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  1. Switch Modification

    No, they were definitely modified TLG switches. Any tips you can share? Thank you for the resource! I will check it out. Not sure if he will share his methods since I am not interested in purchasing, but learning. I'll reach out and see!
  2. Switch Modification

    I was thinking about some of the switches I saw on penlug's layout at Brick World...
  3. Switch Modification

    I have quite a few switches and have been interested in modifying some of them for a while now. I found a couple PowerPoint presentations from BrickWorld in years past discussing how to modify switches. The one thing they do not cover is moving the throw to the other side of the track. Now, I know there are switches from 4DBricks in just about every configuration including with the throw on the other side. But if I have an over-supply of switches, and have no need to purchase more, then modifying my existing stock makes more sense. Is there a write up on how to move the throw it is that really something I will have to figure out for myself?
  4. @peterab this discussion is about track that is compatible with 9v and PF systems. In the interest of not confusing topics and having two different conversations going on at the same time, it might be a good idea to start a new topic or PM @coaster off-line.
  5. 60051 x2 motor placement

    Good thoughts. I think in the short term (while my son is too little to play with Lego trains) I would like to do the trainline, medium term (while my son is interested in crashing Lego trains) both motors in the locomotive, and long term (when my son thinks he is too cool for Lego trains) back to trainline. Guess, at this point I've got a couple years at least to figure this out.
  6. Train Axle Making Jig

    Really cool @dr_spock! Will these axles work in the same ball-bearings BMR is using in their models? I have been thinking about how I can get more axles... And this is great! Where did you get the 2mm metal rod you are using?
  7. 60051 x2 motor placement

    All, thanks for the replay and info. I would like to keep it all in one receiver so that is why I am thinking about the extension wires. It sounds like having one motor pull and one push works well so that is good news. I thought about doing this as well. However I want to keep it as stock looking as possible. If I were to extend the locomotive a bit, then I might as well but both motors in the front. But that would also mean I would have to extend the rear "locomotive" too. I think running the wires will be fine. Once I get a second 60051 I will just Bricklink the remaining parts I need to turn the second set into 3 carriages. Now, any thoughts on the lights? I have Brickstuff lights on my Big Boy and I love them. But I would rather not have more than one wire going along the train...So I was thinking the Lego lights for the front, rear and carriages because they just plug on the PF wires and are not affected by the speed selector. I could mount them on the bottom of the roof with 1x2 technic bricks.
  8. So, good haul at Christmas this year for me. Among other sets, I was given 60051. While I never would have gone out to buy that set myself, now that I have it, I want to get a second one to make into three additional coaches. This would make this set 6 car-bodies including the locomotive. Have any of you done this and added a second motor? I'm wondering if it makes sense to modify the locomotive to take the second motor or run PF extension wires and have the 2nd motor at the end of the train. What are your thoughts of having one motor at the front and the other at the end so one pulls and the other pushes? What has the experience been of one motor pulling at the front and the other motor pushing at the rear? Thanks
  9. Guess I need a photo of the other side of the wagon then.
  10. YES! I'm sorry! here it is below. Also, is my first attempt at the rods. Video
  11. Oh! I have one with a black switch! Now if only I could figure out how to login to it via my mobile.... the other side of it has the black lever.
  12. Hmm! This looks interesting! @zephyr1934 I cannot believe you would suggest such a thing! *gasp* lol
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    Oh! Now you are talking! That would be a really cool idea! It would really increase it's play value and for folks like us, we would be inclined to get at least three of them. I'll vote for this idea!
  14. Bulk Train Track

    @jimim if you look up the straight or curve on Bricklink you can see the current average price and the average for all the sales in the last 6 months.
  15. Questions - small layout possibility

    @Beltigan, in many ways you and I are in similar places in life, however, I do not have a cat. I am also planning a Christmas train display, but I will have a bit more space as I am planning to lay my track on the floor of the living room under the Christmas tree. I will have few buildings since I have more trains and wagons and track. I don't know if your wife would be open to having the train under the Christmas tree for the holidays but the good thing is that when guests come, it is easy to remove the track to keep it out of the way. However, this thought does not take your furry friend into consideration. Just a thought to consider.