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  1. People on this forum has correctly guessed every UCS before we’ve known anything about it since the Snowspeeder, maybe even longer. It seems like this year’s 2HY set is the first one that we can’t work out since almost everything from the OT has been released at this point.
  2. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a fantastic set and I’ll definitely be getting at least one. Maybe two, ideally four or more... but man that price. $45 for an army builder is horrendous. I want multiple copies of this set as much as anybody else but this is a bit much. LEGO clearly saw the opportunity to make some money and took it. Nothing against the set and figures themselves (especially the battlefront jet trooper ) but the price is terrible. It’s great that LEGO is listening to their fans about what products to release but it’s a damn shame that it’s come from excessive campaigning from people like MandR, especially when LEGO has had a professional relationship with this site (and others) for so long... it has to be at least a decade, right? As far as I know Eurobricks is an RLUG, is the ambassador network still a thing? I was under the impression that the whole reason it existed was to provide an avenue for LEGO to communicate with fans. Perfect opportunity for them to reach out directly and from what I can see they rarely if ever use it.
  3. $90 AUD for the helmets is certainly better than I was expecting. Do I spy stickers used to do the mouth detailing on the two trooper helmets?
  4. I stand corrected. Gonk Droid in May, Jar Jar and Dex double pack in September.
  5. Still no clue. Fingers crossed for the 10,000 piece Jar Jar bust.
  6. Getting them in a game is nowhere near the same as getting them IRL. There are plenty of figures from the original 2000s games that still haven’t been released.
  7. The negativity here is unreal. We’re finally getting something new and exciting and all anyone can do is complain. 5 years ago LEGO wouldn’t even have considered a line like this. I’ll take the unexpected over a normal system set any day, even if there are “glaring holes” in the movies (that’s why MOCs are a thing). The price is absurd but these sets are not as bad as you are making them out to be. I challenge anyone to make a “better” stormtrooper helmet with then same amount of pieces. When these helmets first came to light I was expecting something like the Vader bust from last year, these have completely surpassed my expectations. I’m sure these will look great on display, just like the Yoda and Porg that everyone here hated. I’m looking forward to seeing the TIE Pilot, I think it’s an excellent choice. The helmet prop was made by combining a rebel pilot helmet and a stormtrooper helmet, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make the rebel helmet once we see the instructions.
  8. Like the Porg, BB-8 and Yoda it looks like the part count is high because of all the little pieces that are used for the detailing. They're probably about as hollow as those sets are, so a frame in the middle and then built up to do the details. I like the look of these but I'm dreading what the Aussie price will be. I really hope these are available for long enough so they can get discounted.
  9. No more immature than him when he makes videos complaining about how LEGO doesn’t send him free stuff
  10. BARC speeder with 501st clones? I wouldn’t trust anything that clown says. He’s probably just making it up for the views. UCS A-Wing is likely but we’ve been speculating about since last year.
  11. This one. I brought it up a few pages ago but it got buried under people arguing over minifigures. It could also be a remake of the green one he flies to Mustafar.
  12. I’ve never bought anything off of Amazon, that site is just too hard to deal with here in Australia. It’s not considered an Amazon exclusive, is it? Vader’s castle was and the only store I’ve seen it in was the LEGO certified store they opened near me a few months back. Even if it isn’t a retail exclusive it’s going to be a bitch to get. It’s like they’ve stopped restocking sets after the initial release and they only way to get them is on S@H. I haven’t seen any of the TFF sets in months.
  13. Can’t preorder on the Aussie site LEGO is shafting us once again. There’s still plenty of time for it to get fixed but why do I get the feeling that it won’t be?
  14. That’s a shame. That’s right around the time the bootlegging took off, too. We still don’t know if there’ll be any sort of freebie with the video game later this year, don’t we?
  15. I’m almost certain they’ve had 2HY sets on display in the past, sometimes with placeholder minifigs but they’ve had the models out. Aren’t the advent calendars usually on display?
  16. Why does it have to be bound to the current season, or any season for that matter? It’d be so hard to count the amount of figures LEGO has thrown in seemingly unrelated sets.
  17. Funny, I’d consider the AAT the most likely candidate for an Ahsoka... just look at the TX-130 set with Aayla Secura. That said the AAT is just as likely to include Jar Jar Binks again.
  18. Star Wars seems like a mixed bag this year. The sets sound great but they also seem completely overpriced. Very keen to see the April wave. My focus has shifted more to display models so I might end up grabbing the busts and D-0 if they turn up at good prices. Hopefully some photos come out of NYTF. Summer wave sounds good on paper but will probably end up being one of the most overpriced waves ever. I really hope LEGO still reads these forums because it’s clear from these comments that they’re outpricing a lot of their customers. A nice mix of sets for the summer wave. A lot of rereleases but they’re good ones. AAT and the Night Buzzard will be definite purchases for me regardless of the figures, it’ll just be a case of waiting for a good discount. I love ETA-2s so I’m looking forward to seeing this next one. If it’s the yellow or the green one from episode 3 again I’ll probably skip it unless it has good minifigures. I already have all the interceptors from 2007 onwards so unless it’s something new I’m not that interested. Best case scenario is we get this version. BARC speeders have been horrendously overpriced in the past, even with discounts, so it better be good for me to get it. I want to see better photos of the Souless One, I have the 2007 version and I’m still very happy with it. Very happy to hear that there’ll be another AT-AT, plenty of people are after that one. Again, if the figures are good I might get it but I still consider the 2007 set to be the definitive rendition despite its inaccuracies.
  19. Those are the summer sets. April wave sets are the busts and D-0.
  20. Brikkyy13

    A selection of starfighters, A-Z

    Everything looks great! Those X-Wings are beautiful! Do you know how many pieces you used for the T-70s? Also, this is the first time I've seen ball joints used on the Vulture Droids, I can't believe I didn't think of it.
  21. Those brickheadz look great, but just like every other Star Wars brickheadz they’ll probably sell out instantly on S@H and never come back in stock. I wish they’d sell brickheadz in stores down under but for whatever reason they don’t.
  22. Probably NDAs and people not willing to share after how poorly past leakers have been treated by the forum. By the way some people are talking the info is definitely out there, it just hasn’t made its way to the surface yet.
  23. If any Aussies are looking for the new x-wing polybag (30386) I was just in zing and they had it as a promo when you spend $45 or more on LEGO Star Wars sets
  24. Brikkyy13

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    What didn't you like about it? I'm considering getting it because it looks very striking but if there's something big that I'm missing I may reconsider.