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  1. It is still essentially 70 % of the original design. The only new things are two square towers and a simple tree. Funnily enough there is a reason this person didn't actually build the towers in real life and only showcases these digital renders. If someone actually did try to build it, the ugly plain black roofs alone would cost over 70 $, because the black corner slopes (Black Slope 75 2 x 2 x 3 Double Convex), the MOC designer chose so wisely for the roofs, cost a lot on Bricklink. Additionaly you would most likely have to use multiple sellers to get them in the quantity needed for this build and this would add further shipping costs. Or having to pay international shipping to get the amount from the few sellers, that offer larger quantities. So I hope some are at least intelligent enough to look up the part costs before they buy these instructions. Imagine being ready to pay 70 $ for two tiny roofs (consisting of roughly 100 black pieces) and then complaining about 399 $ for over 4000 pieces...
  2. I am pretty sure you can actually do what you are describing with the new system pretty easily (click on a part and in the following pop up for the part, just click on the "Same brick" link and you will see listings of all colours and prices for this specific part/brick). I guess it is just so much easier to criticize a service than actually trying it out. Or rather Lego did hire some good UI/UX people, but they forgot to account for the DAUs out there that are hindered by the logs in their eyes. "Where's the beef?" Edit: Ninja'd by Sir Dano who also posted a picture showcasing the aforementioned link
  3. Metanoios

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Excited for the new Grindylow mould in the Lake task set along with the sleeping versions of Ron and Hermione, an updated Merpeople figure and an all new Krum! The fiendfyre snake in the DH2 Room of requirement will probably be a recolour of some of the basilisk parts or will be entirely brick-built (Promobricks only mentioned the inclusion of the fiendfyre, not how it will be integrated) The next part is speculation by me and not from the Promobricks news: I think the House banners could include prefect robes for each house or the house ghosts instead of the teachers this time
  4. Great to talk to the utmost authority on this topic! My initial response was regarding the possibility of new moulds in the next Castle wave. Triceron said in one of his last replies to this thread that Castle was dead and would never get new moulds. Now, great "Castle"-Sensei, answer me this: Who does decide the budget distribution for new upcoming product waves or themes? Is it you and the "fans" or the Lego company and their upper management? That is why I made the argument (which in my eyes bodes well for upcoming castle waves), that if Lego considers Nexo as part of Castle, then the next wave might have a chance to include a lot of new moulds like the "last" Castle theme did (even if it gets only a fraction of the Nexo Knights budget). I am not opposing your view, that Nexo is not Castle (to you and many others).By pointing out that Lego seems to consider Nexo a part of "Castle", I was trying to instill hope that Castle might actually be not completely abandoned by TLG and that they might be still giving a sizable budget to the theme in the near future.
  5. The instruction pages I am referring to are right at the beginning of the first of the two 10305 instrucion booklets and depict the history of "Castle" with pictures and years, starting at 1978 with the 375 castle going over various sets from the 80s, 90s and 2000s and ending on a picture of Nexo Knight set 70317 with the year 2016 written above it. The Medieval Market village from 2009 is also pictured in this timeline right beside the Nexo Knight Fortrex. So tell me again how Nexo Knight ended up in the 90 year anniversary "Castle" timeline, if it is a completely separate thing? There are no Lord of the rings sets depicted or other buildings that are modelled after castles like many of the Disney sets. But Nexo Knights is in this official timeline. Bricklink was acquired almost 2 years after the last wave of Nexo Knights was released. Your argument might have some merit, if Nexo Knights was classified while Bricklink was being owned by TLG. But alas this is not the case. TLG bought Bricklink as a platform for E-commerce and as a data source for market analysis, not as an official press release platform. Like I said previously, the opinions and emotions of fans don't change the intentions or plans behind sets released by the company developing them.
  6. Pretty sure the last "Castle" wave from 2016 to 2018 had a lot of new moulds. Including previous hints and statements, Lego is considering Nexo Knights part of the castle tradition as is currently shown in the instruction leaflet of 10305. So the next Castle wave might have new moulds like the last. Just because you and a part of the castle fandom doesn't consider it to be part of the "Castle" theme, does not change the classification of the company actually producing the sets.
  7. Yes but the Black Falcon shield printing does also not cover the entire shield and has a small border of unprinted surface (+ sometimes the print can be misaligned as well)
  8. I'm pretty sure that the pic I posted is not a render because the left hind leg of the horse is not fully pressed down on the stud and there is a visible (albeit small) gap and corresponding shadow and reflection. I admit the picture quality could be better but it is zoomed in from a (in my opinion) real lifestyle shot
  9. Yeah but in the picture below they look like prints. It could be that the decals are prototypes in some product shots (like the one from Brickset) and other photos (like the one I linked) were taken later once all prints and parts were actually produced
  10. The Viking helmet from CMF series 20 appears as a recolour in gun metal grey in the upcoming Sanctum Sanctorum set (can be seen in the promo images on the upper most floor as one of the decorations of various magical artifacts). The Lion Knight's castle also features a new 1x4x3 arch piece in LBG and finally dark green leaf pieces
  11. Metanoios

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The backside of the GWP box (pic can also be found online) shows that there are pin connections in the usual place and heightwise the door frame pieces fit perfectly into the 2021 modular castle system on both floors. If you stack more than one GWP staircase on top of each other you would have to remove the small sand green roof sections and the tan inverted slopes from the GWP staircase build but it is possible with only small adjustments
  12. Metanoios

    Disney Properties 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    It is all one piece but still technically can be attached on to a minifig head. It's a dualmolded "bearded helmet" with a printed on face and underneath is a unprinted regular (faceless) minidoll head. Here is a review of the set which shows the piece:
  13. Metanoios

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I remember a different discussion a few months ago about the hitherto exclusive Diagon Alley Harry appearing in the Advent calendar, which had a lot of people on here complaining about an "exclusive" figure coming in a now cheaper set and that it was diminishing its value. Now we get Percy for the first time ever in a "expensive" book and suddenly some of the same people are arguing that a new minifigure should be cheap and commonly available. I can't help but get a feeling by reading these discussions, that no matter what Lego does, someone will go out of their way to compain about it (even contradicting their previous train of thought by doing so). This is not meant to be derogatory - just a slight nudge, that might hopefully help remind some to see the positive in things rather than always search the negative point of view. It's nice that we get new characters like Pomfrey and Percy next year with new moulds and all new prints. Just my two cents on this matter.
  14. Metanoios

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Hogwarts Moments sets are also more geared towards young girls in the style of the Polly Pocket boxes, where you have a container (in this case a book) which transforms into the playset and the accesories are all inside. I highly doubt that you played with those as a boy in the 90s or 2000s. My sister had tons of those
  15. Metanoios

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lupin is probably part of the summer wave