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    Big fan of superheroes. I know Marvel probably has better sets but I prefer DC because of the characters and classic stories. I also like Doctor Who but find it difficult justifying the Cyberman or other Dimensions pack. I stopped collecting Star Wars because I simply couldn't afford to collect them anymore. I miss the Harry Potter line but Star Wars prevented me from getting any of the larger sets


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  1. It's basically this, with the addition of the question mark on the bottom of his tie, and the colours switched to be regular purple, and lime green for the coat
  2. Exactly my line of thought Also Rainbow Raider and Slipknot, the Man Who Can Climb Anything
  3. I mean, the Riddler himself seems to be from the New 52, which indicates that the set is comic based, that is if it's *from* the D2C
  4. Potentially, but I think I'm happier with the current mask. However, I think it's a great piece for *any* masked character, particularly if they released it in black.
  5. Might actually be my favourite Riddler torso thus far, with the LBM one a close second. It's perfect for a Capullo Ed, which makes me wonder- will we get the dreaded muttonchops?
  6. Duncan Young

    MOC: The Moth-Mobile

    @Captain Nemo Just don't forget the Moth-Copter haha! I always thought the '66 Batcopter would be a good base for something like that
  7. Duncan Young

    MOC: The Moth-Mobile

    This is fantastic! This is so far the only Moth-Mobile moc I've seen, and it will likely remain the best for some time. I love how you kept the basics of the original car while adding in all those little references to the various Batmobile designs across the years. Then, you've got room to fit Gar too? Wonderful! As a massive Moth and company fan (I mean, just look at my Flickr page ) this makes me so happy, especially because of the instructions. I guess I have a new mission now...
  8. Sorry if I've not been paying attention, but when *is* the D2C being released? March would be ideal, alongside the possible Shazam set and leaving enough time between the January and Summer release seasons
  9. Duncan Young

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    @Digger of Bricks Ok, spit it out, how much are you being paid to promote him? Jokes aside, it's another good series, although there's certainly a few characters missing
  10. I wouldn't say incorrectly. Not necessarily at least Lego's plans change, just look at all those Cancelled Sets videos by Just2Good. I'm pretty sure Gentleman Ghost was set to appear in the Scuttler for example. Maybe Lego went overbudget, felt they were better suited for a another set, or simply thought the set could sell itself. We might never know for sure.
  11. Not to mention that The Ventriloquist also uses pre-existing parts, both for himself, and the Scarface puppet. That doesn't mean we'll get him, but I would say that it does increase the chance somewhat
  12. I reckon we'll see a few of the updated DCSV designs, for better or worse- Two-Face, Joker and Riddler for instance seem like a given. We could maybe see Harley and Penguin, but judging by the game designs, they would use the 2016/14 designs respectively. Mr Freeze and Ventriloquist wouldn't need new moulds either, so they could show up too. While some of the other core rogues would require some new moulds, Catwoman could just use the LBM mask in black, instead of the dual moulded part seen in-game. Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Robin and Gordon also had new designs and, with the rumoured Batcave, Alfred seems fairly likely. Lastly, I think we could probably get Clayface, either as a minifig or bigfig.
  13. Duncan Young

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Well, Spider-Man has got his own sub-theme/catagory now, so I'd assume it's the same case for Bats
  14. That is what most "Purists" do, because to many, hands and arms are separate pieces, the same as legs and hips. Non purist figs are when a part is otherwise modified without using Lego (paints, sculpting materials etc)
  15. Well sure, the handcuff pieces aren't if you're going into specifics....