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    <p> DC Superheroes </p> <p> The Rhino Face-Off by the Mine </p>

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    Edinburgh, Scotland
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    Big fan of superheroes. I know Marvel probably has better sets but I prefer DC because of the characters and classic stories. I also like Doctor Who but find it difficult justifying the Cyberman or other Dimensions pack. I stopped collecting Star Wars because I simply couldn't afford to collect them anymore. I miss the Harry Potter line but Star Wars prevented me from getting any of the larger sets


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  1. Duncan Young

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Well, Spider-Man has got his own sub-theme/catagory now, so I'd assume it's the same case for Bats
  2. That is what most "Purists" do, because to many, hands and arms are separate pieces, the same as legs and hips. Non purist figs are when a part is otherwise modified without using Lego (paints, sculpting materials etc)
  3. Well sure, the handcuff pieces aren't if you're going into specifics....
  4. Heh. My job here is done *flies away*
  5. Heh, I've been using that head for Gar since it came out. I'm still using it in fact (Shameless plug- I've written a Killer Moth series on Flickr starring the Bugs, 100+ issues heh.)
  6. We've our first look at Ocean Master (sans cape) on the usual place
  7. To be fair Bruce Wayne's had three. Peter has had two if I'm remembering right
  8. Duncan Young

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    I just wish we had more complete villain teams in general. I wouldn't be opposed to a Crime Syndicate spread across multiple sets for instance. Or the Brotherhood of Evil I wouldn't mind Giganta, Toyman, Grundy and a retail Bizarro for a proper Legion of Doom either. Or Chancer to complete the Misfits. Or Heatwave, Mirror Master, Golden Glider and Weather Wizard, just to round out the Rogues I could go on...
  9. Duncan Young

    LEGO DC Villains (Videogame)

    Curses! I'm surprised there isn't a LBM pack. That would certainly fill out some of the missing characters
  10. Duncan Young

    LEGO DC Villains (Videogame)

    Misfits/C-Lister DLC perhaps? That way you could include Catman, Chancer, Killer Moth, and any other forgotten villain. You could even make it a level pack! Alas, it's not meant to be... Edit- Or better yet, how about a Secret Six pack?
  11. @Robert8 At least he's already short
  12. So nothing out of the ordinary then
  13. @PremierComix That'll be because there's already both a wishlist and a speculation thread
  14. I think Penguin is the same as the 2014 variant in the Supervillains Game. Obviously repeats aren't uncommon but personally I think it'll be yet another bat-boat/jet-ski, as much as I dislike it
  15. I mean if people want a Hush minifig, you can combine the Mad-Eye Moody torso and Knightmare Batman legs- The trench coat print lines up perfectly! Add a Mummy head and you're all set (at least until Lego releases an official fig)