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  1. The code for the Black VIP Card is listed in the email sent and is available with any "online" purchase from June 26, 2018 to June 30, 2018 while supplies last.
  2. mgoblue1997

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Wow Lock, that's fantastic. I asked if anything could be done, and you really answered. It looks so much better than the original build, which bugged me much more than it should have. I've been really busy lately and still haven't gotten around to my build yet, but thank you for finding a presentable solution. I can't wait to build and add many of these changes. Everyone who's made the modifications to this great set and sharing them here with all of us, a huge THANK YOU to all.
  3. mgoblue1997

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I apologize if this has already been discussed, I didn't see anything mentioned, but of the 6 vents on the back, Is it possible to slightly turn the outer vents to make it look more accurate? Since I haven't seen anyone MOD these pieces yet, is it not possible or makes it look bad? It looks like the round sections could be easily lifted off or assembled together before mounting onto the ship and ever so slightly turned, or at least the top 2 run closer to parallel with the others. I know the actual ship are angled on the outside vents, but the top two especially bother me every time I see those vent lines at such a different direction. I won't be building this marvel until at least after the holidays when we'll have space and time. Thanks to everyone here for sharing their talents and offering continued assistance to improve a great set.
  4. I can't imagine the waiting list only in certain countries. Didn't the email go out to all VIP's about the update of the release of the "2nd wave" and how to sign up for notification, be it S@H or local store? I know when I called back when we could be placed on the list, the rep had to read the rules that TLG sent out because he wasn't aware that they were doing the wait list. Before I convinced him to check his inner office mail, he told me that I'd have to talk to the Manager about it but he was off on that day, which I knew not to wait too long to be lower on the list.
  5. I got the same emails. I figure they'll probably start calling the list in order no earlier than Thursday, Oct. 26th, which is the day after double points promo ends. Looking forward to it. Just called the Lego store when the early email was sent out in September and signed up.
  6. mgoblue1997

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    As soon as the trailer starts, I see the 3 AT-AT Walkers to the left and some others way back in the center and right. And I see what looks like ships directly behind Kylo to his left. What I thought was the Scout is directly behind the right side beam (wish it wasn't there for a better view). It definitely has the shape, especially the bottom, but that just seems to be way too big, which made me wonder if LEGO created it but didn't receive an official title of the vehicle from Lucasarts/Disney at release. So I can see being a transport, but it sure does look like the Scout Walker
  7. mgoblue1997

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Anyone not see what looks like the FO Scout Walkers at the beginning of the new trailer just released? Their lined up to the right of Kylo standing looking over the bay. I'm not sure if it's the angle, but they appear to be quite huge. Can anyone clarify if they are or aren't the new Scout Walkers?
  8. Hey Billiybob, Where did you get your info from? When I called my store to reserve, the store clerk read me the email sent out to all the stores that stated the same thing that joeshmoe's girlfriend said. Hold 24 hours, 3 chances. I could see where stores can't follow the email, but if the stores are following the above guideline, then that is more than fair and very much appreciated. Especially since the site can't hold them at all when notifying by email.
  9. Thanks Starbug, This is definitely something that has never happened on this scale. To me points = money and 1,600 points from one purchase would be grand, and I'd really be upset if the "timing" denied me of that many to use later. I will get on the wait list and see what happens, but I'd be ok holding out for a DP promo to help with any future large purchases.
  10. I'm sure this is a duh question but, with the announcement made today by LEGO about the VIP extension and wait list offered, can anyone officially say whether the UCS MF will be eligible for Double Points when the promo begins later in Oct. and how will this work for those of us on the wait list? Does the transaction go by the purchase date or mailing date? I know some on here are saying that they'll receive what they already ordered in September after the October 10 promo begins, and others may get lucky during the promo period having their wait list order fulfilled. I just wonder because getting DP's for an $800 set is HUGE.
  11. mgoblue1997

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    Wow. All these castles are looking great. King, I like what you did. The 1st things that I added were brickstuff lights to the lamps and a flickering light inside the stove. Unfortunately, I broke the connection tip for the lamps and I'm not about to tear it down to run another wire through the set. I'm hoping to find someone someday who can reconnect it. As far as the fire, I replaced the orange brick with some orange and red transparent studs with the bulb inside. Now I think I may have stumbled upon the next major display. Has anyone seen or tried out this unit that's available now at Lowes yet? I think/hope this could make a huge impression on an already great set. Keep up the great looks everybody. It helps inspire me to try new things.
  12. mgoblue1997

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    Yes, I would recommend. If you do a search for "ledwholesellers color changing kit" you should go right to the item. It retails for $27.50. I used the zitrades 10 pc. connectors listed below the LED strips. I'm not able to post links at this time, but when I return home either Sunday or Monday, I'll do that if you're still having trouble.
  13. mgoblue1997

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I did remove Minnie's skirt and put it with Cinderella's slipper so it won't get lost. You can't tell unless you look really closely. I'll try to post the back side later with my connections for the wiring. I just purchased 2 different (non weather proof) color changing LED strips that can be cut and connectors. The only tool I needed was a pair of scissors to cut the strips. The strips have sticky tape to just stick on. I bought my items off Amazon but I know LED strips are available about anywhere, and their not that expensive. The weather proof strips won't fit in the upper sections and it's a pain to remove the rubber protection for the connectors (I damaged one line when I tried). It was really not hard to do and it just adds a whole new level of depth and realism. Now if I could only get that sugar coated look for the holidays. I'll post the back as soon as I can to show a better view of the connectors and how the castle can still be taken apart without removing the light strips.
  14. mgoblue1997

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I just wanted to share this great set that I feel LEGO designers nailed it. It's not finished or perfect, but I'm happy with the results so far. I took the shots at day, dusk, and night. The photos just don't do it justice, but I set the top color to pink and bottom to white for breast cancer awareness this weekend. Closer to Halloween I'll change them to orange over purple.