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  1. GeneralNumberOne

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    The winged armors are presumably the gold armor with two Technic pin holes on the back (presumably to attach new wings or like the more mechanical ones that I think were introduced in Hero Factory) that were leaked in like December. Idk how useful that would be for anything realistic, but I can think of several neat sci-fi/fantasy things that could be done with them as well as maybe using that connection for dynamic poses (like someone getting thrown or something).
  2. GeneralNumberOne

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    The golden wings are almost certainly the element that was leaked a few weeks back with the Technic connectors.
  3. GeneralNumberOne

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    Yeah, same with Sons of Garmadon and Rebooted. For Ninjago, soft reboot just means the show resets to the basic ninja team with standard designs and on the rare occasion lore/plot points from seasons prior to the soft reboot are brought up, it explains them (like the Tornado of Creation thing in MOTO and the Harumi thing in Prime Empire) rather than expecting viewers to have seen early seasons/remember. Tanner's channel is the Ninjago equivalent of the Kathleen Kennedy laser eyes Lucasfilm civil war channels that plague the Star Wars fandom.
  4. GeneralNumberOne

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    With the new Garmadon comic featuring new designs for Garmadon, I wonder if we might gets sets based on it (or at the very least some Minifigures showing up in other sets).
  5. GeneralNumberOne

    Lego Star Wars movie?

    I saw this article which claims that a Lego Star Wars feature film is in development. May be bs, but who knows.
  6. GeneralNumberOne

    Ninjago villains and future

    With CN apparently dropping the series and Michael Knapp leaving the theme, I think it's fair to assume that Ninjago's days are numbered. My money's on like two more seasons, maybe another comic book, and a final Legacy Wave.
  7. GeneralNumberOne

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    I saw someone on Instagram (I think 1414FalconFan) list the Samurai X mech set as being Nya's mech. Idk kf that's accurate, though
  8. GeneralNumberOne

    Ninjago getting more popular?

    I don't think we're going to see the huge nostalgia boom for 90s and 2000s sets largely because that was the era when Lego was not doing so great, so you already have a smaller number of people who grew up on those sets, and most of them probably aren't afols. You see Bionicle nostalgia since that was essentially what was keeping Lego afloat at the time, but nothing else really (except for like Space Police 3, but I think that has more to do with classic SP nostalgia than anything else). I was in a Discord server dedicated to 2000s Lego at one point, and there were only around 70 users.
  9. GeneralNumberOne

    Why all the hate for Legends of Chima?

    I think there are several reasons. As a kid, I generally didn't find the sets that interesting (and I found the weirdly erotically designed alligator woman off putting and I still do), I found the cartoon to be patronizingly dull, the Speedorz weren't as fun as the Ninjago spinners (and as a kid, I suspected they were the reason the spinners didn't stick around for the Final Battle wave). The fact that it was replacing Ninjago also didn't help, as that was my favorite theme as a kid. Then when Ninjago was brought back, I kinda assumed Ninjago became more sci-fi because Chima was filling the more fantasy niche, and I didn't like that and ended up dropping both (until TLNM came out and reignited my interest in Ninjago via the mech dragon and the fire mech). I also remember thinking it was weird that there were Speedorz, Constraction figures (that were supposed to be part of the minifig centric play pattern??? Lego Club portrayed them as powered up versions of the characters), and regular sets. As someone who also doesn't generally like Constraction (especially when it's for organic things), that also turned me off. Finally, the fact that the minifigs were so specialized. With the cursed heads and the very specific torsos and legs, you couldn't really do anything else with them, which sucks both as a kid and an adult. With say the first few years of Ninjago, the Skullkin were obviously skeletons, you can use them as regular dead people, you can incorporate them into castle stuff, and other things like that. The snakes were a little more specialized, but they had decent torsos that could sometimes be used as clothes. The stone warriors are great for figbarfs. I currently have a Black Mask (inspired by his Gotham look) that uses one of their heads. The armor makes good greebles, and the helmets and hats are also really useful.
  10. GeneralNumberOne

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    There was a rumor going around a few months ago regarding a $120 Ninjago City expansion (think City docks) Also, I'm hyped for the PIXAL mech. I was contemplating buying the Core temple partially for PIXAL and partially because it looks kinda cool (I think it would be in my top five temples if the doors were brick built. The doors are a big part of why I love The Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. I was also considering making a MOC of the Kaiju Protocol mech (the fact that Lego doesn't do sets based on PIXAL centric episodes is bizarre and disappointing ngl; I love the weird parody type thing they did for them, especially as a big Tokusatsu fan and a big noir mystery fan). Kinda unrelated, but now I kinda wanna add a detective office to the Ninjago City moc I'm working on. Idk where I'll put it (maybe I'll just do an additional 16x32 plate thing and maybe include a warehouse or Kryptarium or something).
  11. GeneralNumberOne

    Ninjago, the next 10 years

    If Universal decides to do Lego movies that aren't IP based (like the rumored Fast and Furious movie). Like, I think it's important to remember that there is a fair chance Universal will just do Lego parodies of other movies (speaking of which, I could totally see them doing a Lego King Kong/Godzilla if Toho goes along with it movie). In general, I kinda hope we keep these designs. They're distinct and I genuinely prefer them to the old ones (and pretty much have since they were revealed, except for maybe Jay's eyebrow scar being gone). Idk, I assume Lego will milk Ninjago as long as possible. I'm not complaining, as I enjoy the show and love the sets, but I just kinda see that happening. Maybe we'll get a spinoff (I know Lego's cautious about this because they don't want to overwhelm consumers). Probably something like the adventures of B-tier characters or a Spinjitzu Brothers show/series of shorts. Of course, that is assuming Ninjago has much time left. As far as I'm aware, it hasn't been a top selling theme since 2018. The fact that it wasn't a top selling theme in its big anniversary year that had like three (I think, I can't remember if the D&D season was last year or not) seasons, a bunch of Legacy sets, and probably the best set of the year makes me think its days might be numbered.
  12. GeneralNumberOne

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Do we know if this will happen again this year?
  13. GeneralNumberOne

    Ninjago City Expansion wishlist

    I meant like has anyone done the whole alphabet out of like plates/tiles/bricks? I've been trying, but I can't quite manage to get some stuff right
  14. GeneralNumberOne

    Ninjago City Expansion wishlist

    Is there a brick built Ninjargon alphabet anywhere online? I'm starting work on a Ninjago City expansion (television station/movie theater, Kabuki theater, Lou's house, and coffee shop) and English lettering is hard enough, much less fictional language lettering. Additionally, does anyone know if there's a comprehensive list of sets with prints/stickers in Ninjargon? Oh yeah, and Jay's dead dad's (whose name escapes me) like penthouse is the third like section, I completely forgot about it
  15. GeneralNumberOne

    This is why Ninjago should end

    Even if Ninjago were to end, we wouldn't get classic style original themes. Like, look back at the last time we got classic style themes. Pirates flopped hard, whatever the medieval theme was called last time also flopped, and the two classic space inspired sets from TLM2 both hit clearance, clearly not selling well despite them being two of the coolest sets Lego's done in years (and the afol hype surrounding them). Also, there has to be a reason why TLM2 didn't do stuff based on things like western or castle. Like, I think it's fair to assume that the TLM sets based on those things didn't sell well. Idk, at least City gets space stuff. Sure it doesn't have aliens or guns and mechs, but it's probably my favorite City subtheme