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  1. manglegrat

    [MOC] Battlestar Galactica Colonial Raptor

    That's a super cool cute little Raptor you've got there - congrats!
  2. Grr, that sucks @Captain_Quinn, sorry to hear you got shafted by the creeps on this one, too. It seems like MOC creators are condemned to be stolen from by these parasites for all time. The "MOCs Designers vs V****o" FB group is full of people like us trying to fight back, with occasional brief success, but it seems like these creeps are like a hydra - you cut off one head and two more pop up (they all lead back to the same "body", pretty much). Resistance seems to be futile. When checking my Rebrickable stats, I always see a lot of referrals to my MOC pages coming from the clone-brick sites, and I suspect some of the (sadly few) instruction purchases I've had recently might be clone-kit buyers with a conscience...
  3. The UCS Sticker plaque is now available as well, so I see! Oooooh, there's the Ivanova sticker pack, too.
  4. I don't disagree at all. However, if I wanted to buy a copy (even for a console I don't own) just to get the fig and then resell the game, the deluxe pack has been sold out on every platform in every online store I've checked in Canada for weeks...
  5. manglegrat

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I would not have purchased it. Without the exclusive C-3P0 figure, the Landspeeder is a set I would happily let pass me by. It's a solid "meh" on paper otherwise, though having now seen it assembled in the store I think it's at least going to be a reasonable wall ornament to have on display... See my reply to your question in the other thread for my other reasons for buying it.
  6. I didn't particularly care for the set myself before I saw it in person and thought it might look good on the wall, but here's a few reasons why I bought it (and I'm in Canada so it cost $269.99CAD + tax): I collect minifigures. To get the set-exclusive C-3P0 minifigure on the aftermarket will probably cost over $100CAD. I collect minifigures. To get the Aunt Beru figure in the exclusive GWP that came with the Landspeeder will probably cost over $100CAD. I wanted the Beskar keychain to go with the Carbonite Han keychain I have already, and I assume that'll sell for at least $50 soon enough, like the Carbonite Han one currently does. I wanted both of the figs and I can afford the extra money over the (estimated) likely cost of the 3 things I wanted alone, so to me the economics make sense. I also get the Landspeeder to either resell, part out or build & display, plus all 4 of the available GWPs. Since I got them in person from the Lego store (and I'd have to pay extra postage as well if I bought the figs on Bricklink later), I calculated that I'd break even on the deal. Plus I have them now, not later. I'm trying to collect as many of the OT figures as possible so I'll probably BL the blue-milk Luke polybag sometime, which will likely be stupidly expensive if TLC insist on making it exclusive to the game packs...
  7. manglegrat

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I went to the Calgary Lego store this morning for the Landspeeder - I got there maybe 25min before opening and there were at least 40 folks in line already! Kudos to the store staff - they really had their system nailed. Schmoove like butter. I got my Landspeeder, GWPs and out within 40 minutes of the doors opening. I wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't for the exclusive C-3P0 in the Landspeeder and Beru in the GWP (it'll cost almost as much to BL them separately, I'm sure), but I'm now thinking the Landspeeder might end up built & mounted on the wall somewhere rather than just parting it out. However, that's probably the last time I'll be in that store, and in any Lego store for a while - I'm leaving Calgary in less than 2 weeks to move to Vancouver Island, and the nearest Lego store is on the mainland...
  8. manglegrat

    [MOC][Instructions] Battlestar Galactica - UCS Scale

    To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm: "Life, uh, finds a way - to get in the way". No progress to report since February - other than microscopic improvements - sorry folks. She's still a headless beast! Life has been getting in the way for months... TL/DR version: they say moving jobs and moving house are two of the most stressful things to do - I decided to do both, moving to a new city 1,000km away, as well... Even when I finish the initial design, it will take months to make it realizable as an instructions package. I suspect the modular approach I took to get the "body" of the digital model I have just now will need a complete build-step sequencing overhaul to make it buildable in the brick, from the core outwards. I'm really appreciative that folks are excited to see this design done and want to build it for themselves, but my brain just doesn't have the room for this project just now!
  9. manglegrat

    [MOC][Instructions] Battlestar Galactica - UCS Scale

    Thanks! Hopefully you'll be able to get the Beast later this year: Battlestar Pegasus v2.0 - Scale check vs Galactica by David White, on Flickr If you build it, share some pics! David Duperron's stuff is awesome, for sure!
  10. manglegrat

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Not quite but close: 'FAB-AT-AT' (4/5) by stubot, on Flickr
  11. manglegrat

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Got the AT-AT, plus Luke's lightsaber (Canada). Had zero delays getting logged in or placing the order, the site said it was in stock so no issues to report... Well, I successfully placed the order... Confirmation pending! I wasn't sure if I would, but I got sucked in again.
  12. I spotted that and to me, it looks like the new DBG part is the first non-transparent use of the 79850 part from the Hogwarts Icons set this year... <edit>...or maybe it's a new mould after all? Hard to tell!
  13. manglegrat

    [MOC][Instructions] Babylon 5 - UCS Scale

    Sorry (not sorry) to necro my own thread, but I just wanted to let folks know that if you're looking for a professionally printed UCS sticker for this model, they are now available from the excellent Ultimate Collector Stickers here.