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  1. I see that that switch kits come with 1/2 straights.... Are those part of the switch moulds? Or can then be purchased separately?
  2. ALCO

    Steam locomotive Instructions

    Steam engines are pretty challenging. There are some Bricklink stores that sell instructions. Or if you have a design that is troubling you, folks here are more than willing to help you figure it out.
  3. ALCO

    Modified Emerald Night

    It seems your image links are not working...
  4. ALCO

    Washers For Technic Axles

    @zephyr1934's Bricklink store sells what I think you might be looking for. He made them for drive-rods as spacers in the rods and valve-gear. I remember seeing them when I purchased some rods from him. They are 3D printed so they might have more friction than a nylon or metal washer.
  5. ALCO

    2018 Lego Trains

    19.99€ is roughly $25 USD. And 7895 in the US is selling for $15.99. But as I think I about it, maybe they are making stubby switches and filling the rest with flex-track...which I guess would make more sense. Still, there seems to me to be an increase in price by almost $10.
  6. ALCO

    2018 Lego Trains

    What if it's stubby switches, quarter straights and half curves!? That might explain why they are going up in price by like $10 USD.
  7. ALCO

    2018 Lego Trains

    I think I would rather have more small pieces than few big pieces. You can do more with more small ones. You can't do much with the front/rear giant pieces in the current 60051 passenger train. Granted the price goes up for more smaller pieces, but with more smaller pieces typically there is more detail.
  8. ALCO

    2018 Lego Trains

    Maybe it's an Arctic train!
  9. ALCO

    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    Thanks for the warning. A PM heads up would have been nice with a link to the specific statute violated and an opportunity to edit my post. Ah well, what's done is done and we can only go forward from here, eh? Do please send me what you rules you had in mind and I would be happy to review them and edit my post if I am in error. Though, I cannot imagine why TLG would want to keep LUG's all hush-hush when members, I would assume, tend to spend more money at TLG. And thanks for scaring off the new guy! That was smart.
  10. ALCO

    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    Join a LUG (Lego User Group) and try to take advantage of a LUG bulk purchase. Don't know if/when track is available for LUG bulk though, nor what the price per track will be. But that, I have heard, from friends in LUGs as one of the best ways to get bulk track for more reasonable then ebay/Bricklink.
  11. ALCO

    2018 Lego Trains

    So then in 2026 we can expect another holiday train? Cool. As stated previously (can't find it in 32 pages of comments) a 3-in-1 would be a great idea, with maybe a non-train model being one of the builds to extend interest beyond our nich. Actually if they did a 3-in-1 and all three models were wagons then if folks wanted longer trains (like @pirzyk) then they would have to get many copies. They would just have to make them cool enough. Maybe covered hopper, tank car (both might use a lot of slopes) and a steel? Car? Can't think of what it might be called but looks like a gondola with a curved lid. Anyway, I'm happy we are getting new trains this year and hope for a Creator Expert (would LOVE a Hogwarts Express) in the near future as well. Those mining sets look cool. OH!!! MAYBE they will do a 3-in-1 that will help tie the mining sets into the trains with one build a loading platform, another build being a wagon for the mined ore/gold and another build being an excavator/dump truck with a helicopter! (Only because Lego obviously cannot produce enough helicopters)
  12. ALCO

    2018 Lego Trains

    I wonder if the new Duplo trains will have features that are enabled using NFC technology in those panels between the rails... For example from the photos maybe Stop, Lights, Horn.... Etc. Interesting!
  13. ALCO

    Switch Modification

    Wow! Thank you @ust60!! This is incredible! Thank you so much!
  14. ALCO

    Switch Modification

    @ust60 the switches of your cross-over in the inner loop: the handles are on the other side of the track. How did you move the handles to the straight side of the track?
  15. ALCO

    Switch Modification

    No, they were definitely modified TLG switches. Any tips you can share? Thank you for the resource! I will check it out. Not sure if he will share his methods since I am not interested in purchasing, but learning. I'll reach out and see!