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  1. So that the arm is triggered while there is no ball to pick? I never experienced that. On the opposite, sometimes a football ball didn't trigger the arm - maybe because the sensor was directly facing a black spot on the ball. It should work ok with fully white/orange balls though.
  2. As far as I know he didn't provide any, which is a pity since it is so easy to generate one once you have your model in LDraw form.
  3. The inventory files I provided matched the instructions I did last year for Akiyuki's latest train. The shock is there in the loader inventory. It is described as a soft one (as all black are). Now all this is of course obsolete thanks to Akiyuki's own instructions.
  4. Hi everyone, For those interested, here are the building instructions and inventory files for Akiyuki's mechanical timer demonstrator: Enjoy! Laurent
  5. If i had Akiyuki's skills, i would try to rework his Container Transporter module to make it work without Mindstorm. With mechanical timers, it might be possible.
  6. Hi everyone, I have built a faithful (bar some colors) replica of Akiyuki's mechanical timer demonstrator. It's very fun to watch but a bit of a pain to hear - the clutch squeaks on every end course. Since it's only a demonstrator, quite crude by Akiyuki's own standard I don't think it deserves full building instructions. But it's not a lot of work, I might end up doing it anyway... What do you think, is it worth it? Laurent
  7. Try using 12 non-friction pins to fix the vertical axles on one side of the stepper. Look at Strain Wave Gearing building instructions, the stepper is the same.
  8. I was never gonna built it anyway, as I don't own an EV3 neither the necessary pneumatic equipment. You should still post detailed photos of your work for those (like maybe @Hocki) who might be tempted to complete it.
  9. You're right I checked your Flickr gallery :) Your pictures are very informative, you should edit your post to add the link (and make more photos!) About the necessary offset between turntables, did you try a studless frame using part 64179 (which you must have in large quantities now!) with only a 1/2 offset between the turntables?
  10. Neat as always, Berthil, but not cheap to replicate! The way the turntables are fixed to the frame is very original.
  11. Although Akiyuki used two extra-hard and ultra-expensive shocks, one hard and one extra-hard were all I had at hand when I built my replica. It's obviously better to use two of the same kind but not that crucial. The unloader will also work with 2 soft ones (black or dark grey, much cheaper than yellow ones) - it still works without any shock at all actually! Using shorter shocks might be possible although I don't see a way to do this easily.
  12. @RohanBeckett, thanks for your feedback on the Steering Cup module. I have made the changes you suggest (the first option) on one arm of my module and have tested it in a small loop of two modules with 60 balls to make sure there were around 30 balls to scoop at all time. It did not jammed a lot but when it happened it was always from the unmodified arm so it is clear than your modification is a big improvement and I will modify the building instructions accordingly.
  13. Nothing at the moment. Regarding Superfin, I thought it was your turn to present us how to build the Step Tower module. Maybe I missed it? By the way I second Boulderer's question, what cup part did you use in your Cup to Cup module?
  14. As I understand it, the gap is there to stop the balls drop a little while before the switch is triggered, to avoid any risk of a ball falling outside of the wagon. It works because the conveyor will always advance of exactly 24 links each cycle. It replaces the more complicated clutch system on the loader of his first GBC train, where trigger and conveyor belt were not synchronized. I can send it to you if you PM me.
  15. @Berthil, are you sure your 48 links conveyor belt follows the right pattern for the 20x 7L liftarms? It should be like that: |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-----|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-----