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  1. ALCO

    My Own Lego World

    What a beautiful world! Many sets from my childhood that I unfortunately no longer own due to the dark age.
  2. ALCO

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    @legonerd54321 just looking at your prototype and thinking the boiler might look too low. I wonder if you were to raise the boiler by a plate if that might help. Also, are you planning to have this handle r40 curves? If so you might want to check the clearance on the front wheel of your leading truck with the inside of your cylinders.
  3. ALCO

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    This is a really nice locomotive! I'd love to see this IRB.
  4. What direction are you going through the switch? How far apart are the flanged drivers? Are the flanges hitting the guide rails?
  5. To me it makes so sense to throw out MOC instructions because BrickLink is a trading platform. It does not own the inventory traded. So they cannot be liable for any intellectual property issues that may be present in some MOC instructions. Those would be the issues of the proprietor. I'm going to wait some time the. Re-add my instructions inventory again and see what happens.
  6. ALCO

    (moc) CPR 4-4-4 Jubilee

    This looks really nice! I too would live to see this in real brick. You have some talent there!
  7. They said they were going to purge my store too. I think they are just making a blanket purge for liability and are trusting each store proprietor to challenge. I emailed them back indicating which part of their policy I fall under and that I should be excepted. They were quite prompt in replying that my store was approved.
  8. It does not look like this one will have magnetic couplers... that's a shame.
  9. I am also eagerly awaiting information when it will be released!
  10. ALCO

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    @ShaydDeGrai I agree with you. I think PU could be really cool with the right application. But for running a train around a simple loop of track, the capability is way over-kill. I am looking forward to experimenting with its advanced features but without an application its difficult to conjure a use for it.
  11. Then the system needs to be easy to incorporate. I'm all PF since I came out of the Dark Age long after 9v passed. The equipment to power the track, pick up power from the track, charge on-board batteries including circuitry to protect from over charging and over dis-charging and controlling the train should be plug-and-play. I know all this can be done, there are people who have done it but if the "Holy Grail" of 9v track is charging up on-board batteries then it needs to be easy for someone who is not an electrician.
  12. ALCO

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    How are you going to sync the motors? The size of the driver wheels will cause the motor in the tender to have to run faster to keep up.
  13. ALCO

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    Thats a really nice looking Hudson! I'm assuming the motor in the engine is powering the lead or trailing trucks? It looks like most of the engine's weight will be on the drivers so whatever wheels you are using will not add much to tractive effort.
  14. ALCO

    Anyone know a good stand-in part...

    You can add those as custom parts to I'm not in a place right now to link to everything you need as I am traveling but can try to get to that later this week if someone else does not beat me to it.