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  1. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of doing this in the near future, there is a Bricklink seller (nicematacz) that currently has 27, 10188 sticker sheets for sale at approx £4.50 + p&p. Considering what they have been going for, even with the p&p to the UK it worked out a reasonably good price.
  2. Bandit778

    Inside Tour 2018 - 4000025 Ferguson Tractor

    Loved the look of this but as some parts are not available in the correct colours yet I decided to build my own version. Obviously the chromed bits are customised Lego parts and I'm not entirely sure if it's built 100% the way TLG intended (built from pictures posted on Brickset) but it's sturdy enough to be handled/played with so I was happy with how it turned out. Have to say thanks to Brickset member Stlux for posting pictures of his set built (and a bit of assistance with making sure the parts list was correct) otherwise this wouldn't have been possible.
  3. @pandazerg I have to be honest, I had the same issue with the above. To cut a long story short, I cheated. I fitted the first set of plates, the first set of bricks and the second set of plates individually onto the shaft without the rest of the block, the second brick to go on the underside was excruciatingly tight but did go in with some force (which was when I decided to give up on the two sided bricks) and then changed the bricks with studs on both sides on the bottom part of the shaft to bricks with studs on 1 side only and slid the whole lot over the shaft (you do need to keep the ones on top of the build to keep the whole thing square on the shaft. It also doesn't matter what colour as you use as you won't see them when it's finished). The clutch between the first lot of bricks and plates and the remaining brick and plate assembly was strong enough to complete the build and as the bricks will eventually be held together with the plates that make up the top, bottom and side panels of the build it should hold okay (hasn't caused me any undue problems). Hope this helps.
  4. I don't have comparison pics next to any UCS sets myself but there is a picture of @ScottishDave's next to his UCS Falcon Here about 16 comments in.
  5. Finally got round to building mine. First time I'd attempted something like this from PDF instructions, I did run into a few minor issues but most is that was because I've got 2 left hands the size of shovel heads. Great fun to build and thanks to @Cjd223 for all his hard work on the instructions and to @mortesv for building it in the first place. (also a shout out to @EKae and @ecmo47 for the LDD files that originally set me on my journey).
  6. Bandit778

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    @OCD_Chad Here's a link to the Brickset Ultimate Collection list. Although looking through the box art for these only the list below actually has the words "Ultimate Collectors Series" on them. 75181, 75192, 75144, 75098, 75159 (although I don't think 10188 does), 75060, 75095, 75059, 10179, 10026, 10030, 7181 & 7191 And of these, only 7191, 7181, 10030, 10026, 10179, 75192 & 75181 actually have it written, the others have the Ultimate collectors series gold badge.
  7. Bandit778

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    @Darth Max Not sure if it's of interest but part 85941 is available from the Bricks and Pieces side of the Lego Website at 0.71p per brick (UK price). There may be cheaper on Bricklink but for the quantity required, all brand new and if you bung in some other parts to take it over the threshold for free delivery, no extra cost.
  8. Bandit778

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Always wanted to see a big and detailed version of either the Outrider or the Virago from Shadows of the Empire.
  9. Bandit778

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    @GryffindorResistance, there are 2 now open, one for legitimate news on sets, one for the discussion of said sets. Info is pinned on the front page btw.
  10. Bandit778

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Totally epic display piece, congratulations on your perseverance and the finished build. Work this well done seriously deserves a permanent display place so it can be admired.
  11. Greetings everyone, I have been reading through @mortesv's threads concerning his fleet and by default all the different building threads for the respective ships being built by other members and the building experiences that go with it for a long time now and have to say that I have been thoroughly impressed by the hard work that has gone into them all. I really love the Nebulon-B build and much as I would like to, I wouldn't have the room to build and display it without my better half getting really miffed, so decided to be slightly less ambitious and was following the Tantive thread hoping that the instructions would eventually become available (I wouldn't have had the first idea where to start building the CR90 without some serious help) as I love the ship and it reminds me so much of my childhood years and what started my love affair with Star Wars in the first place. So when @EKae started this thread and a with a little help from @ecmo47 this became a bit of a no brainer for me. I have now sourced all the parts for the ship and am really looking forward to building it, although it may take me a bit of time as I'm a bit of an LDD virgin and haven't built anything from the instructions that it provides so there is a possibility of the air being a bit blue near my place for a while. All in all though, I would like to thank you all for providing the varying degrees of help (even if you didn't know you were providing it) to build a truly beautiful version of this ship and a really big thanks to @mortesv. I salute you sir. You are an inspiration to what can be done with the humble brick.
  12. Bandit778

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Quite pleased that there may be an updated Yoda's Hut but after the obligatory play features are included, €30 doesn't seem like a lot of money to do justice to such an important set piece.
  13. Bandit778

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I don't think there would be any way of telling on just the lever part as there are no distinguishing marks on them that i can see (although old eyes may have missed it), I suppose it would have to be taken on faith that if the lever came in a LEGO stamped base that it was the genuine article.
  14. Bandit778

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The Yellow technic 5x5 right angle (part 32555) are a lot cheaper in black. The hoses (3 different lenghs), most of the tiles and the 3 x 2 wedge bricks I brought from Bricks and Pieces or Pick A Brick as they were a lot cheaper (at the time) by the time shipping had been taken into consideration. The LBG 6.6 bar with stop ring (part 4095) are blooming expensive, especially in the quantity required, I brought part 63965 bar 6l with stop ring instead. Most other bits that i chaged were either newer mold variations for discontinued parts or certain parts in Light Grey instead of LBG (the main one being the small levers (part 4592c05) as there are sixty of them, brought any colour base possible with Light grey levers then swapped them out into LBG bases). I also chose to do scottishdave's engine mod, just because it looks better. Hope this is of help.
  15. Bandit778

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    jsharp13 when building mine i used the yellow connectors as they are for the ring around the centre so are not visible but infinitely cheaper. As for the grey levers and bases, i went through bricklink and brickowl and brought any coloured base with the old light grey levers (i think the blue bases were the easiest), then found a seller that was selling the LBG bases without the lever then swaped the bases. It was a lot cheaper way of getting more or less the right colour and unless you are really up close and personal with the DS they just get lost in a huge sea of grey. Also recommend going for DSG instead of Pearl Dark Grey technic beams for the stand (price again).