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  1. [WIP] Monster Van

    Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I made something big but it didn't turn out as the best I could do. I didn't want to release a MOC with half effort. Anyway, I started this Monster Truck Van a few weeks ago. I have the chassis basically done and the body is around 60%. It won't have too many functions (just drive and steering), but I want it to look cool and be detailed (roll cage, seats.) Here's what I have so far. NOTHING IS FINAL. The body will be black and will have red accents. I will put the Ferrari rim covers on all 4 wheels. Chassis: Tell me what you think!
  2. [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    Not my model, but thought I should share: Made by @MrTekneex
  3. [WIP] Ultra 4 Buggy

    Very cool. I'm impressed by the use of panels. Are you going to keep those A-pillars? The look a bit out of place sticking up. And I think you should add more "meat" to the back, with more panels/roll cage and a spare tire. These are just suggestions, do what you want with them. I'm excited to see how this will turn out.
  4. I can tell this will be great, that front end is amazing. I would definitely try to put in a differential, as that will really improve driving performance.
  5. Looking good so far! It will be cool to see how fast it goes with 4 motors instead of 2. Will you modify the original body or create a completely new one?
  6. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    I agree, the system parts improve this model immensely. Hopefully getting this can help me build a DBG version of @Madoca 1977's Jeep Wrangler.
  7. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    It seems that the 2018 pictures have a shadow and/or details like dirt or water under each model in some of the pictures. I've never seen a shadow before. For example, look under the buggy. And the B model for the hovercraft is a tiny tow truck. Strange....
  8. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    The spoiler on the rally car uses a Porsche fender in whatever blue that set is. I really like it as well as the Mack. It relies heavily on stickers, but that doesn't really matter that much, the set looks great! I noticed this in the fire truck and rally car: Only in red in 3 sets till now. I will be very disappointed if they do what they did last year, and only release some 1H sets in the US but all of them in other countries. Edit @suffocation DBG. And it looks like 42008 green.
  9. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Wow! I'm impressed. Great use of System parts in the front. And really nice angles on the hood. However the trailer looks crude. B-Model also looks very good. So it looks like Lego did not disappoint with a licensed set, as usual. I'm excited! I wonder if any other images leaked.
  10. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Wow, this is beautiful! And huge! I would definitely love a video.
  11. Really nice looking car! Sadly this isn't possible, many of the parts aren't available in red.
  12. Your Best Technic Bargains

    @TechnicRCRacer The USB tower plugs into the computer and sends the programming to the RCX brick, instead of plugging the RCX brick directly into the computer.
  13. Effe's MOC Corner

    That is going to be awesome! It's amazing how you build so fast.
  14. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Pullbacks look pretty crude, but the others at ok. Hopefully we'll get more set images later, because the TheBrickFan article said: