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  1. 23. Overkill Functions/Details: Wacky Function: Crushing Claws 2 flick missiles HoG steering Huge detailed working V10 engine Track-wrapped front tires Rear tracks Video:
  2. [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    Thanks everybody! I think this is the last update! I finally did this, and added another spike over the back of the differential, to fill in the space and add detail. (That gray thing attached to the body is just holding the claws up for display because they are so heavy.) I changed the front lights a bit: Added spikes to the front rims, and slanted the windshield forward.
  3. [TC12] Highflyer

    Awesome car! it looks like some sort of monster hot rod. Way cool function too, that would definitely help in a real race.
  4. I am very open to this idea of trying something new. I think it will be nice to have a change this contest. I don't have concerns to voice, except echo what @BrickbyBrickTechnic said: As long as there is still a large say of the members, and the jury isn't biased, this voting system should be fine IMO.
  5. [MOC]HUV-01

    But 42055 doesn't have the pieces for the engine. Cute little model, lots of functionality. I personally think it may look a little better if you covered it with more panels, it just seems a bit bare.
  6. [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    Thanks everyone! I wanted to see what you thought of this: A big V10 engine and the grille aggressively angled forward. I modified the tracks a bit, making them not as tall and making the angle at the front steeper. And I added a roll bar behind the seats. I may try this later, but for now, no plow.
  7. [TC12] The Toaster

    That's one of the wackiest functions yet! That's pretty funny. Keep up the good work!
  8. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Oh, so that's what the 42075 is: First Responder. It must be like some sort of ambulance. As for the Mack truck naming, they probably want to keep it hidden, like how the Porsche was the "Ultimate IP Car."
  9. [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    Parts arrived! I moved the tracks forward 2 studs, and added more to the claw mechanism. I added a plow I forgot I had made at the very beginning of the contest. What do you think? Plow or no plow?
  10. [TC12] Fire Ant - Tilting go-cart

    Wait, so will you still be using the Porsche tires? Also, It's looking pretty cool, it reminds me of an F1 Racer. But what I don't really like is the way the #22/23 panels in the back are oriented. I think they might look better facing forward. But that is just my opinion, don't take it as criticism.
  11. [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    Thanks everyone! This : I will probably move them forward, and maybe change them. Of course not, I really appreciate feedback. Ok, I will work on the middle. I am still not sure about what to do in front of the claws. I thought about a V8, but I also may just cover it with panels. As I said, I will move the tracks forward.
  12. [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    Thanks! Look closely where the placeholders are, and you can see the flick missles.
  13. Hey everyone, + + ^^ That's basically my TC12 entry. A yellow chopped hot rod with tracks and giant claws in the back. Features: Huge crushing claws in the back to use on racers who get too close small missiles that shoot from the claws Tracks in the back from 42069 Track-wrapped wheels in the front a huge V8 from 42050, with added flame-spitting exhaust pipes HoG steering So hopefully that shows how it got it's name. The model isn't finished. I have placeholders right now for the claws, which will be these pieces: I have to order the pieces for the sides of the body. The side that is yellow will be changed, and the side that is red will be changed to yellow. The chassis is not yet symmetrical, due to changes during the building process. Now for the pictures, so you can see everything I'm talking about. Sorry for bad quality, there was bad lighting in the room so I turned to my go-to filter to make the pics look better. ^^Here you can see the linkage for the crushing function. Another reason I've made this as a WIP topic is to get feedback to help guide the completion of this model. So tell me what you think! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
  14. [WIP] Tigercat Skidder

    Looking good so far, nice progress. I like those second Bionicle pieces more. One question: what is that long angled piece on the arm of the grapple? I don't think I've ever seen it before.
  15. Will you be making a body? And in the video, It appears that the rear wheels don't move in sync with the front ones, but they lag. Is this how it really functions? I think it would be much better if the front and rear steering racks moved proportional to each other, even though the front one moves farther and faster.