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  1. manglegrat

    [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Interesting idea and reflects some of the shape, but it's probably too big for a Viper - maybe a Raptor, though. I think the best bet would be a (clear-backed) sticker put on a 1x1 trans-clear (or LBG) tile, with stickers for all fighter-scale craft, scaled against each other appropriately. Maybe use a round 1x1 for the smaller craft (Viper, Raider), and a square 1x1 for the bigger craft (Raptor, Heavy Raider) to reflect the physical size a bit better...?
  2. manglegrat

    [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Thanks! Sadly, it's too small(!) for something like that. To be even close to scale the Viper would have to be a 1x1 plate or smaller, not so great for showing any detail or shape. You couldn't tell what it is at all - is it Viper, Raptor, Cylon Raider! Even Colonial One (which landed inside Galactica, so would definitely fit in Pegasus) would have to be based on a 1x2, max. Maybe something done in a bigger scale (like the ones by El Barto) would be big enough?
  3. manglegrat

    [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Hey, thanks! Good luck if you go ahead and build it! I hope you enjoy it. If you check out the contents of the Bricksafe folder linked to from Rebrickable, there's a separate LXF file for the stand.
  4. manglegrat

    MOC: Lego Ideas - Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)

    Wow, that is awesome! Thanks so much to all of you guys for pulling these together and sharing them out to the community - you rock!
  5. manglegrat

    [MOC] X-Wing Fighter Midi-scale

  6. manglegrat

    Babylon 5

    Sweet! Muchas Gracias (it being Cinco de Mayo)... Sheet #2 has a list of key dimensions on it, exactly the sort of info I was hoping to find - thanks @inkpanther! Now to translate it to buildable relative stud and plate measurements... I had actually seen those in image search results a while ago, but I guess I only skimmed through them at the time, really looking for the dimensions to be indicated on them (like an actual engineering drawing) not listed separately, and moved on when I didn't see what I expected. What a maroon...
  7. manglegrat

    Babylon 5

    Thanks for the link! A lot of the renders I've been finding are at an angle, so it's great to have a side profile for once. I've been trying to find something like blueprints with actual (well, fake, but you get what I mean) sizes on it, but I've been SOL. As for precision, a bit of artistic interpretation is all good. As well as the Saturn V approach (let's call that 4- or 8-sided), I've looked at 5- and 6-sided cylinder designs (variations of this) that allow a wider range of diameters... I'm still in the prototyping stages, with lots of problems still to solve!
  8. manglegrat

    Babylon 5

    Very cool! I've been working on a B5 station myself for a few months in LDD, initially based on the Saturn V cylinders (with a Lowell sphere for the docking/C&C section), though I can't find a decent schematics to base the key dimensions on that'll allow me to settle on the right lengths & diameters... You seem to have pretty much nailed it, though! What did you use to get your proportions looking so good? Any specific reference materials, or just eyeballing it from pics, etc? If I ever figure out the correct diameters for the varying sections on my attempt, it'll likely be far too big to build. I'll probably still be trying to get it to work years from now! I think your approach to all those curves works great, and that animation is awesome!
  9. Ordered my Falcon on December 22, received my name-printed black card April 30. So far, the "benefits" have been lame, but that's not what I wanted the Falcon for...
  10. manglegrat

    SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Sounds awesome, man! Good luck with v1.2.37.5 & the AFOL club exhibit - plz share pics. You'll have my donation as soon as it's up. Eager to see the final awesome product!
  11. manglegrat

    [MOC] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Woah, that's amazingly well done! So those axle pieces that hide the seams - are they held in place by the plates to either side, or just laid in there? Also - awesome photostream. +1 follower.
  12. manglegrat

    21314 TRON: Legacy Revealed

    Pricing merits aside, this was sold out when I popped in to the Calgary Lego Store earlier today. Gah. Probably just the result of the keeners emptying out the first shipment, though. Another shipment is due shortly. Can't see there being a longterm shortage, but it kinda ticked me off since I only went down there for that! Should've checked, I guess.
  13. manglegrat

    21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    Liking the leaked images - if those are legit then I'm in for at least one set, maybe two... (wife says she wants one lightcycle for her desk at work - and I'm not splitting a set... so gotta have two, then! obvs. )
  14. manglegrat

    [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Thanks! She's awesome.
  15. manglegrat

    [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    I don't have the space for it, but... I'll be keeping an eye on progress, and keen to grab some instructions (if the price isn't Mortesv-scale ).