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  1. Hi, Ankoku, thanks for the reminder, I downloaded the instruction from the beginning of this post, 1 of 30 modules. Thanks for those guys hard work for the inverse engineering. So I asked question here! But thank you for the reminder! I believe I will have more questions to ask about this train module and I will go there.
  2. Hi, 9v thank you, I tried to upload the picture but I guess it limited the size. I possible need to put them on the brick safe first as mentioned by Ankoku earlier. I just built electric version. I am lucky that the problem I mentioned earlier has been solved, I found out it was due to the fiction between the wheel and the other part, I removed the other part and problem solved. But I do have another new problem :-). The train box can not fit in the unloader smooothly, I do not know if it is because I do not have Slope 45 2 x 1 Triple with Bottom Stud Holder and Slope 45 2 x 1 Double - with Inside Bar. And I found when train unit was released, the unloader was lifted a little (maybe less than 2 degrees. I do not know is it because of this. Is this lifting normal after releasing the train?
  3. Hi, I just finished my train module with loader and unloader, it runs well for several mins and all of sudden, it stoped work. Even the train unit by itself is not running, I changed the battery and still it only run for a little bit. Any one has the same problem or any one know what is happening. Many thanks!
  4. I have been following this Since this post started. I follow every step Doug72 modified and other people responded! It is quite enjoyable to read and learn. Thanks to Doug72 and other builders from a new bee.
  5. Blueprint is awesome! I just generated my first instruction! thanks for the great software to make it happen!