lot anymore. My sense of community here has been sort of jarred. And I think that's due to the changing status of LEGO in the toy business. I also see people on here I used to follow and enjoy become moderators, and I respect them, and I'm glad they are helping to curate this community--so I guess it's my own diffusion of responsibility that I don't chime in more often, because I remember who these people were and their sense of idealism when it comes to our plastic brick and I trust them. So let's talk about LEGO. When I joined this forum over a decade ago (I was only 10!), I was intimidated. This felt like an adult play land, and I felt I had to be trusted not to betray my youth. I quickly and totally did that, but I felt accepted nonetheless and I felt like I was in a community. And the changing nature of what LEGO means now influences my perspective. So, 11 years ago, LEGO were what? Maybe the number 3 or 4 toy brand in the industry? There was certainly brand recognition, and LEGO were pretty popular, but nowhere near the stratospheric height of visibility and recognition they have now. LEGO has become super popular. Which is great, I hope, for all of us, because more people get to enjoy the toy we hold so dear--for all its imagination and creative potential. But LEGO was more cult like, to me, back then. You had friends with one or two LEGO sets and they wouldn't think too much about them. This forum was not for those people. This forum was for the collectors, and the MOCers, and people who talked about swooshability (kimT, where'd you go?). This forum was for people with passion for the brand. This forum was like the Cult of LEGO: a massive internet gathering of worldwide fans started by a Frenchman. I understand that we had a lot of members talking, years ago, about existing LEGO sets--so what if we added a little imagination to that and stayed true to the multi cultural spirit of this forum and imagine what sets and themes would be like if they were targeted at different nationalities? Not saying it's a great idea, but it's an idea that I hope can be adapted. My concern is increasing the shelf life of our discussion for the sets we currently have. It was pretty hip to me, back then--seeing the worldwide reach of my favorite toy, and plus, the fact that there were adults who not only knew about LEGO, but were devoted to them? It was a big deal to me. To sum it up, this forum felt like a cool cult. LEGO wasn't the golden brand back then. It was a little more bronze, in my mind. Well regarded and notable, but still a bit on the outside looking in. And that's why this forum felt like a cult to me. We all had ways of creatively expressing our love for the brick, and I got jazzed on seeing so many people who were into it. (Plus, no smart phones). But now, LEGO is at the top, and the novelty has worn off. Even outside the forum, we all know people who regard and appreciate LEGO in a certain way. Those people can't escape it, where we dived into it. But I think that despite the new qualities of the brand, this forum has remained a cool place to go. I think that Eurobricks is still a really cool cult--and I think the history, the mission and the management of this forum contribute to that. I could go on. As the company has gotten more popular, leaks have become less tolerable. I worked at LBR (the LEGO Store!) a couple of years ago, and if you leak, you're fired. As a company, LEGO have to manage the mystique of their brand, but I was thrilled to check in here, years ago, and see what the big secret was. And then you have themes with narrative that consumers could invest in (I'm thinking of Exo Force and Bionicle). And they could share their own bits of narrative (like me), or discuss what was going on. It doesn't feel like LEGO have brands like that, these days, because even with Licensed, the story that people care about and buy sets for is not LEGO's responsibility. So on the LEGO side, I wonder if lack of investment, in narrative or new sets has influenced a lack of activity among especially the younger segments of LEGO fans here on EB. I have to say that the narrative element remains really strong here on EB, with all the roleplaying games that I've seen. And I'm sure that there's a bunch that I haven't seen. But making a narrative out of MOCs is and always will be a brilliant way to drive investment in this forum for the basic element of the brand--not the sets, but the bricks. I would suggest that a way to drive traffic to this forum given the current limitations of the LEGO Brand is to give prizes away not just for MOCing competitions, but for the roleplaying as well (has that been done?) I don't know how that's best done--if someone creates the most memorable story moment, or creates the best set piece, or changes the state of play--but I know that for those of us who may not have the time to build a MOC of bricks, but a MOC of words, if we reward people for using the resources they can use, it could reinforce and reinvigorate activity on this forum. Finding a way to reinforce is crucial, but I think that giving away small prizes (polybags, impulse sets) could snare some new visitors and invest them in EB. Modern detachment also plays a role, too. But I don't know if there's much to do about that. Eurobricks has a Facebook page. It's not updated often. If it were, would we see more page views and clickthroughs on here? I don't know the metrics, but hipifying the aspects of Eurobricks around the forum, especially those that we could use to drive traffic to the forum... The EB Twitter hasn't been updated in 5 years. Now that Twitter is unfortunately popular again, posting about contests and MOCs--making it a mini frontpage--could really help to get clickthroughs to the site itself, and hopefully resulting in discussion and activity. Also, on Twitter, Just2Good posted that he rarely visits Eurobricks any more, because there are too many "fakers and immature people". I say there's always been the same amount that's just been less visible. If what he's saying is symptomatic of why EB is losing activity, then maybe it's time for a rebrand. I think that Eurobricks has retained the same format for a long time. The site could remain relevant given a redesign. Don't get me wrong. I love and cherish this site as it stands. I'm talking about getting fresh blood. Maybe a format change where this site is less of a forum and more like a Pinterest of themes and topics, with discussion triggering with a theme or topic's picture being clicked. It's a visual world now. Which is why you might be losing interest in my words, and why it might be that certain older factions no longer have the time for this site. It's too much to consume, too hard to contextualize, all words, not visually appealing enough. Also, we've got the Reviewer's Academy, right? If we mandate every new member to go through that, not only could we educate hundreds of new members in how to talk about LEGO seriously and entertainingly (no more "immature people" remarks), but we give this site the potential for hundreds of new content creators(!), and if we're all Reviewer Members, we can all offer constructive and loving criticism, creating an even warmer atmosphere, as well as eliciting even more discussion. Look at what LegoModularFan has done. Hobbes came out of the woodwork to talk about this. And everyone above me has made some really interesting and far more concise points. It's not secret to the regulars on here today--we still enjoy talking to each other. That's a lot. If you read this far, thank you. Very much. I have a lot of enthusiasm for this forum. I feel like I grew into an adult here. This forum is where that shift started. All it took was a friendly community, a cult like atmosphere, and the ability to do my (really crappy) thing. Times have changed, but I think the people who love LEGO haven't. We need to appeal to their imagination by reinforcing it, shaping it, or capturing it. Because LEGO is about anything being possible to do as long as it's imaginable. And I know this site is still one of the premier sites for LEGO discussion. And I imagine that with more discussion, investment, and adaptation, we'll be #1 again.
  2. Cyclone Titan

    Hypernova (Exo-Force 10th Anniversary Special MOC)

    Great homage to Exo-Force. You did a great job renovating the Supernova into a serious MOC. And the way you incorporated little details from the successive years of Exo-Force, like inspiration from the Golden Guardian, and that neat little drone. Not to mention the lightbrick being merged onto the staff, which was a needed improvement. The wing system is great, looks good and the whole model looks solid and upgraded, like a V.2 of sorts. I have much love for the Exo Force line--the theme that hooked me on LEGO as well as starting my time on this forum. I think you did a bang-up job. You have a seriously good looking mecha that pays enough homage and manages to streamline and improve the original model. Nice work. EDIT: Your model doesn't have enough stickers. LDD is no excuse. We're talking about Exo-Force here.
  3. Cyclone Titan

    MOC: Into Nayeli

    You sir, have taken me out of my year and a half posting hiatus. This is unfrackin' believable. I used LDD a couple of times, creating some lackluster models, but I never really thought about it as a real tool for designing advanced MOCs. But holy shit. This is frankly amazing. I love everything, but the Nayeli structure is my favorite. The angles, part usage, the waterfalls... I'm going to shut up now, because if I was left to my own devices here, I'd be rambling on about this for at least 7 hours. Great work! CT
  4. Cyclone Titan

    Crawler Town

    Hey, I posted that yesterday, I had no idea it would even be frontpaged at all. OK, maybe I hoped. And maybe I figured... But still! Thanks again for frontpaging this! (Now this phrase truly applies) FOLLOW FREEWALRUS! C(rawler)T(own--this creation is full of it!)
  5. Cyclone Titan

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Like I said, your comedy killed mine, and that makes me sad. But! I will admit that this is way funnier, and more inspired. And I may not have been posting, but I have been following this for a long time. It's magnificent. Kudos! CT
  6. Cyclone Titan

    Crawler Town

    Yep. Same as me. Alright, let's face it, the only reason I'm keeping this topic alive is because I want to see this thing frontpaged. But it completely deserves it if all that other stuff has been making the front page. CT PS. If this isn't frontpaged, I'll start a petition. PPS. No, really, I will!
  7. Cyclone Titan

    Crawler Town

    Is that a subtle book promotion I sense? And your very welcome, but it was my pleasure. I mean, you just can't pass up sharing these things--especially when the maker is not a member of Eurobricks. I just figured I'd throw in some pics with a made-up backstory to complete them, so they wouldn't be boring, but , then again, how could they be? CT
  8. Cyclone Titan

    Crawler Town

    DeGobbi's his Flickr name. I too was speechless when I first saw this. So many details! CT
  9. Cyclone Titan

    Crawler Town

    Alright, just to let you all know, I stumbled upon this magnificent creation and felt a need to share it--IT'S NOT MINE! ****************************************************************************** Out in the barren desert, a monster approaches. Not of organic descent, not even a being on it's own. It was a machine--bigger than those who had come before it--and it protects the last sliver of humanity from certain demise. It was a town. A mobile city. Or heaven; for those who had come to roam about with it. But it's not perfect. Workers still try day and night to work out the kinks. Thankfully, the hangar is full of vehicles--for even this mammoth cannot win all it's battles. The beast is powered by the sun, as is the produce for the townspeople. Here, we see that the machine is rife with social activities. There are also living spaces for those lucky enough to sleep. Superstructure and suspension are top notch... ...But they would have to be to support the mammoth wheels. *********************************************************************** Link to the full image gallery. CT
  10. Cyclone Titan

    What I got for Christmas!

    I'll use this post as a place holder, as I don't know what I'm getting--What's the fun in knowing? I mean, occasionally I'll shake the packages in my living room, but I'll never know what Lego it is-if it DOES jingle-and I'll be happy. CT
  11. Cyclone Titan

    Atlantis 2010

    I've been following this topic for a long time now, and I must say, I love the concept and aesthetics. The creatures are beautiful. Although ugly, they do look great. Especially, like everyone says, for some Lovecraftian MOC. And the new minifigs and their helmets are down right awesome. The sets look amazing too, and I could put those triangle thingamabobs to good use too. I love these sets to BITS! CT
  12. Cyclone Titan

    What are you going as for halloween?

    I'm going as Captain Hammer. I am not the hammer.... CT
  13. Cyclone Titan

    Petition for Western returning

    Never got any Westerns, so a return would be widely welcomed. SIGNED CT
  14. Cyclone Titan

    Apocalypse Discussion Thread

    Well, it's been five weeks, without a camera. Looks like I'll come next chapter. CT
  15. Cyclone Titan

    EB Members Title Archive

    Glad to have ya' on the team. CT "The BagelFather"