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  1. manglegrat

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Ahh, tis the season to be patient. Unrelated BnP grumble: I ordered parts (from BnP Canada) back in mid-Nov that haven't shown up yet - probably victims of the Canada Post strike and stuck in limbo somewhere. Bah, humbug! [Edit]Which of course just showed up today!
  2. manglegrat

    MOC: Lego Ideas - Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)

    Thanks, I'm still a bit amazed - I missed one for $120 a few weeks back and thought that was my chance gone. You never know when your luck's gonna change!
  3. manglegrat

    MOC: Lego Ideas - Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)

    Last night I managed to score a 2nd-hand 10231 from a local ( ad for $80 CAD, so I could get the dark-orange tank parts. It was missing a few inconsequential parts on one booster and all of the ground crew bits/baseplate parts (2 astronaut minifigs, though), but the shuttle and tank itself were in perfect condition (not even dusty!), so I'm feeling pretty lucky today! I had previously built the tank in white a few months ago and thought I was totally priced-out of ever getting the orange version, but now I'm back on track and working out what other parts I need to switch over to dark-orange. Loving the fancy display base design, @KingsKnight! The orange-tank version may deserve that base rather than just the basic one...
  4. manglegrat

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I lucked into this super-dusty haul for $20 CAD today (on Kijiji, Calgary): Apologies to anyone I just made throw up a little in their mouths...
  5. manglegrat

    Judge Dredd & Judge Anderson [Movie Version]

    I'm not a Brickheadz guy but I am a huge fan of Dredd, and these are great! Loving Joe's chin. <edit>Oops, something weird with your image links? On my browser my reply is shown over them and hid your excellent work. Sorry, everyone!
  6. manglegrat

    SHIP - EAS Schwarzkopf from Babylon 5

    Awesome! Well done, and thanks for sharing! Nice sticker work, too. (totally agree about the LBG 4855s... Ah well, we can dream!)
  7. manglegrat

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    Heh. This one? Or maybe: No worries. We all have those special moments! Thanks. I designed it just before pics of 75150 got out. I was working on a family of TIEs with that style of wings and the newer cockpit pieces at the time: MODding the @CornwailleBomber from Ideas, an Interceptor and original Fighter (both based on 9492) as well as this one, which has influences from 75082 as well. 75150 is quite a bit more compact - and might actually be better proportioned to the movie version! Anyway - back to your trench: the exhaust port is great, but you need to add more greebles and piping on the earlier trench!
  8. manglegrat

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    No worries. No idea how it happened, but the TIE from the 75150 file link in that thread sure doesn't look anything like the TIE in your renders. Unless my eyes are completely fooling me, the TIE in your renders looks like my design - it has the much wider cockpit section, longer body and thicker wings with the click-hinge connections, and even the stud shooters are green, not red as in the 75150 file. Compare it to the render I uploaded to Flickr in May 2016: Having said all that, @SquirrelArmy, you're totally free to use it because that's why I shared the file! Just let's attribute it correctly.
  9. manglegrat

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    Hey, @JarJarBonks, have a look at the LDD file I uploaded here and discussed on this thread back in 2016... It looks quite similar. I didn't have the Bar 12L parts on the rear of the wings (either 42445 as in the LDD or 99784, depending on the age of the part) when I took the pics in that thread, but they're in the LDD file. The trench looks great, so far!
  10. manglegrat

    [MOC] UCS Nebulon-b frigate (by Dranac)

    And here's a render of the completed virtual model... Not sure if I positioned everything properly, but I had to disable collision detection for some of it to work at all, so I'm not sure it has all gone together quite as it would go IRL.
  11. manglegrat

    [MOC] UCS Nebulon-b frigate (by Dranac)

    Just adding my 2c... I bought the instructions for this great MOC a couple of years ago but never went ahead with building it. Then the @mortesv version came along and I bought those as well (ouch, expensive), then I bought all the parts (double-ouch), including the stands by @churcholo. I started building that one, but got frustrated with the build process and realized it's too damn big to fit anywhere I can actually display it anyway, so I aborted that build. It's been sitting there about 45% done for 4 months, gathering dust... I'm now working through this one in LDD from @Dranac's instructions (with minor tweaks) before I generate a parts list and re-purpose the parts I already have for this version instead, then I can get the ones I'm still missing and finally build myself a Nebulon B! @Dranac's MOC will be a much better fit for my house!
  12. I'm not a playset person so it's a Minifigs-only prospect for me - and there's a few I'm interested in, here. They may have nailed the perfect Han Solo fig this time - dual-moulded legs with the side-printed stripe? Must-buy! Add the Luke, Leia (CC dress not Hoth), Lando and cloud car pilots to my wishlist. Maybe the bushy-lipped Security Guard, too. Maybe Lobot if the print is substantially different to the prior version I already have.
  13. manglegrat

    SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    +1 to @Rolsen's note. Great to see new additions to the fleet! Great mods, @Heuwin, mods are what it's all about! Have fun building/modding the Nova-class, too. And thanks for the comparison pic with the Saturn V - awesome idea. @ScottishDave, I find it highly amusing you're building this now - from a file coming from me, another "Scottish Dave"... Good luck, have fun & please post pics, too!
  14. manglegrat

    [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Interesting idea and reflects some of the shape, but it's probably too big for a Viper - maybe a Raptor, though. I think the best bet would be a (clear-backed) sticker put on a 1x1 trans-clear (or LBG) tile, with stickers for all fighter-scale craft, scaled against each other appropriately. Maybe use a round 1x1 for the smaller craft (Viper, Raider), and a square 1x1 for the bigger craft (Raptor, Heavy Raider) to reflect the physical size a bit better...?
  15. manglegrat

    [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Thanks! Sadly, it's too small(!) for something like that. To be even close to scale the Viper would have to be a 1x1 plate or smaller, not so great for showing any detail or shape. You couldn't tell what it is at all - is it Viper, Raptor, Cylon Raider! Even Colonial One (which landed inside Galactica, so would definitely fit in Pegasus) would have to be based on a 1x2, max. Maybe something done in a bigger scale (like the ones by El Barto) would be big enough?