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  1. No worries, and thank you @Stephan! As to numerical 3D space, I'm afraid I can't help you there as I don't have the skills! My wife thinks I can barely understand physical 3D space... Hopefully others following this thread can chip in... Yeah, good call @SylvainLS, I go through that cycle every time LDD surprises me by saying it removed parts. Sometimes it's real tricky to figure out what was impacted, especially on larger models. Today's exercise was a relatively easy & quick fix 'cos I could see what had been removed and figure out the part that was the root cause straight away!
  2. I've been following this thread daily so my bad for missing it, but I'm all caught up now. And yeah - all the 36840 parts were connected to other parts on all 3 connections, so the center move made a little bit of a mess. I have two versions of the design (my B5 MOC), a disassembled one and an assembled one. I was able to easily find & fix the affected parts in the disassembled version. The fallout is a bit more awkward to fix in the assembled one, so I might just reassemble it from the fixed file. Either way, all's well that ends well!
  3. First, thanks again to everyone for keeping this great effort moving forward - as a big LDD fan, seeing improvements happening all the time is just fantastic. I'm happy to accept the risk of things going sideways from time to time to be able to keep using this old software. I got the new pack via the RAR file this morning, unpacked & copied the contents over (I noticed it said it was overwriting 500+ files, does that make sense?) and then I reopened a large LDD file (6400+ parts) with quite a few 36840's where LDD reported collisions, and some of them (or other parts that were previously connected to them) were removed as a result. That part wasn't listed as updated in this pack, so I was a bit surprised by that. I guess the collision data was updated in an earlier pack and I probably missed it until this pack caught it up? Who knows! Anyway, it was easy enough to fix once I figured it out, but I thought I'd mention it just in case someone else experiences the same! I have multiple versions of the design across LDD and so it wasn't too long before I tracked it down. Once the panic subsided... I have replaced all the affected parts and LDD reports no collisions when it reloads the file, plus I was also able to add my 65617 parts to complete the LDD model so it now has everything I have in my version. I'm pretty happy now. Also, I noticed the same issue as reported by @PicnicBasketSam above with those two pullback parts. Maybe the RAR file has different contents from just getting the new files separately from GitHub? I'll delete 'em anyway.
  4. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Waiting for parts to come in is the hardest part... And then comes counting everything against the partslist to make sure I didn't screw any orders up. And then comes the build... and then we find out just how realistic this digital rendition of B5 truly is! But I've done some prep work for that much-anticipated build stage that should make it a tiny bit easier on me: And here's a render of what the above will look like when it's fully assembled in the brick, with the UCS plaque sticker applied (I used's parts designer app to create a custom 8x16 tile):
  5. manglegrat

    Cavegod UCS AT-AT Instructions

    Ha! Awesome, and super easy too! I had no idea that existed. It even works on custom lists, too. I think I prefer using the Brickstock UI for sorting and slicing & dicing the information though, rather than just the visual comparison...
  6. manglegrat

    Cavegod UCS AT-AT Instructions

    If you have the old and new parts lists available in Rebrickable then you can export them both to Brickstock BSX files, then load them both up in Brickstock and - with the window for the one you want to be the primary selected - select the "Subtract items" option from the Edit menu, and select the secondary file from the "Items from an already open document" list. This will show you the differences. It has pictures, too. There's also a "Difference mode" option in the View menu to expand the columns to show original (Qty Orig), new (Qty diff) and difference (Qty) values. You can sort the data by any column in the grid, though sorting by Qty descending is a good start point for this purpose. So if you make the new parts list the primary one and do it, the items with positive Qty numbers are items you have in that list but not the secondary one - so, additional parts you'll need to get if you already have everything in the secondary (old) parts list. The negatives are extras that you won't need any more. You'll need to manually figure out colour swaps and variants, though you can also sort by part number to try to group those pairs of parts together. One of each pair should be a positive, the other a negative. I've been using this technique (I'm using private custom lists in Rebrickable, but MOC parts lists are identical for this purpose) to track deltas between versions of my B5 design as I refine it. Hope this tip helps someone out!
  7. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    I've previously been using and a variety of filters/effects there, to recolour, posterize and add noise, a solid outline, etc. but it's not repeatable and not quite UCS-alike enough for me! Very hit & miss. Not right... However, I tried playing around in Paint.Net along the lines of a sort of tutorial I found online here. I had that already, and the Ink Outline effect seems to be spot on. So, in Paint.Net (documenting here for posterity),I did the following: Open the transparent-background full-colour 4k render image file. Use the magic wand to select the image. Invert the selection (if you don't invert the selection then the background ends up black after the next step). Use the Ink Sketch effect (Effects->Artistic->Ink Sketch) with Ink Outline at 99 and Color at 0. This redoes the image in black & white at the same time as the outlines. View the colour palette. Use the Recolor tool with the light blue 6th or 7th from the right (6th is darker, 7th is lighter - I chose the 6th for the below), in the top row of colours under the colour wheel, with Brush Width 500, Hardness 75%, Tolerance 100% to change all the white to a blue that's UCS-adjacent. Those are the most important steps. After that I used the resulting image in Paint.Net, along with the other sticker components I built previously (some are semi-transparent masks I made earlier so I can layer the station image over/under the other layers), to construct the version below: I like this one a lot more than the previous version! I hope it'll print out well... Oh, and BTW, while I'm still waiting for the part orders, I'm cracking open the internal structure to revisit some aspects of the structural integrity. I designed it in sections that connect together with a few studded connections using SNOT bricks/reversed headlights, but I want to use the "skin" layers to reinforce the joins between sections on either 4 or 8 of the sides, depending on whether the particular sections are 8-sided or 16-sided (I can only join across 4 sections in the 16-sided case). With skin and SNOT-brick connections it should be pretty strong. My goal is for the entire cylinder section to be at least as solid as the Saturn V it's based on. No guarantees about the command sphere and "neck" though...
  8. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    While I'm waiting for parts to arrive to build this beastie, I updated the design of the 4 "Cobra Launch Bay" support arms for the Command sphere to make them less overwhelming and much more in proportion to the show, showing more of the sphere itself (I don't think you can make them any smaller with current Lego parts without losing a lot of shaping, but those are the trade-offs we make!): I also updated the UCS plaque from the same render, but I can never seem to get the filtering, highlights and colouration quite right on the image to make it look truly UCS or print out legibly on my laser printer... Does anyone who's done UCS plaque sticker designs have any tips as to how to filter a pic appropriately?!
  9. manglegrat

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Awesome scaling job! I dug out my 2 technic figs after seeing that pic, and I think one of them would be a decent fit for that cockpit - this guy with the helmet would be just about perfect (for purist Lego). I have that fig but not the helmet. My other one is this guy (but with the blue helmet), who'd be a terrible match. I'd say for purist Technic figs, this guy might actually be the best match with a black helmet... I'd be surprised if there's a good "bowl" helmet alternative to match the show though:
  10. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    It would appear from the lack of posts that the zeitgeist has long since moved on from B5, but for those still tuning in, here's a UCS-style sticker I pulled together from the above render plus the Babylon 5 Wiki entry for the station:
  11. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Thanks! It's still to be proven if it's buildable (and it'll take a while to do that), but it sure looks nice in digital form!
  12. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Yeah... Sometimes I amaze even myself! Thanks!
  13. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Here's a better pic.
  14. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Thanks, Troy! (it's pretty quiet on this thread so far, but it's all kicking off on Reddit)
  15. manglegrat

    MOC: Babylon 5

    The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. A self-contained world five miles long, located in neutral territory. A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens. A shining beacon in space . . . all alone in the night. And if you're curious how big this is: Currently she sits at ~6300 parts; ~4kg weight; ~142 studs or 113cm long; 45 studs or 36cm height, ~25 studs or 20cm wide... Check out more on my Flickr! Built in LDD (modded with the additional parts pack - there are no collisions), then imported, fixed-up & rendered in I haven't figured out how to use's renderer properly yet, so these shots have really basic lighting, etc. For details, colours & general inspiration, I'm using the awesome renders by this guy and reference images from here. It's surprisingly close to those last reference images! I also bought the 20 year-old Revell model kit recently as further reference IRL. Structurally, the cylinders are mostly based on the Saturn V internals, and it's built in interconnected modules, not along a single central spine, which works great digitally but might not in real life! Oh and there's a studless Lowell sphere at the front, of course. I started sketching this out in LDD 2 years ago then it went cold until about 2 weeks ago, when I picked it up and inspiration hit. Next steps will be to design a multi-point stand - she'll need a lot of support in 1Gs worth of gravity. Then test builds. I'm sure she'll evolve in that process. Before anyone asks, because cloners stole my Agamemnon design there won't be instructions or shared LDD/ files for this one - pics only!