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  1. TheLordOfBricks

    Fresh Fish!

    Nice one John! The Olive Green works perfectly for this scene! Keep it up man!
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] Halls of Thranduil

    Ooooh, awesome! The interior is the best part IMO, but the trees and landscaping outside is still pretty awesome, not to mention the incredible gateway, that throne is probably my favorite small-er details... Keep it up! :D
  3. TheLordOfBricks

    CCC XIV: Wolfpack Breakout

    Nice job John! The colors here are great! Keep it up man!
  4. TheLordOfBricks

    CCC XIV: Forestmen Rescue

    Awesome John! The stonework on the tower really pops out, and it looks great! Keep it up!
  5. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] CCC14 - Clarendon Castle

    This is amazing! The stonework is great, the rockwork id great, the colors are great, the size is great, and the water is great! The cave entrance though, was an excellent detail... Is all of Innovalug going to BFAL? I wish I could go this year... But I am busy that weekend... :( Anyhow, great build! Keep it up!
  6. TheLordOfBricks

    Gothic chapel

    Nice job! Great, very detailed chapel! The windows look great with this particular chapel! Trans. Red was definitely the right color!
  7. TheLordOfBricks

    Horseback Archery Tournament

    Awesome build Isaac! The sand green in contrast to the reddish brown looks great! I actually think I like the red/blue tent over the green/white tent, just because it has less studs showing... But it is all great! Keep it up!
  8. TheLordOfBricks

    Harburg Castle

    Awesome job Isaac! As I have said everywhere else, the stonework is very cool! Keep it up!
  9. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] Game of Thrones Castles

    Great micro castles! I don't really know the reference, but the overall result is pretty good for micro... Keep it up!
  10. TheLordOfBricks

    Fimbůlvatr Keep

    Awesome job! The whole thing is great! The rockwork, although fairly simple SNOT, has a very nice look... The stonework, though for the tower is probably my favorite part... My one problem, would have to be that the house on top is a little too big/too straight... Otherwise, the whole thing is great! And also, the tree looks nice too! :D Keep it up!
  11. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] Undead Fall is coming to the Lion Knights

    Awesome job! I love it! Everything is great! The stonework is awesome for which scale! Keep it up!
  12. TheLordOfBricks

    Plentiful Harvest

    Nice job John! Keep it up!
  13. TheLordOfBricks

    Book II Challenge V Prelude: Wyvern Welp Swamp

    Awesome! You should post this to the CCC! It looks awesome! The towers with the rundown look is awesome! Keep it up!
  14. TheLordOfBricks

    Book II Challenge V Prelude: Huntress Lodge

    Nice job! I love it! My only problem would have to be the snow has no slopes, but you still got a pretty good look to it without slopes... Overall, great build! Keep it up!
  15. TheLordOfBricks

    Dwarven Trade in Dale

    Congrats on getting the homepage Isaac! Well deserved!
  16. TheLordOfBricks

    Dwarven Trade in Dale

    I think the Dark Flesh with the Grey doesn't quite, but nonetheless, it is a great build, I keep noticing new details as I look at it, and the angled building is great!
  17. TheLordOfBricks

    Dwarven Trade in Dale

    Awesome job Isaac! The stonework is pretty smooth, and the colors look great, other than it doesn't look quite like Dale... Anyways, Keep it up man!
  18. TheLordOfBricks

    Forest Cottage

    Nice job John! The whole thing is great! Especially the color schemes... Keep it up!
  19. TheLordOfBricks

    CCC XIV - Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

    Congrats on making the homepage!
  20. TheLordOfBricks

    Preparations For War

    Awesome job! This is great! I like it a lot! The irregular base is nice, and the other is ok, but I think it is a little bright compared to the leaves on the trees... Keep it up!
  21. TheLordOfBricks

    AoM: Guardsmen Keep (Phase III)

    Awesome job man! This is great! I really like the gatehouse here! I think it is well done, and it looks really good! One suggestion, if you could put a little snow on the stone bridge, that would be great... Otherwise, this is great! Keep it up!
  22. TheLordOfBricks

    MOC The Captain's Daughter's Inn & Watermill

    No problem, yeah I understand with the grass, I need more olive green, and a lot more grass stalks... The water, yes, I have had lots of complaints about my water being different colors, I think it looks best if you use light trans. blue for a river... Although right at the watermill, it is interfering and turning the water, so it should move faster, so for about 5 studs long, it should be trans. clear. The way I think about it is depth, darkest is deepest, and interference from surrounding objects, the most interference, the lighter it should be... I just think it doesn't look quite as good with scattered studs... Wow, long comment for one subject. :P
  23. TheLordOfBricks

    CCC 14 - Moravian Warknarr

    Awesome job Mark! I love it once again! Keep it up man!
  24. TheLordOfBricks

    Weyworth Keep

    Awesome job man! This is awesome! I like the castle, and the water is great! Keep it up!
  25. TheLordOfBricks

    Qasr Albahr

    Awesome job John! This is awesome! As I have said before, I love the Bridges and the waterfalls! Keep it up!