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  2. Johnathan1986

    LEGO Chip Shop

  3. Johnathan1986

    LEGO Chip Shop

  4. Johnathan1986

    LEGO Chip Shop

  5. Johnathan1986

    LEGO Chip Shop

  6. Johnathan1986

    LEGO Chip Shop

  7. Johnathan1986

    [MOC] Urtican Wellness Center

    This looks awesome I love the various blue pieces you have used to create the finished look
  8. Johnathan1986

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I think the game is great but... im waiting for the price to come down before i buy any of it, until then im going back through the LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones games
  9. Johnathan1986

    Winter Village: Skate Chalet

    Love the curved design and easy access!
  10. Johnathan1986

    Winter Village: Antique store and an old house

    The work you have put in on the design for this build is great there is no empty room and plenty to look at :)
  11. Johnathan1986

    Lego related Christmas Ideas

    love the penguin!
  12. Johnathan1986

    Buying LEGO as an investment

    I was tempted to buy two of every set i buy one to build and one to keep sealed but it always comes down to money and room to store everything