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  1. ApophisV

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    I guess since we have seen the official replica of his costume in the "Adventure in Time and Space" movie, it will probably based on this costume's colors. But R2 used newly introduced parts (legs and torso) back then, so it technically was a "special mini figure mold"... Then again, we didn't even get a Slimer with the Ecto-1, so wko knows what TLC will do this time....
  2. ApophisV

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Here is the official accouncement on the BBC site: LEGO Doctor Who to materialise later in 2015 I'd love a 9 since he is by far my favourite (and my 1st Doctor) But as I cosplayed 1 a few times I hope we will get a version of him too (Considering it's most likely his face we see in the announcement chances aren't htat bad IMO)
  3. ApophisV

    The Doctor is coming!

    Whovians, here are some amazing news! LEGO Doctor Who to materialise later in 2015 PS: What about the license Character Building got??? EDIT: Just realized there is already a thread in the License Forum! So keep going, nothing to see here! ;) (Mods, please delete this if necessary! :))
  4. ApophisV

    Cottage house

    Beautiful! Bravo! Having tried some snowy landscaping myself a few weeks ago and must say I'm really impressed by yours, especially those pine (?) trees look so amazing!
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  6. I don't know if I signed up, but in that case I have to sign off again. I am completley uncertain about my schedules this spring... If I have some spare time on my hands then I will try to come over for a day or two and sleep at my dad's home then. But that'll happen kinda sontanously then!
  7. ApophisV

    Have to gather names!

    Thanks for the warm welcome-back! :-) If my decision to come over is coming too late next year for a place in the hotel, I guess I still could get a bed at my dads home or at my grand parents, both life close to Günzburg! :-)
  8. ApophisV

    Have to gather names!

    *checking in again after a long time* Hey, how much time have I to decide to come or not to come? I haven't got any schedules for next year's studies, so I can't really plan anything (next summer I'll start my main courses in Maastricht, NL and I haven't got any infos about specific dates there yet). But if I get the time I think I will give that LEGO community meeting thing (:-P) a try! ;-) Best wishes from Germany, Daniel aka Apo
  9. YOU don't use a Mac??? That is pretty much the last thing I ever expected!
  10. ApophisV

    Favorite Marvel Villian

    Not really "villains", but definitively bad guys: Sentinels! :-D
  11. ApophisV

    Favorite Marvel Hero

    You should see the whole comic strip, it's even funnier! ;-)
  12. ApophisV

    Favorite Marvel Hero

    Thanks alot, you really made my day with these, especially the last one is so funny. Gotta read that comic again, soon :-D
  13. ApophisV

    Favorite Marvel Hero

    Ahhh, interesting thread! :-D I can't mention a particular favourite hero since there are several guys I really like. First of all, Tony Stark. Since Civil War I am not that sure about him anymore, he is behaving kinda strange, but overall I really like that guy (I loved him in the Extremis story line illustrated by Adi Garnov *wub* ) Next, Wolverine, a true classic. Anyway, depending on the author there are some storylines I like him more than at others... And then I developed some interest in Deadpool, he is a freak, but a funny one. :-D I have to get more stuff featuring him, so far I only have read his CW related comics... Well, I could also name some other cool heros in the MU, which are among my general favourites: Spidey, the Young Avengers as a team and Miss Marvel because of her costume ;-) *wub*
  14. ApophisV

    Monastery (Viking ear Inspiration Pics)

    Dito! :-D
  15. ApophisV

    Dardenbahst, Workhorse of the Deutsches Reich

    *applause* 8-�