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  1. Are the digital models dead? Mecabricks seems to have a ton of newer official sets, but there's nothing in the pages here at Eurobricks. is way better than Mecabricks, so why is evryone using it instead?
  2. I like it a lot. I like even more that you used plates for the wings and not bricks. I hate it when people make wings with bricks turned sideways. It takes away from the old Space Lego feel.
  3. Styphelus

    [MOC] A Witcher figbarf

    Wow. This looks better than all the custom Witcher minifigures I've seen on several sites. Great job. But where is Ciri?
  4. Didn't even make it to the Bricklink designer program. Anyone know why?
  5. Styphelus

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    How is that any different than castles, pirates and wild west? Those were themes after real life stuff. They have been doing star wars for 20 years. A death star that destroys an entire planet is much worse than a mini nuke. The video games are violent but the theme doesn't have today be. If not fallout then why not expand on the welcome to apocalypsburg set? Not sure of you are aware but one of the knockoff brands has been taking city modulatars and turning them into post apocalyptic sets called last of world. Lego is missing out. Anyway I've been making my own fallout inspired theme. Just integrated the tree house into it with some post apocalyptic add ons and perimeter defenses. Most stuff however I just create on own.
  6. Styphelus

    MOC Wild West General Store

    That's really cool. I like it a lot!
  7. Styphelus

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    Fallout? Microsoft has now acquired Bathesda and Lego makes minecraft sets already (another microsoft property). Lego also released Welcome to Apocalypsburg which is a post apocalyptic set that would fit right in.
  8. Styphelus

    [TUTORIAL] How to make your own rope for Lego MOC's

    There's a guy on e-bay who sells replacement rope. Got 5.0m of rope for 8 bucks.
  9. Styphelus

    Old LEGO pirate sets with new minifigures and accesories

    Nice. I've been updating all my old sets. Not just adding new accessories and mini figures but adding more detail to them so they look more modern while still retaining the original look. I've also replaced all my yellowed pieces for new ones and those that weren't available from Lego anymore got a bath of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% so they look like new again.
  10. Seems like all the Western sets by ADHO15 are gone. That's every single western set. Does anyone know where to get them now?
  11. Styphelus


    Anyone know how long this will stay in production? I just bought mine but want to buy a second one just for the ship. However I need to save some money first.
  12. Styphelus

    Barracuda Bay how popular is this set?

    I have this set already but I would like to have just the ship as well. However, the ship alone is not worth the full price of the set since half the bricks are left over. Haven't been able to find a list of parts needed just for the ship. I'm wondering if that would be cheaper than buying a second set.
  13. Styphelus

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Does anyone know where I can find a LDD or IO model of the new Barracuda ship?
  14. Styphelus

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Has anyone tried to modify the original Black Seas Barracuda so it looks more like the new one? I didn't want to buy a second Barracuda Bay set just for the ship, mostly because I don't really need 2 ships that look very similar or need all the extra pieces. However the new one looks better and more complete. I've been looking and can't find any mocs with just upgrades to the old ship that would upgrade it to something closer to the new one. In fact it would be cool if there were "mocs" of improvements and upgrades to original sets without drastically changing them, but just adding more detail and bringing them up to the times.