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  1. Many thanks for the link and usefull tip. However I still, don't understand, why is there mentioned at the top of the PDF 231 parts, while at the bottom I just count 204, do you know what the reason is. Maybe I can't count
  2. Hello, I can't get A18016 TrainPassingModule, the file consist of 2 images and the partslist (that's my main goal) is conflicted. Can anyone help me?
  3. Hello, does anyone bought the older PF-switch and important where? At BL I look for bb339c02, but once I've got delivered the new ones bb339c01 (numbers are to make it easier ), so next time I mailed and got the answer, these are the new ones. With kind regards,
  4. Tnx Doug, I know this side (one of my favorits), but it are PDF's (partslist = by picture, so still Sherlock, to find out Bricklink/Lego part-ID's. I have all the PDF's allready, but looking for partslists as they are in all the other modules PDF + partslist.
  5. I feel like Sherlock, to find out all the parts in the new Railway system by Akiyuki, so my question is, are there any partslists available for the modules and where to find them? Kind regards,
  6. As always, MERCI!! Courbet, for this usefull help.
  7. Hello, 1 Mark & 1,5 Question. In the picture of the Unloader V2, I see 2 different shock absorbers, am I right or does it not matter, using 1 hard and 1 extra hard? Is it also possible to use the shorter ones? I ask because the large shock are very expansive to buy and not avaible at Lego, the short are cheaper and available. Hopefully you can read my English, with kind regards, Arthur
  8. The link to download cup-to-cup in PDF, seems not working. Made this night an update in Windows10, is there another source to find the PDF,
  9. Excal1bur

    [MOC] Galloping Horse

    Hi, does anyone have problems with downloading the PDF at JKBrickworks. "My Avast" warns me not to use this download because of dangers, and blocks Bricksafe. The LDraw-file gives no problems.
  10. Excal1bur

    Rainbow Wave GBC

    Hi Brian, nice photography, I wonder was it difficult to collect all the parts, did you just do it from the pics? I also wonder, I've a lot of technic brick 1x14 is it also buildeble (is that English?), or do I need 1x16? With kind regards, Arthur
  11. Excal1bur

    HELP! ! !

    Hi, my surch is ended, I've seen a lot of pages at WWW, but it's a MOC, the original seller, does have a store but is closed. And I found it on this site: I've found it after put in to my surch the word "modular" Tnx, for the help and advises, Arthur
  12. Excal1bur

    HELP! ! !

    Hi regular bricks, all in grey, plates, arches and bricks. The underground is black and the "straiht loops" are from black tiles. I guess the black color, must be interpreted as water. Arthur
  13. Excal1bur

    HELP! ! !

    VaderFan, I'm going to make a photo, by that person where I've seen it. Tnx so far. Arthur
  14. Excal1bur

    HELP! ! !

    I think it's a set, it has a black underground, build with light grey viaducts/aquaducts (do not know you regocnize thers words xxx ducts) together with towers and on the little buildings, towers and those xx ducts a black loop, suitable to transport marbles, or plastic (GBC) balls, so I think it's a set. The booklet looked old, grey/blue, with no number. Helpful?? Arthur
  15. Excal1bur

    HELP! ! !

    Dear reader, Which forum should I take to ask a question about an old lego item, I don´t know a number, I do know the colors. Maybe it´s Creator, but it looks like a marble track. Maybe it´s very early a GBC. Can you advise me? Kind regards, Arthur