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    Anything that has an engine, Heavy Transport, English cars, Morris, Austin, Leyland, V8 Racing, Massey Tractors, Restoring.

    Come to think of it, I don’t really get out much, I’m in the garage or at work……

    Pigpen AKA Joe


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    New Zealand
  1. This page has gone pretty quiet lately. Anyone on here NOT on the nz Lego Facebook page? Not trying to recruit, just noticed that here gap good quiet since the other started up.
  2. pigpen

    [MOC] Auster Aircraft WIP

    Great work. For the life of me I can't figure out what part you're using for the axles?
  3. pigpen

    MOC-Rescue Helicopter

    Great work, the colours are similar to the rescue Helicopter's in New Zealand. Google Images "Westpac helicopter"
  4. pigpen

    ERF C10 / Scania MOC

    Is that a seat I spy being used up side down as a mudguard on the ERF?
  5. pigpen

    DAF heavy haulage MOC

    Looks Great, I also do Heavy Transport MOC's but in city scale. What you have done is great, I would love to see a dolly / goose neck added in. I think that would just put the cherry on top, along with smaller diameter wheels on the trailer.
  6. pigpen

    MOC: Street Car/Tram

    I would keep the 7 wide, the overhang of the roof over the entrance ways looking at it from the front just makes it more realistic.
  7. I find the Clinch Knot works best when connecting string to a hook or onto a reel. Google fishing knots Clinch knot and it should come up.
  8. pigpen

    Expression of interest Ford GTHO

    Nope, kiwis would be interested as well..........hmmmmm
  9. Has the Technic Snowmobile (42021) been released in NZ yet?
  10. 9: 10 7: 6 6: 4 5: 3 3: 2 2: 1
  11. Hi, Posted a while back about where to find the best deals in oz (Kiwi coming over for a Holiday). As this is the week for me to come over, and I guess all the toy sales are over Is there any mailers out for this week or any sales still lingering?
  12. Something of interest I found while on Stuff https://pressphotoco...my-own-creation
  13. You win (between us) as I was nutting out the same thing in LDD to make. great entry.
  14. Thanks fot that, will look into it. Its not my first time in oz, has been a few years since I was last over.
  15. Hi, Where is the best place for Lego in surfers? I'm a Kiwi coming over for a few days next month and I am hoping to fill my suitcase with great deals. New Zealand, I feel is the most expensive place to buy Lego. for example the City Auto transporter 60060 is $35.00AU, and $49.00NZ (not on sale) Even with exchange rate, I would only be paying $38.00 NZ. But on the bright side, NZ shops are the last place to stock old sets before you have to be mugged by online dealers