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  1. I don't recall any problem with the differential. There was reliability issues but no stressed parts iirc. Anyway my Crane Loader has had a very short life.
  2. @9v system I don't share my MPD files anymore, sorry about that. And besides, what's the point? Type 1 Train, especially without the Crane Loader, was improved 100% with the type 2 version (including look and reliability). Also the discussion about my version vs Akiyuki's one makes no sense to me. My version was an approximation of his work, with very limited data available at the time (2 videos from Brickfest Japan). Since he has published his own pack of instructions for free, mine are simply irrelevant and should be removed from the main list imho.
  3. Hi @Berthil, thanks and good luck with your project. I wonder how you will cope with the 8-phases cycle of the CT without Mindstorm. Have you considered using the parts from the Bug and Lombo gearbox?
  4. I've done this quick and dirty: When you zoom in in MLCad, on the right the wheels touch the cylinder. On the left, there is a small amount of play. It may makes a significant difference in the end.
  5. It can be more than a millimeter if you put the thinnest part against the hole of a Technic brick, as he does in the above picture. See the example below:
  6. Actually it provides a spacing which is bigger than a half-bush and a bit smaller than a regular bush. Akiyuki always use this part to materialize an offset between 0.5L and 1L.
  7. I have uploaded it on Bricksafe :
  8. I had this issue at the beginning of the tuning phase, when I was trying to run the motors with the regulator, without Mindstorms. At that time I feared the module would not work properly ever. With the Mindstorms program running the XL motor at full power (100%), the issue has disappeared although I did not do anything except programming the cycle and adjusting the height of the 2 touch sensors. Have you tried the module with Mindstorms only controlling the XL motor and a 4 steps loop (run XL forward - wait sensor 2 - run XL Backward - wait sensor 3) ? I still don't know if the purpose of the 2 linear actuators linked to the liftarms that hold the clamp is for rigidity only or if you are supposed to use them to bend the liftarms a little for a better grip of the clamp (I didn't). BTW, did you find mistakes in the building instructions?
  9. I deleted them by mistake, I have restored them now. But maybe the links on the front page should be deleted and the "train module type 2" should be removed from the Akiyuki Project since Akiyuki himself provided all the definitive building instructions for free and the .bsx files I provided don't match his instructions, and the fact that there is a dedicated thread about Akiyuki's GBC train elsewhere in this forum.
  10. Yes, the bsx file is an inventory file made with BrickStock. You should be able to upload it on Bricklink.
  11. Thank you Berthil and Juroen! @Berthil, I wish that you succeed in this "de-mindstormisation", but your module will surely be very different from the original one, I assure you ! It might be a good idea as Ankoku suggested to allow the spinners to rotate full circles, devicing a 4 phases module instead of a 8 phases one.
  12. For those interested, I have posted building instructions to Akiyuki's Container Transporter on the [GBC] Akiyuki project (EV3)(NXT) thread.
  13. Hi everyone, I present you complete building instructions for Akiyuki's Container Transporter (CT). This one has been long overdue. Links to pdf files (I had to split the BI in 3 files because of size consideration in Bricksafe) and inventory : First a little disclaimer. I had told I would use for this one, but I end up using LPub3D like before. I quickly realized starting on this software with a nearly three thousand parts project was a bit too much, so I thought I would only use it for generating instructions from a MLCad modelization. But first, the misrepresentation of the shock absorber parts in annoyed me a lot (there are 7 shock in the CT, including 4 Unimog ones, sadly...) and second when I changed the parameters of the level of restitution to something acceptable the software went on crashing again and again on my PC. Replicate the CT would not have been possible with Akiyuki's lone video and the 3 pictures from his 2015/03 post on his old blog. So I deeply thank him and @9v system too for the additionnal pictures unvailed recently. Crucial things were revealed, but not everything - thankfully! Where would be the fun in that case? I think I have been quite faithful in the end, except maybe for some structural parts and some aspects of the assembly around the XL motor. I have also tried not to use any part which was not available back in march 2015 ! The basics : 2873 parts, nearly 1 meter long, and very expensive to build (NXT, 3x Touch Sensors, one XL motor, 2x old 9V motors as well, 3x conversion 9V/NXT cables, 7x shocks, 4x linear actuators, 3x 16L axles...) As always with Akiyuki's modules, there are some very clever builds even if it's a Mindstorms controlled one and not an all mechanical one. The clamp and the 5 integrated clutches are notable. I won't provide the program directly but I provide the blueprint for a basic version in the third building instructions pdf file. It's not that difficult to understand how the module works and anyone can work around and adjust the settings as they please. For those who have not seen it already : Laurent
  14. To me it looks more like the magnet holder plate 30159
  15. Thanks Berthil! The whole thing is a 8 phases cycle, so it's complicated but @sawyer klegr did it, didn't he?