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  1. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    If you look closely you can see that Lloyd is the only one whose spinner contains the movie suit. The others all have new suits similar to the one Lloyd wears in a larger SoG set. Also only Lloyd’s spinner is branded ‘Ninjago Movie’. The others all have the original ‘Masters of Spinjitzu’ logo, even if Zane looks like his movie version on the packaging. It’s all very confusing at this point...
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    An image of SoG Cole is floating about. It uses exactly the same face print as movie Cole, without the green scar, which is a disappointment.
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Wait - the Vermillion were originally going to be Garmadon's army in the movie?? Was the movie's delay the reason why they were used in the TV show instead? EDIT: You've definitely convinced me to pick up one of these books now.
  4. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Looks like The LEGO Ninjago Movie will make around $22M this weekend behind both Kingsman and IT... that’s really bad Well below what I had hoped for and below most predictions EDIT: For comparison, The Emoji Movie made $25M on its opening weekend.
  5. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    The more I think about about, the more I realise how perfect Garmadon's original goal would be for a LEGO movie. If you remember, in the show he wanted to recreate the world in his own image. That could be taken super-literally in a LEGO movie! Imagine Garmadon destroying parts of Ninjago and rebuilding the bricks to make something dark and twisted instead! It would also drive the point of him being this massive narcissist, and maybe tie into the message of the movie by realising his greatest creation was always his son (or something a bit less cliché). Instead he seems to be a more generic 'Conquer the World!' type villain in the movie. I don't know why they changed it.
  6. If the movie is compelling enough to attract new kids to the show, then the redesigns will have been worth it. Though with the way things are going I doubt it will be attracting that many new fans. I do like the movie designs for the most part, so I’m still fine with them being used in the show.
  7. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    This. For me, the ideal outcome was for the movie to propel Ninjago into nearly household name levels of recognition and ensure the theme would last for years to come, as well as provide incentive for LEGO to further develop their in-house properties. Not that it's impossible, but at this point it's looking unlikely. Instead I'm starting to worry that this movie will do more to harm the perception of the Ninjago IP rather than strengthen it. Nobody likes a cheap cash-grab, and even though that might not be the case, it could be seen as one. Of course, I'd like to judge the quality of the movie for myself and see how well it does at the box office. I could be worrying over nothing if the movie's a hit. (At least we got some wonderful sets out of this)
  8. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Out of any license, I would love to see a LEGO Justice League Movie, which isn't looking too unlikely seeing as WB already have an all-star cast for a bunch of JL members in the LEGO Movieverse. I rarely buy sets from licensed themes however, so I would love to see a movie based on an original theme do well (which this one still might, fingers crossed).
  9. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Ah fair, I never really followed Chima. I guess it's possible then.
  10. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Do these count as 2017 or 2018 sets? I thought the release date was December. Out of all of the new sets, the Quake Mech looks like the only must-buy for me. Is that a turntable in the cockpit, or am I trying too hard to look for one?
  11. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Doubt it, or else it would almost certainly be on the packaging. Out of all of the new sets, the Quake Mech looks like the only must-buy for me. Is that a turntable in the cockpit, or am I trying too hard to look for one?
  12. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I doubt the reception of this movie will have a huge impact on the LEGO movies overall. I think the LEGO Movie 2 is where they really need to get it right for the continued success of these movies. It could possibly mean there will be a greater focus on licenses and making parodies of known franchises similar to Batman going forward, perhaps? I just hope the reaction to the movie doesn't hurt any future plans for the Ninjago franchise, though.
  13. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Disappointed that there's no exclusive Lloyd variant in the spinner, unlike the old Airjitzu flyers. At least I don't have to get it for the fig, I guess.
  14. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Reviews are about what I expected. Sounds like this will be fun and hopefully the kids will love it. I wonder if it manages to beat Kingsman this weekend.