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  1. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    Ok, here's a basic door and mechanism. @Jeroen Ottens You can modify it however you want to fit the rest of the body. Also the LDD is missing 2 pieces, I don't know which, I believe because I have an older LDD.
  2. 1967 Eleanor Mustang

    Really nice car, the shaping is spot on. Keep it up! Plus I love that little snake logo on the side
  3. [MOC] 2018 Supercar

    Thanks everyone! I kinda agree that its a bit out of place. However it can easily be removed. The only problem is that it helps secure the gears in the back. Not having it is really growing on me... I know, so I put the black one in the parts list. Ok, I wasn't sure. I honestly like them to stick out a bit, but I'll keep this in mind for next time so they don't go out too much.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm happy to share my newest MOC, the 2018 Supercar! So I started work on this right at the beginning of the year. I had some ideas in my mind that I wanted to include. The best real- life car I could find that had what I imagined was the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, so I used those blueprints to assist me in making this car. I worked on and off up to here, and I'm happy finally have it complete. Rebrickable: Features: Opening suicide doors Opening trunk to reveal engine Fake V8 engine Sariel's 4 speed gearbox RWD HoG steering and working steering wheel Detailed interior Independent suspension on all wheels. Some more pics: Interior with touchscreen is the dashboard, as I always like to include: Other colors: I personally really like how this turned out. As this is my third attempt, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this supercar thing. But tell me what you think!
  5. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    Yeah. I made this butterfly door inspired by the doors in Crowkillers' new Constrictor supercar. I know you said so I'm currently trying to make one of those too. EDIT: Here's a prototype. The door would attach to the tan gear.
  6. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Unfortunately it does appear to have some pretty big holes. But I'll wait until we learn more before I judge it too harshly.
  7. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    What housing do you mean? The gear part of the differential? (Not the small ones on the inside that spin.)
  8. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    After reading this I remembered something I built a while ago. Maybe you can use part of it somehow? I know suspension isn't my job, but I couldn't not try to help.
  9. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    The spring IRL is longer than in the file, so it would need to be mounted higher. Other than that it looks fine, based off the LDD file.
  10. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    Ok. How about this? It hinges up and out at the same time. Pretty simple though.
  11. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    I've started the doors. They aren't really butterfly doors because they don't swing up and out at an angle, and they aren't a dihedral synchro-helix linkage, because they don't swing out. What they do is, as they rotate up, the gear meshes the rack to push the door outwards. I'll have to refine the linkage and the doors themselves once more of the car is built. Here's a render:
  12. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    I believe that is what the builders are doing:
  13. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    I'd like to do the doors. However I would probably have to wait for the rest of the body to be complete before I could really make them fit. Also 23 studs seems a bit wide. For comparison, @Madoca 1977's Supercar was only about 20 studs wide.
  14. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    Sweet! I look forward to it.