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    WIP Welcome to Dagaville (pic heavy)

    cool town! and lol! i love rule number 1:)
  2. legolifty

    [MOC] Atelier

    i love the use of boats there! very nice.
  3. legolifty

    [MOC] Modular Casino

    So cool! I love the pokey machines lol! and the roulette table is amazing:)
  4. hi Enno, thanks for such a detailed reply! I wasn't aware of the IR link and it looks like such a good solution. Also I really like the two colour brick idea, I'm sure 6/7 stories would be enough realistically but I was thinking I could use the sensor to detect a light source, which I could turn on and off somehow, then I could just have an up and down button on my phone via the Sbrick, I really like the idea of having two bricks, could I use a light in a similar way? I was under the impression that these sensors could read light, and yea the call button is in the too hard basket atm I've racked my brain trying to come up with a solution but without adding sensors or technical mechanical setups I have nothing :( Thanks again for the advice, it will be a while before I buy the ev3 set I have a few things to try before I spend the $500 on a few bricks.. lol I might give the technic sensor a go first there may be a cheap simple solution, thats what I love about Lego there is endless solutions to a problem you just have to put in the time and effort to make it work
  5. I didnt know Lego had any other sensors besides the Mindstorm stuff, do you know the part number? Thanks
  6. Thankyou! Id love to hear what your ideas are I dont want to redesign the lift too much if possible, every time I change the design of the lift car I have to redesign the entire lift shaft.. pretty sick of that now lol, but if I can save myself a few bucks that would be great, I bought the Sbrick so I could get rid of the receiver on the lift because when theres an extra leaf of bricks around the lift shaft the remote controller doesn't work to well.. I was kind of hoping I could get some kind of app to help automate the sbrick but from what everyone says its pretty limited, but I'll see when I get it I spose! Thanks collin, I'm loving the advice everyone has to offer!
  7. Ok thanks, I think I am pretty set on the ev3 set and by the looks of it I can make or buy cables to use to control the PF motors.. The WeDo looks good but I secretly want to play with mindstorm robot for a while before I use the stuff for my lift lol Thank you everyone for your advice and help it has given me a lot to think about!
  8. legolifty

    Working Elevator

    thank you all! Yes I hate the light coming through! I should get rid of that, I'm sure it wont be too hard, the only problem is I would have to pull it all apart to repair it lol... but when I find a few things to fix I will sort it out!
  9. ok, not sure I explained myself properly but I was intending on buying the ev3 set... not individual items. I was hoping to use the programmable brick to tell my PF motors what to do, and it will need a sensor of some kind on the lift with some kind of colour brick in the lift shaft which will be a set stopping point, because if there is an interruption to the travel ie a minifig gets stuck or the doors get jammed etc the lift will get lost, we use magnets in a real elevator and a sensor on the lift so it cant get lost. I dont want it to rely on hitting something to stop because that would limit how many floors I can build, and also I want to have some over travel like a real lift Everything has to use a sensor, I'm pretty sure I could use 2 sensors, one for the doors and one for the lift. I will have a look into WeDo, thanks for the advice!
  10. legolifty

    Working Elevator

    Thanks!! I'm sure you could make it alot smaller,its built as close to a real elevator as possible, it needed to be 16 studs wide to get the door opener working like it is. Also there is a counterweight inside the shaft which you cant see. The first design was almost half the width but it didn't have a door opener and it was no where near as cool
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the info, I will look into the cables, im not changing the motors because they fit too well and it has literally taken me months to get it to where it is.. I want to build it so once I have a concept I can keep building upwards, I don't want to be limited by having too many sensors, and I want to keep the amount of cables going into the motor room to a minimum , I'm looking for a simple solution to get it semi automatic, there has to be one! lol I was thinking a PF light on each floor which i could turn on and off via control panel, (not fussed if i need several receivers, for that part) which in turn tells the colour sensor inside the lift where to stop, open doors etc. Kind of like a real lift. I'm also waiting on a few SBricks, not sure if anyone has experience with these? I was hoping to use these to program a few simple tasks. But just on the mindstorms ev3 part, I do want to buy this set, and I'm hoping that i can use the programmable brick to control the PF motors, with one of these cables mentioned, will they cooperate properly just as the ev3 motors? Thanks all for your time and responses! really do appreciate it:D Trav
  12. Hey all I have a quick question about the mindstorm sensors. I would like to incorporate the colour sensors into my elevator to use as a reference so the lift knows where to stop.. I will put one sensor in the lift and a light or colour at each floor, I would like to know if I can use the mindstorm sensors directly with the power function motors or if id have to build something separate to turn the PF motors on off etc. I would also like to use this sensor in a similar way to open the powered door operator on the lift for 10 seconds or so, Its taken me a long time to get these power function motors to fit and work properly so I dont want to swap them out for the mindstorm motors. Any advice/help would be really appreciated, I'm considering buying the ev3 set but dont want to unless im certain it can help. a video if you want know what im talking about thanks all trav
  13. legolifty

    Working Elevator

    Hi all, Its not exactly a city but its a building you put into a city.. I've been working on it for a fair while now, mostly its just the elevator shaft with some of the buildings first floor complete, I hope to get this around 10 stories tall fully furnished with offices and conference rooms etc. It works really well the doors are electric and are a copy of how a real elevator works.. as close as i could get it anyway. Its roped like a real elevator and has a counterweight (which still needs more weight in it, I am waiting on 5 more boat weights to even it out). I'm planning on putting a mindstorm colour sensor into the elevator to get it to stop at the right spot at every level.. I've never used the mindstorm gear so I'd love to know if anyone has any ideas on this and I'm also trying to work out a way to incorporate call buttons without putting a push sensor at every level.. Ideas would be appreciated! I dont want to go out and buy an entire mindstorm set unless I know its going to help.. Anyway thats my "city" lol, thanks for your time:) Here's a vid of the elevator being built, enjoy! Trav.
  14. legolifty

    Hi there from australia!

    Hi! I am an afol from australia I've been playing with lego for over 30 years, and its pretty much the onlyl thing I've stuck with my whole life:) I've just recently been working on a realistic elevator and I'm pretty happy with the design, it still has a long way to go.. Id love for everyone to have a look:) Thanks and look forward to seeing everyones creations!! happy building:)