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  1. ALCO

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    @ShaydDeGrai I agree with you. I think PU could be really cool with the right application. But for running a train around a simple loop of track, the capability is way over-kill. I am looking forward to experimenting with its advanced features but without an application its difficult to conjure a use for it.
  2. Then the system needs to be easy to incorporate. I'm all PF since I came out of the Dark Age long after 9v passed. The equipment to power the track, pick up power from the track, charge on-board batteries including circuitry to protect from over charging and over dis-charging and controlling the train should be plug-and-play. I know all this can be done, there are people who have done it but if the "Holy Grail" of 9v track is charging up on-board batteries then it needs to be easy for someone who is not an electrician.
  3. ALCO

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    How are you going to sync the motors? The size of the driver wheels will cause the motor in the tender to have to run faster to keep up.
  4. ALCO

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    Thats a really nice looking Hudson! I'm assuming the motor in the engine is powering the lead or trailing trucks? It looks like most of the engine's weight will be on the drivers so whatever wheels you are using will not add much to tractive effort.
  5. ALCO

    Anyone know a good stand-in part...

    You can add those as custom parts to I'm not in a place right now to link to everything you need as I am traveling but can try to get to that later this week if someone else does not beat me to it.
  6. @legotownlinz I agree with you. I would also love to see a wifi controller using 5Ghz as this band will have less interference and the range should be adequate for shows.
  7. ALCO

    Totally new to this

    Welcome Matteo! 6wide would be the least cost but you would have to sacrifice detail. You could easily get started with 6wide by purchasing some of the train sets. 8wide can be much more detailed but also a lot more expensive. As for inspiration for Italian trains look at the trains running through your town or the nearest town with rail access. As for techniques there is a wealth of information here in this forum. Or you can find 3rd party instructions just to see how the builder did whatever it is you are trying to emulate. Hope that helps!
  8. @legoman666 I tried this mod but the axle was still rubbing the two tabs in the middle. I made sure the cross-axle parts were all the way in the 3x6 bearing element and seated as indicated in your OP. Any thoughts?
  9. I can't imagine what all is involved it determining what needs to be tweaked. There are so many studs and combinations of building on and under the tracks that it must take ages to review!
  10. Wow! This is really great! I have been meaning to find a solution to bearings in the wheel holders but now you have saved me a ton of time! Thank you!
  11. Just by looking at the picture I would think you might have to modify the connectors on the straight track to make that work. Could look good as part of a transition to an abandoned or dis-used line. I definitely thought of that when I saw the photos, balasted on MILS of course.
  12. ALCO

    Ball bearings!

    @Ludo I have also noticed that some axles fit in the bearings and some don't. All the axles I got from @coaster fit great and I do recall seeing somewhere maybe even in this same topic that older axles...I believe from the 9v era don't fit. But all the RC axles do.
  13. ALCO

    Train ramp?

    From everything I have read, it seems the suggested grade is a plate per length of straight track. Depending on your trains, some running smaller trains with more powerful locomotives, you could probably get away with two plates. I have never built an incline so I don't know from personal experience, this is just what I have read on here.