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  1. Tire and Rim Compability

    I was messing around and got the idea for this combo: inside of It looks pretty good IMO. Also it's the small tire from 9393, not the big one from 42029.
  2. I was initially worried that I wouldn't be very interested in a wacky contest when I first learned of the theme. But after seeing it officially released I am pretty excited, and I think I have a good idea...
  3. It's pretty cool that your signature changes every time I reload it.:thumbup:

    1. Lasse D

      Lasse D

      Thanks. And it is also super simple as well: Show random models from the instructions. If people by random see something they want to build, then it's a win-win :)

  4. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Agreed. (I'm talking about other MOCs, not trying to brag about mine) @Aventador2004 Thanks! Sadly this is true, but something I hope to improve upon in my next MOC.
  5. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Video! And some actually good pics:
  6. [MOC] JEEP Wrangler Expedition

    Awesome, looks very cool. Reminds me of the 8297.
  7. [MOD] 10248 Ferrari F40 Stanced

    Exactly! That's actually possible by putting 1x2 tiles between the rim and tire: Maybe I will do that and show it on the car later. Ok, I did. Enter the spoiler at your own risk.
  8. [MOD] 10248 Ferrari F40 Stanced

    Haha, I would've probably done the same. Sadly I don't have that yet, maybe if I get it I will do this. I didn't realize how bad this was until I got another good look at it.
  9. First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I thought this would be the best place for this topic since this is more of a Model Team set. Mods, please move this if you see fit to do so. Hello everyone! Today I am presenting a tiny MOD to the set 10248 Ferrari F40 to make it stanced and turn it into the drift supercar you know you always wanted! And yes, it does roll. Here are some quick pics of what I did: Tell me what you think! Anything from "I love it!" to "How could you! You ruined my favorite supercar!" is fine!
  10. [MOC] Design Practice

    Ok, is it the steering wheel or the flex axles over the front tires?
  11. [MOC] Design Practice

    The rims. They don't make them in black. Cool model, I like the blue, black, and white color scheme. I don't think you have to raise the back that much, but instead change the roofline to make it a bit lower. Other than that it's visually pleasing. Sorry about it not working right, I know that can be very annoying.
  12. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Thanks! Ok, I think this looks pretty good.
  13. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Thanks everyone so much for all your kind words! Ok, how's this for the hood? I angled the pieces to make it like an air intake. I agree, this is why there are holes. I like to try to make MOCs that have the overall shape of the real thing by modeling the most important areas, and having spaces elsewhere. I appreciate the input, but I doubt I will try this, since A) I don't have them and don't really feel like getting them now and B) I would have to redesign the suspension since it relies on the 3 pinholes in the rims, which those rims don't have. I may change my mind though. I'm entering this in a competition and I have to keep it assembled if I win to prove I'm the winner. There's a long time I must keep it built so my mind could change. I didn't notice this, but you're right. Thanks you two!
  14. Here is an updated post. I put the original post in this spoiler. Video! And some actually good pics:
  15. General Part Discussion

    I recently did this and I agree, it fits great.