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    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Oh yay, an illegal build made it in to a thousand dollar set. This is gold, I can't wait to watch this get blown way out of proportion. People who never intended to buy this set will be using this as their excuse not to buy it and will cause copious amounts of drama just like the perceived lack of minifigures in the gunship. Very surprising... why didn't this get out sooner? A lot of the people who had review copies definitely would have picked up on that being illegal. I foresee this causing massive problems. Not only can you not get the axle out, you can't get the frame off of the turntable with the axle in place. People are definitely going to end up attaching the frame to the turntable wrong and will be unable to fix it once they realize their mistake. It's possible this was done on purpose for stability reasons, but I'm guessing this is a massive oversight from quality control and I reckon there's a high chance we'll see a fix akin what happened with the Wall-E ideas set.
  2. I can guarantee you they will try. Poor sales is such a bs excuse. Of course sales are going to be poor if you don’t give the customers stock to buy
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    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

  4. Brikkyy13

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I have both Kylo shuttles, honestly I like the old one more. More playable space on the inside, the color looks far more accurate to me and the wings don’t bother me too much. Also I much prefer the hooded Kylo figure over the variants with his helmet. And yeah, I’m a member of the AT-AT club. I told myself I would wait for discounts but the saber called out to me through the force.
  5. If they can sell Galaxy’s Edge and Freemaker Adventures sets they can sell anything with a Star Wars label on it, including The Ghost
  6. You say “investor”, I say “abuser”. Buying up literally all the stock on the market and then posting pictures of what’s basically the world’s entire supply with the caption “to the moon” is not investing. I agree, the prices of retired sets over the last few years is freaken insane. Some of it is definitely basic economics (especially true for the older sets where there aren’t many sealed left in the wild), don’t forget the influx of new collectors at the start of 2020. Some of it is undeniably pure extortion though, there’s a number of sets that aren’t particularly rare that cost 200%+ more than what they did two years ago, Obi-Wan’s interceptor from 2016 is the first one that comes to mind. The Rex speeder set and the battle packs are in the same vein. The only explanation I can think of is sellers raising prices on the things that the newbies “need” for a basic collection, they claim “supply and demand” but the supply shortage only exists because of hoarders. What really surprises me is just how cheap some things are, like the Azure Angel from 2015 which was a retailer exclusive and is actually somewhat rare. I bought that earlier this year and with inflation it was the same price I would’ve paid back in 2015. The Rogue Shadow from 2008 is still reasonably cheap (used) last I checked. Sets like those two are ones I would expect to be extremely popular on the aftermarket and they seemed to have just slipped under the radar.
  7. At that point the set will have been around for a year and it’s not unreasonable to find a set of that size marked down, no matter what it is. UCS A-Wing and the cantina from last year were seeing markdowns before the start of 2021, so by that logic the market for 18+ OT sets isn’t there?
  8. Speak for yourself, I’ve wanted the hoth walker for a while and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in the wishlist thread more than a few times
  9. Took longer than the AT-AT because it’s almost accurate to the source material, and also you’re the one bringing up skin colour. Two big-ish wedge plates with a nice variety of slopes and a couple bricks for good measure. Not ideal for what I had in mind but workable. Compared to the duel, the battle pack offers much better value for the same price IMO.
  10. AT-AT add on tax seems most likely. Looking at this battle pack next to the mando battle pack, there’s definitely more plastic going into the snowtrooper pack. Absolutely not $10 worth of extra plastic tho
  11. Battle pack is great, $33 AUD is very tough to swallow though. AT-ST is good. It seems like in their effort to make a model with the shaping of the ESB version they’ve made a more accurate ROTJ version It’s just missing the decal on the side of the head but other than that it looks great.
  12. “Why do we have to wait until January?? These sets obviously go with the AT-AT” posts in 3… 2… 1…
  13. Provided the speeder bike is the same design as the one in the AT AT I’m easily buying two of the battle pack. Very keen to see what pieces make up the snow wall… you would need 12 battle packs to fill all the seats with normal Snowtroopers so there’s gonna be a lot of parts left over begging to be cobbled together to make a some terrain.
  14. AT-AT is minifigure scale, gunship is not, it’s really that simple. TLG has nothing against fans despite what gunship haters may think.
  15. Full blown marketing campaigns since TFA day otherwise. I think the lack of news out of lucasfilm today is more indicative of the fact that they have nothing to show off from almost all of the projects they announced last year. Indiana Jones 5 was just delayed a year, Rogue Squadron delayed indefinitely, Rangers of the New Republic was shelved months ago, Andor and The Acolyte are apparently a mess behind the scenes too. Kenobi only just finished filming, they probably don’t have much footage ready yet so concept art is likely all they have to show.
  16. Just saw the beyond the brick review, that leg mechanism looks amazing. Can’t wait to get in there and build it for myself. Already have some ideas on how to motorise it, but the lego purist in me isn’t happy about my solutions.
  17. The sequels have nothing to do with this discussion, the first order is not the empire. Again, we know that the troopers were male, truly accurate figures wouldn’t have flesh tones peaking out from under the helmet, and you’re higher than I am if you think I’m trading those heads for more angry clones! Again, I’m about to spend $1300 on plastic, I would prefer the figures to be accurate to the source material General Veers and the commander are exclusive enough for me, new heads that you won’t see is completely unnecessary. I really hope that the heads turn up elsewhere because my point is that there is a clear lack of dark skin tones and female prints… we as fans have been asking for diverse prints for nearly 2 decades now, they should be in sets that are accessible to everyone who wants them, not in $1300 collector sets where they have no business being there other than to make a statement. I thought this point would’ve been obvious but alas. The marauder is a $60 system scale set with a build that isn’t accurate to begin with, and is readily available to anyone who wants it. The AT-AT is a $1300 collector’s set, built at minifigure scale with intention to be as accurate as possible I agree with your first point, I really do. My problem with this is that heads with darker skin tones and female prints are expensive enough as is, them being exclusive to a $1300 set is doing nobody any favours. I want cheap realistic minifigure parts for MOCs and I want accurate figures in $1300 sets, how is this so hard to understand?? I explained my point twice before this reply, it really seems like you’re refusing to see my point for an excuse to fling megablocks. Really thought we were past the days of Star Wars “fans” wrongly insisting someone must be racist or sexist because they disagree with a decision.
  18. You hear the troopers talk, we know the casting, in the movie they’re all male. I’m all for diverse figures but in this case it’s sacrificing accuracy for the sake of diversity. It’s a $1300 set, ideally the troopers would have plain black heads or heads like the troopers had in 2012 so their skin isn’t showing underneath the helmet. Yeah I’m not buying it for figures but still, it’s the principle. FWIW I don’t think the Luke figure is particularly accurate either. And furthermore we’ve been asking for diverse figure parts for how long? Those trooper heads in the AT-AT are exclusive prints, the prices of those pieces is going to be insane if they don’t turn up somewhere else. The marauder from earlier this year did it right: new, diverse prints in a massable set.
  19. I’m not a mod but to me it seems like it’s all semantics. I know we can’t share images or link directly to them but a little *cough*insta hashtags*cough* nudge in the right direction has been ok in the past.
  20. AT-AT looking solid in high res. Will have to build it first but definitely seems like a contender for best UCS set. Will try to get it day 1 for the GWP but not holding my breath, and not too fazed about it because I missed the yoda saber last year. Surely I’m not the only one annoyed by the figures though. The selection is perfect but the face prints on some of the troopers are horribly inaccurate. We desperately need more figure parts with darker skin tones and female prints, they should be in smaller sets for everyone to buy! Forced diversity in $1300 sets is not what anyone wants, collectors want accuracy to the source material and MOCers want cheap parts. However, with this and the figures in the marauder I’ve got a feeling the hoth battle pack next year will have a great variety of head prints
  21. I don’t get all the secrecy about stuff like this… the info is out there and we’re all looking for it so just share smh. It all comes out in the end and turns up on here anyway Keen for more Gamoreans
  22. One of the photos shows them using the tool on the hips as well as the knees. Very keen to see how that works out. Also looks like the cannons on the head might move in tandem as well which is perfect
  23. Reusing speeder bike builds has been a thing since the very early days of the theme, nothing new. Just hasn’t happened in a while. If the design works there’s no need to change it.
  24. The interior is perfect two speeders and look at all those cold assault stormtroopers! Looks awesome, will get it eventually.