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  1. Hi guys! Here we go with another creation of mine, this time I updated my M1 "Abrams" MBT to the last version developed, the M1A2D. This is the latest version deployed by USA Army, with SEPV4, TUSK2 and TROPHY APS. The M1A2D "Abrams" MBT is fitted with M256A1 120 mm smoothbore gun, Common Remote Operated Weapons System (CROWS) add-on kit, an M2A1 .50 Caliber Machine gun, 7.62 mm M240 machine gun in a coaxial mount (i.e., it points at the same targets as the main gun) to the right of the main gun, ballistic fire-control computer, Honeywell AGT1500 multifuel gas turbine capable of 1,500 shaft horsepower, the AN/VVR-4 laser warning receiver and ROSY rapid obscurant system, Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer, and Gunner's Primary Sight will be upgraded with 3rd Gen FLIR, an improved laser rangefinder and color cameras, advanced meteorological sensors, laser warning/detection receivers, directional smoke grenade launchers.
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    [MOC] Lego M1A2D "Abrams" MBT

    Thank you all! Glad you like it! That's a nice suggestion! I choose this way because in the real tank side skirts are open in top, as you can see here
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    Phase 3 Discussion

    Congratulations to everyone, that phase of the game was awesome!
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    Great Brick War: Hot Zones- Sign Up Now!

    Here I come with Plighia, PSIC
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    Phase 3 Discussion

    Plighia – Capital city: Austenam Allied with: Peace Securing International Coalition (PSIC) Presidential Republic - Leader: President Samina Scrool Population: 6,260,000 minifigs Geography: plains, forest and canyon Plighia is a coastal nation characterized by large cultivated plains, large wooded areas and a wide canyon that extends into the northern regions bordering Walara. The territory is rich in mineral resources, including the precious lithium that the government has nationalized. The temperate forests hide a vast biodiversity, and the fertile plains are used for intensive cultivation and livestock. The primary sector is well developed, mainly cereals are grown and sheep and cattle are raised above all. Mining is very advanced. Fishing is a fast growing sector. The secondary sector concentrates its production in automotive, manufacturing and high-level technological production; there is only one large industrial center in the capital. The tertiary sector, on the other hand, is not as developed as the other two sectors, concentrates most of its resources on services for the citizen, and lacks a relatively slow bureaucracy. The government of Plighia has always winked at the liberal-capitalist model that came to impose itself after the Second World War, and only during the Cold War did Plighia enter PSIC, under the will of the right-wing governments that have been since then, generally the most voted in the elections held every 4 years. Recently, Plighia has led military campaigns in several war theaters, establishing itself as a military superpower, and, at the same time, developing its own military apparatus by expanding it and making it more modern.
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    Schrödinger Defense Group

    Nice. That's gonna be interesting for the next round!
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    [GBW] - H04 - Koszmar - Woodland Hideout

    That's so sweet! Love the story and the little camp
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    [GBW] - Battle of D7 - Plighia - Link

    Thank you very much mate! That's a good idea to use che corner cliff piece in horizontal, so many possibilities!
  9. PSIC continues its unstoppable advance, now the intelligence has identified a communications tower in D7, on the banks of the West Canal, controlled by the BoS, where it seems to pass communications throughout the region, up to the sleeper cells in the occupied territories. The Strategic High Command has decided to send a unit to take possession of the site in question, and retrieve valuable information from the local communications network.
  10. Awesome scene and story! Love the details of the building, so well made!
  11. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - G05 - Koszmar - No Fly Zone

    That anti air turret is fantastic!! Nice little scene!
  12. Nice! Love the diversity of your medals, very well fitted!
  13. ParmBrick

    [MOC] The Battle of Hue

    WOW! That's great! Love the scene, love the buildings also, very detailed
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    [GBW] - Battle of D7 - Plighia - Link

    Thank you both!
  15. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Battle of F5 - Plighia - Ambush

    Not at all!
  16. PSIC intelligence is closely following the development of the conflict in Brokal, and has found that the BoS are attempting a counterattack against the KLR. But PSIC intends to "help" its enemies by organizing an ambush to block the arrival in the city of a fundamental component, a special crate, which is found in a white truck. At the same time, PSIC wants to get their hands on this component, which could help them in the conflict against KLR, if ever there is.
  17. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Battle of D7 - Plighia - Link

    Thank you very much! Yes, that dock was pretty tidious to build, I had to play with joints and angles to be able to make it look as realistic as possible
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    [GBW] F06 – PDSRE – Big Boom

    Nice idea, but the landscape is a bit too simple in my opinion, maybe few more details would have made it more credible.
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    [GBW] - Battle of F5 - Plighia - Ambush

    Thank you mate!
  20. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Battle of F5 - Plighia - Ambush

    Thank you too!
  21. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Battle of F5 - Plighia - Ambush

    Thank you very much! DOTS are very useful
  22. A nice and clean vignette! Good details on the buried mine, and love the metal detector, so stylish
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    That's nice! Love it. You can go, I have nothing to complain about. Btw I'm not on Instagram, I don't like it, but I'm a member of a group of lego fans in my area: "Abruzzo Brick". @TheBeeze can confirm, for any communication to me on Instagram you can contact that page directly, then they will send me the messages and I will reply.
  24. The movements of the BoS have been traced up to some mountains near Nalans in quadrant F4, where a vast network of tunnels carved into the mountains was discovered, a refuge for many terrorists. Furthermore, the intelligence has discovered that Haesif, one of the major terrorists in the highest rank of the BoS, has refuge right in those mountains. This is a golden opportunity to hit the BoS hard. An operation is organized to track down the terrorists among those tunnels and capture Haesif, who had fled, months earlier, to capture.