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  1. So wise words. I have never thought it that way. Next time when I misspell something I will be so proud of it. Oh crap, those wheels will be so expensive - 20 euros per each . I really don't like that Corvette very much.
  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Here is a picture with those tires. Only problem I have is the lack of white rims for front tires. Black would be better but I don't have black rims for rear tires. Next I have to do loading/unloading ramp for sea containers so I can do my job.
  3. Greetings from Finland for everyone. First of all I want apologise my English. There may be some mistakes on the text, but I hope you all understand atleast something. I had few days of the work and children were at the school so I had time to build my first MOC. Nissan forklift was my choise because that thing has been my daily buddy over ten years for now. There is four medium motors for driving, steering, tilting and lifting. Battery/remote control is non Lego part from CADA. Model is so small that I can't fit original Lego battery box and two receivers in it. I hope that's okay. You can find more pictures from here. I hope you like it! Kindly Regards, Jarkko
  4. Your car is awesome and video is outstanding. I wish I could someday make playable models like that. Your video shooting and editing is something what I can only dream of.
  5. This wasn't my best deal but 8275 is one of my favorite models. I think that 200€ for all these isn't so bad.
  6. Greetings from Finland everyone. This is probably my best bargain because these technic Legos were basically free. These were near us for 80€ price and there was about 10kg other non technic Legos. Once I bought 8110 Unimog with instructions for 40€. Sorry about my worse English.