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  1. Elektrychka

    [MOC] My train stuff

    Very nice model indeed ;) Smagu, kad esat iš Lietuvos
  2. Elektrychka

    [MOC] Regional EMU

    Recently I was thinking about any regional or suburban Lego trains. Why there is so few MOC of these? Then I saw a review for 7725, and decided to build it, but in 8 wide. It isn't an exact copy of 7725, but it is quite similar. All three carriages from a side Front of the train. A bit ugly, as all trains in '90 (at least in UK and in Lithuania) :) 1st and 3rd carriages (they are same). You can see a green trash bin and tables for passengers. Also, there is a door to the driver's cabin. 2nd carriage. There is a toilet and a place for bikes. When there are not any bikes, you can seat there But if a passenger with bike entered the train, he can unbend the seat and place the bike. Also, you can see an opened toilet door and the toilet itself. Very simplish, just for fact passengers can do their needs :D And in colors of Lithuanian Railways + upgraded roof equipment :) Thanks for watching :) (I wanted to post a LDD file, but idk how to do it... So there isn't any :( )
  3. Elektrychka

    Old train instructions?

    There is a set databese at brickset: http://brickset.com/sets/theme-Trains/subtheme-4-5-12-V/page-1 As I see, there are more than 15 sets with black steam locomotives. So you can check by the brickset photo of train.
  4. Elektrychka

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    Can you check 8 studs wide 64 studs long custom base?
  5. Elektrychka

    My new MOC Tramways, page 2.

    Very very nice trams! Keep making new models!
  6. Elektrychka

    Narrow gauge straights and cross track

    Will there be any switches for narrow gauge track?
  7. Elektrychka

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    Will there be any motor-controller and controller-computer wire extenders?
  8. Elektrychka

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    Very good idea! But I really think you should make buttons like in 12V. I think that would be easier for AFOLs and more interesting for kids to operate the buttons instead of computer. Just one idea for the software - make the level crossing and buffers for the track.
  9. Elektrychka

    China CRH380A high speed train

    Probably one of the best high speed trains made of Lego! By the way, how it does go through curves?
  10. Elektrychka

    What kind of piece is this? (RE 460)

    I also do think it is painted, because nose part and other bricks colour is a little bit different. By the way, I really like how lights are made! They look good and modern - I have an idea how to make lights on my LDD freight loco.
  11. Elektrychka

    1960's Anglia 105-E - 4841 / 41101 / 4728 inspired MOC

    Front lights saved its shape - looks very nice! Can't use the LDD now, so can you tell me, what is behind minifigs back? Didn't see it at photos.
  12. Elektrychka

    MOC: Double deck passenger car system

    Very very cool MOC! I like how you've done with the second floor windows. Interior - super. But: I would suggest to do exhaust gas tube on the engine (exactly over battery box). And the stairs are too narrow for minifigs ;)
  13. Elektrychka

    High Speed Train Designed on LDD

    Good, really good! But I would suggest you to raise a little bit that bottom blue nose. That gap looks not very good. Would be glad to see more pictures. All train related stuff is available in LDD Extended. Surf the Eurobricks to see how to do that.
  14. Elektrychka

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Use one wheelset for PF motor + IR receiver (can control motor power) and second one for lights (no control, just switched on power on tracks and lights lit up as well. I think Lego could make this wheelset in 2007 instead of battery box. They made a big mistake, I think...
  15. Elektrychka

    MOC: Victorian modular railroad station

    The building is much better with rear wall, but I think you should return the ramp. Also,there is something missing inside. Maybe ad a map, schedule or something like that. But of course, it is very elegant.