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  1. I put the inventory in Rebrickable, hopefully it should be approved soon.
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    [MOC] Trophy Truck

    Thank you! Thanks! Are you not a fan of XL motors? Thank you! Maybe next time. The battery I use in this model is an Energizer rechargable 9V. I have always had luck using it in my models.
  3. Hello all, Today I present my newest MOC, the Trophy Truck. After years of trying to create the perfect trophy truck, I have now come closer than ever (but I still have a long way to go!) This model has been in the works for over a year. Since I have been in a mini-dark age for a little over 2 years, I worked on this model on and off until I was satisfied, paying attention to every detail. The main goals of this model were rigidity and aesthetic accuracy, since I built it alongside a blueprint. I feel I succeeded in both. Features: Servo motor steering XL motor drive w/ diff Soft independent front suspension Live rear axle w/ hard suspension Easily removable body Uses Sbrick + MiniZip cable More pics; \ Includes step-by-step PDF instructions and a file for your building pleasure. truck.pdf Throw it a "like" on Rebrickable! Enjoy! All comments are appreciated.
  4. It feels like a case of too little too late to me. Why didn't this DFG-VK group call out Lego in the past over liscences with companies that have military ties? In my opinion, its not up to DFG-VK to make the decision for consumers if they want to buy the set and support Bell or not.
  5. Hello All, Today I present my newest MOC, the Mini Race Truck (42041/8041). I originally was inspired to make this for the TC18 competition, but after seeing that trucks weren't allowed, I saved this model for later. It has all the features of the full-size model and more. Features: Mini V8 engine Opening doors Tilting Cab 2 Hog steering inputs More pictures: Includes step-by-step PDF instructions and a file for your building pleasure. 42041.pdf Throw it a "like" on Rebrickable! Enjoy! All comments are appreciated.
  6. Really digging how accurate it is to the original, especially the rear suspension. Looking forward to the final result!
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    Mini Race Truck (42041/8041)

    Thanks! It's definitely very dense, my version is only ~60 parts less than the original. Thank you!
  8. Hello all, Today I present my newest MOC: 42039 C-Model Buggy 2.0. You may remember my previous 42039 C-Model. I decided that I didn't like it very much, mainly due to the fact that it was plagued with illegal and unstable building techniques. So now, I have created a new one! Honestly, I really like how this one came together. The model practically built itself; I had it nearly finished in two days. Features:HoG steeringIndependent front suspension with positive casterRear trailing arm suspensionFake v8 engineRigid AND legal construction More pics: Rendering with original tires: Includes step-by-step PDF instructions and a file for your building pleasure. buggy 2.0.pdf Buggy Throw it a "like" on Rebrickable! Enjoy! All comments are appreciated.
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    [C-Model] 42039 Alt. Buggy 2.0

    I noticed that too. Thanks. Perhaps I could run U-joints through it to make that work.
  10. offroadcreations

    [C-Model] 42039 Alt. Buggy 2.0

    Thanks. My advice is that I recommend you to build trailing arms as rigidly as possible, and use legal connections. For example, you can see that on my model, I angled them outward, but I also reinforced them with the thin 5L lift arms. I also second what Didumos said.
  11. 56. Twin-Engine Drag Roadster What would happen if you combined the 42022 Hot Rod and 42050 Drag Racer, and added a bit of retro Technic set styling? This! Features: Working twin V-8 engines HoG steering Wheelie function
  12. Hello, Here is my new MOC for the TC18 competition. It is quite simple, as the main goal was to create a model reminiscent of the pre-panel Technic era. It features HoG steering, and 2 working twin V8 engines. There is also a surprise main feature: There would be no point in calling it a dragster if it couldn't pop wheelies! It is nearly done, and only requires a few more cosmetic changes and detailing. Although I don't expect it to win, it was a fun model to build, and I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on it!
  13. Ok, I changed my mind about the model being complete. I decided that it wasn't sturdy enough, so I completely overhauled the chassis, added more details, and took new pics. One main thing I did was add a mechanism for the "wheelie mode" (it's the yellow connector.) I also added front lights, which I think help really polish the model. Rear lights were added as well. Chassis: Edit: just fixed the exhausts so they're within the 15l limit.
  14. Thank you for the kind words! Here are the final pictures: I tried adding flames to the exhaust, but they just looked too cartoonish. I added a seat, fake steering wheel and a roll bar-type thing as well. Chassis pic:
  15. So, this is my, uh first MOC Review, here goes... Danil03's Technic Buggy MOC Review So to start, here is the original video of his MOC. Note it is tested mostly indoors, for later reference. Also note my version has minor changes based on the parts I have, but nothing that largely impacts it, except for changing the B-pillars form 2L connectors to 3L connectors. He released instructions shortly after I found this, so I knew I had to build it. I soon decided to turn it into a review as well. The build starts with front suspension: Then the middle: Engine and rear suspension: The chassis is completed: It is extremely strong and has barely any torsional flex. Beginning body: Totally completed: The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, apart from having to pause it every step, because it is a video. However sometimes you put a piece on and later it is on another spot, that connects to where it originally was, so that can be a bit confusing. There is a lot to be learned about chassis rigidity, however the suspension moves horizontally as well as vertically due to lots of slack. Suspension: Lots of travel but also moves horizontally, which is bad. When tested outdoors, the CV joints came out but we all know they do that, so I'm not blaming the model. But the top and bottom A-Arms can move away from each other because of the way they are attached, which is by a thin 5L liftarm with axle holes and frictionless axle pins. Drive: works well and fast despite gearing down. When outdoor testing the diffs (I believe it was the diffs) grinded and CV joints came out. Body: very cool styling, but uses a lot of connectors. I ran out so I had to borrow some from other sets. There are 3# connectors which are connected to axles at the back which I changed to these: I also changed the 2L connectors on the B-Pillars to 3L connectors. Offroad test: It didn't work well, but it was tough terrain and the battery was low, so it wasn't completely the model's fault. Power: 1 XL-Motor, 1 Servo Motor, 1 set of PF Lights, SBrick, Minizip cable for 9V battery. -FINAL VERDICT- A MOC that is easy to build, looks cool, works well, but not offroad. At the end of the day it is just a toy, so that is expected. Looks: 9/10 Performance: 8/10 Instructions: 9.5/10 Recommended? Yes, if you drive indoors.
  16. Job: doors. Status: finished (I believe)
  17. Ok, I like @Didumos69's door solution, so try that and see if that can fit your steering wheel better.
  18. Ok, so I reworked the door a bit and added a mirror. Missing parts_new doors.lxf Please keep in mind that there are bricks missing from this LDD file. My LDD is not updated so not all the parts of the model imported when I downloaded the original file. So use @Jeroen Ottens's LDD file if you want to make changes.
  19. Move it a few studs forward to the front axle. If you keep it how it is the hood will be really long, but maybe you want that? It's up to you.
  20. Looking good so far. I just checked out your other supercar on YT, and its impressive, so I'm hoping this one turns out nice too. One suggestion though: make the roof a bit taller for this one.
  21. I think that's why the model is released the same day it's revealed. They expect the community to see leaks beforehand so we already know about the model. They don't even have to show the model in advance themselves since the community does the work (marketing) for them, if you get my drift.
  22. Basically every gearbox is obsolete, but it doesn't really bother me since at least now we know this set's functions will match the looks. Now I'm really excited!
  23. I don't think there is one right way to do it, but I start by picking one thing that can't be changed, usually tires. Next I pull up a blueprint of what I'm building on my computer and resize it to the size of the actual model. Then I build and hold the model up to the screen to check along the way. However I don't build perfect scale models, so when I think it's close enough I go off on my own to finish the build without the blueprints.
  24. I'm even more impressed after seeing the back, this model is definitely better looking than the Porsche. I think that system/Technic blend really helps make this a beautiful model.
  25. Nice little article, very informative. Thanks for sharing!