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  1. [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Thanks! She's awesome.
  2. [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    I don't have the space for it, but... I'll be keeping an eye on progress, and keen to grab some instructions (if the price isn't Mortesv-scale ).
  3. [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    Aaw, shucks... Thanks!
  4. [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    I just published this as a (free, of course) MOC on Rebrickable here.
  5. [LDD-MOC] Battlestar Galactica

    I added it as a MOC on Rebrickable:
  6. [LDD-MOC] Battlestar Galactica

    Finished! Sidepods extended below: And here she is flying in formation with the Pegasus - The Bucket and the Beast! I stuck with the original narrow nose design, but made some tweaks through the build process for stability, robustness, etc., which are reflected in the LDD files now available in my Bricksafe folder (and a couple of Word doc files for stickers: one clear-backed, one white-backed). It's now at about 3300 parts. More pics in my Flickr album. A parts list (double-check against the LDD files!) is available on my Rebrickable account. I didn't do instructions (and won't), but I split the original design that the last render was done from into LDD files with component groups and used the LDD-generated instructions to build the components, then did a bit of de/reconstruction to pull it all together. I may have gotten a little out of sync, so they may not be perfect - I'll leave it as a challenge for the builder... With a bit of creativity (and hey, that's what Lego's all about!), you should be able to build it from those no problem. I'm particularly happy with the Colonial logo on the shield on the back. The LDD uses a 4x4 dish instead, but I'm not good enough to figure out how to do a sectioned sticker that can fit on a 3d compound curve with a hole in the middle, so I went flat instead. There's no 4x4 round tile available, but with 4 of the new macaroni tiles (27925) and a 2x2 round tile (14769, not 4150), the sticker holds it all together as if it was a single 4x4 round tile, and fits where the dish was. I cheated a bit and used rubber bands (one red one twisted up a bit to tighten it up, and one blue one, both genuine Lego ones - in the parts list but not in the LDD files) to hold the "cheek" plates on the head in the right place and at the right angles. I could make connections that'd make it work with some extra parts in LDD but couldn't actually assemble it IRL because other parts get in the way and make it impossible to do it! Not sure that "floating" approach is strictly legal, but hey - works for me! Actually, some rubber bands would probably help tighten up the head section of the Pegasus as well... hmm. The side pod/launch bays slide out and in on grooved bricks & door rail parts. They stay in or out just through friction at the angle it's at on that stand (shallower than the stand for Pegasus). I'm relieved I didn't have to design a locking mechanism for them! If anyone builds it, please share your pics afterwards, and good luck. Here's a shot of my BSG fleet.
  7. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Ooh! Great, thanks for the heads-up! I had substituted 4085b (1x1 plate with clip vertical) for all of those to avoid the silver... I may build it that way to begin with, and then substitute the 49668s later, when I can get my hands on 'em.
  8. [MOC] X-Wing Fighter Midi-scale

    Excellent build at an unusual (to me) scale - for some reason I'm particularly impressed with the curved "shoulders" of the R2 unit... Great detail!
  9. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Good luck! That sort of time investment is why I shy away from it myself. Too damn lazy to put in that much time perfecting it all, and my natural restlessness is always driving me to get 'er done, declare success and move on to the next thing! Good on ya for doing it! And awesome wife for supporting you through it. (mine moved to Canada with me, so I appreciate the awesomeness of supportive wives )
  10. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Thanks! Yeah, good ideas. But now I bit the bullet and bought the 41747s and subbed out the two 4287s for 3665s, the rest are definitely not as frightening to buy (good tip for others, though!). Plus I prefer the curves on the 41747s... I already did the 41762 swap - I had used that before in another MOC previously (the @Renegade Clone B-Wing) - you can even smooth-off the studs with a 1x2 tile instead if you want. I've been trying to swap out everything that looks rare & expensive (e.g. the barrels), but keep stumbling on parts that weren't expensive a few months ago but now are - that's why I'm thinking all of us building this thing are creating a parts shortage and a sellers market!
  11. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Cool! Hope it hasn't been scorching where you are, like the recent 47c in Sydney! Stay cool, dude. On the flipside, I walked to & from work (45min each way) in -35c with windchill last week, but with good preparations (lots of layers), it was all good. Most cities in Canada were colder than Mars between Christmas & New Year... My version (for all its imperfections) is probably over-engineered there, too. It'd be an interesting exercise to see what a Lego professional would change to right-size and optimize the overall design according to TLC build/production rules. I'm definitely not a pro! If you get it finished in time for the April exhibit, will you share the build/final pics (or prototypes of your design ideas) so we can celebrate it with you? Good luck with your studies - so glad I graduated with my Bachelor's degree 23 years ago, but I went back 15 years ago for 2 years of an MBA (d'oh). I still get flashbacks & dreams about being unprepared for exams, etc... Now it's just professional qualifications I need to keep current, so it never really ends!
  12. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Heh. I decided to stick with Sand Green when I did a colour-swap for Sand Blue, then priced that vs. the original Sand Green. There was only a ~$50 difference after doing a tweak to swap out the 2x 1x3 33 inverted slopes for 1x2s (and most of that was due to 2x$20 41747s), and across the total cost of the parts the difference is kinda immaterial. It's still gonna be astronomically expensive overall, though! I'm now sitting at 88% parts ordered... waiting for more sales!
  13. [MOC] [LDD] First Order AT-ST from Last Jedi!

    Looks great in the brick - awesome job!
  14. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    <snip whine about sand green wedge prices and changing colours> decided to bite the bullet and stick with Sand Green, while I'm still working...
  15. Yay! Works fine here on my GTX1070. Phew! I was hating having to ugly it up...