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  1. Uncharted Island Train

    Aye aye @M_slug357 here here! Back story on the uncharted island's steam powered rail system please!
  2. Just an idea for switches

    It certainly would be great to have some wye's available!
  3. Power Functions Locomotives

    BMR box cars roll easy with ball bearings! I have to but blocks on my track to keep mine from rolling off the table!
  4. L Motor Freezes

    Not sure on the cause, but I've got a Big Boy articulated steam engine with 2 XL motors using the same gearing as the Emerald Night. I would probably start with trouble shooting one of the trucks first. Make sure all the wheels and gears run smoothly with hand power. Then do the same with the other. Once you are sure everything is turning smoothly, add one motor, then the other. I had to make sure all the axles were secured near the gears because they would lift off the gears. Also more of an XL motor issue because they have more torque. Another thing to check is the passage of the axle through the king-pin because that can cause a lot of friction too. In my Big Boy I use 4x4 turntables with the axle hole in the middle so all the turning and lateral forces act on the studs and the turntable and not the drive axle. I have heard of people having issues with using the drive axle as the king pin so that is why I chose the turntables. Based on what I have read about electrical loads and the receivers, I think (my opinion) you should be fine with a V1 receiver since you are using L motors. They don't draw enough current through the receiver to warrant a V2. But that is my understanding of what I have read. Everyone's application is different. Hope that helps!
  5. Whoa! Looks good @pirzyk! Can't wait to see that in person!
  6. A contest among lego train fans in China

    Yeah, I think you are right. I should have kept looking at Metra locomotives a little longer. Agreed, the Go Train above looks more like this one.
  7. A contest among lego train fans in China

    That Go Train looks very much like an EMD f40phm like this one:
  8. 2017 Lego Trains

    Oh I like it! If I don't get one for Christmas, I will definitely buy one! I'm already planning my layout with this in mind!
  9. LEGO Seasonal 2017

    Cool! I'd but it!
  10. Great! 1. List the requirements you have (i.e. Big Ben's wheels, etc. Any thing else?) 2. Find as many photos as possible of the first one you want to build 3. Study those photos and start scaling those down to a grid of plates per @ColletArrow's recommendation. That should help you get started.
  11. That is a pretty vague request there sir. We cannot do it for you, but can offer advice when you get stuck...If you can explain how you are stuck. Probably the best place to start is to pick out a prototype you would like to build, then find as many photos of it you can. That will help guide you on the adventure of building a MOC from a real thing.
  12. Wow! What a project! I'm not quite sure I followed you entirely, your depth of detail is quite overwhelming. Very interesting ideas though. I recently inherited an almost complete advanced MindStorms set that is 20± years old. Missing the software CD so I'm not sure how to get into all that... Thanks for sharing this incredible project and resource!
  13. Track Ballast - Ideas needed

    There are some great resources out there for this question. Just about every LUG has their own standard for track ballast. While I am not a part of any LUG...yet. I think the track ballast by PennLUG is some of the best I have encountered. It is both realistic, and seems quite sturdy. Very rich in detail. Depending on the scope of your project you might want to check out their layouts. I know you can find them on Flickr... Unfortunately I do not have a link right off hand. They use a standard close to the MILS discussed on Also, Brick Model Railroader will probably have good resources on this too.
  14. So THAT is where it went!!! Wow! Thank you!! I was so mad when I saw they redesigned the site and I looked all over but could not find the private MOC's I had uploaded. This is great!
  15. I had a good method of doing this before was redone. You used to be able to upload LDD files and alter the colors and parts and save them as private MOC's. Now they have done away with all of that do I have to find a new method. I have not had the chance to try yet, so that is a good idea.