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  1. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I can give you tips but I don't make building instructions of models that I have not built physically.
  2. Great update @Doug72 ! Although you may have obliterated my contributions to the rotary dumper in its final form (Akiyuki Base adaptation, reduced length trigger). On the other hand it's true I haven't made any to the Elevator. I still have to build the worm gear version.
  3. Someone else have problem to download the pdf file?
  4. May I ask what specific part you need and why?
  5. For anyone who wants to easily try Doug's version of Akiyuki's Rotary Dumper, I have made building instructions of my own version, which is basically @Doug72 's rotary part (as modelized by @dunes ) mated with an adapted Akiyuki base. Comparing to the inventory of the original Rotary Dumper, apart from a small bunch of common Technic parts 8 more yellow curved gear racks and 8 more 20t gears are needed and above all a 56t Turntable (60t is not an option!).
  6. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Those axles are the two 2L present in the BOM window, but you can't see them because they are 1/2L recessed in the Technic brick. This part was my design, not Akiyuki one and it's true I should have found a better way to show how it's made.
  7. Thank you @Berthil! Have you decided the configuration you will present at Lego World ? It was before the Blu-Tack application. I thought it would be fun to add some bloopers at the end of the boring video, but in fact there was not many. Indeed! This afternoon, I have made a small demonstration for my family and guess what: a malfunctionning elevator ruined the demo! Your design is great @Doug72 ! It made it very easy to move the rotary unit from your base to my reworked Akiyuki base. I can try for the one I have now: your rotary unit (as in the LDD file) along with Akiyuki's base modified to fit your unit, so 100% compatible with Akiyuki's Elevator.
  8. Here is my take on Akiyuki's Railway System. I wanted to copy his final layout with all the units he designed for his system so I built them all and tested them individually before the final assembly, while keeping an eye on this topic. Running all of them reliably was not an easy task as a lot of things went wrong during the test process. In the end, I believe I succeed raisonably enough (as the video below can testify) but it’s really not a layout to run for hours at a GBC event. As it might be of some help, here is all the changes I made, starting with… - The motor unit. Apart from the switch issue already discussed here, replacing the 2 axles with stop with one single 9L (also discussed here) really improves things. I also replaced one 1x5 liftarm (#11478) by two 1x2 liftarms (#41677) which leaves a cut below the battery box to nicely rout the PF motor cable. I have also cheated a bit, adding a small amount of Blu-tack (patafix) to fix the 1x2 Technic bricks beneath the bucket as I kept scattering them on the floor during my tests. - Reverse Unit, Through Unit, Loader, Unloader, Passing module and Ballon Loop all worked well without any change. It was also true for the Reverse module V type until it suddenly got stuck. I had to remove the half-bushes around the worm gears to make it work again. - Passing Module Double Crossover : This one is my favorite design-wise, but it’s not trouble free. The train with the longest ride can get stuck while entering or leaving the unit. Modifying the rack assembly exchanging the 1x2 tile by a 1x1 (as it can be seen right at the beginning of Akiyuki’s Japan brickfest 2018 video) make it better but does not solve the issue completely. I added one rack part on a hinge and it seems to work ok since although I’m still not 100% satisfied. As discussed here, I also exchanged the red rubber belt for a blue one. - Elevator module was a bit hard to tune but I did not make any change in the design and it performed quite well overall (well, except one time…). - Rotary module : Reliability wise, Akiyuki’s version was quite a nightmare really! So I built Doug’s version (Thank you @Doug72 !) with Dunes lxf file (Thank you @dunes !). Doug’s design was easy to set up. What’s more, when you get the right timing, it can’t go wrong again. I did not use his base though, I wanted to match the module to Akiyuki’s Elevator with the added bridge section. Fortunately, it was quite easy to mate Doug’s rotary unit to a slightly modified Akiyuki’s base (only the back part was altered to accomodate the mount for the yellow ring - I even kept Akiyuki’s original exit ramp as is). I have also found the trigger to be a bit too long to push the switch bar every time, and sometimes the train kept rolling… @Berthil limited the amplitude of the train switch to address this problem. I chose to reduce the trigger lenght by 1/2L. It worked very well but I had to increase the rubber belt tension a bit.
  9. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    So that the arm is triggered while there is no ball to pick? I never experienced that. On the opposite, sometimes a football ball didn't trigger the arm - maybe because the sensor was directly facing a black spot on the ball. It should work ok with fully white/orange balls though.
  10. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    As far as I know he didn't provide any, which is a pity since it is so easy to generate one once you have your model in LDraw form.
  11. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    The inventory files I provided matched the instructions I did last year for Akiyuki's latest train. The shock is there in the loader inventory. It is described as a soft one (as all black are). Now all this is of course obsolete thanks to Akiyuki's own instructions.
  12. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Hi everyone, For those interested, here are the building instructions and inventory files for Akiyuki's mechanical timer demonstrator: Enjoy! Laurent
  13. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    If i had Akiyuki's skills, i would try to rework his Container Transporter module to make it work without Mindstorm. With mechanical timers, it might be possible.
  14. Courbet

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Hi everyone, I have built a faithful (bar some colors) replica of Akiyuki's mechanical timer demonstrator. It's very fun to watch but a bit of a pain to hear - the clutch squeaks on every end course. Since it's only a demonstrator, quite crude by Akiyuki's own standard I don't think it deserves full building instructions. But it's not a lot of work, I might end up doing it anyway... What do you think, is it worth it? Laurent