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  1. @Goldenmasamune is there a particular brand you recommend or a store where these might be found? Do you know what material the ones you recommend are made of?
  2. ALCO

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    I agree, the new trucks look a lot better.
  3. ALCO

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    This looks really good! I too would like to do something like this. But for me it's one of those distant future projects. I'm excited to see what happens with this. I wonder about your compartments though, I recognize that are not minifig scale but to me they still seem small...
  4. ALCO

    Odd experience with SBrick and PFx brick

    Yes, 2.4GHz has greater range and can go through walls better, but in the show environment, how many cinder block walls will one need their Wi-Fi signal to pass through? Also, it's more congested. 5GHz has less congestion and for a show, if using an access point (router) centrally located in the layout, range should not be an issue. Thanks! I will check that out. Not that I need any of this equipment but reading this conversation made me think of Wi-Fi as a possible solution to the Bluetooth connectivity issues in the OP.
  5. ALCO

    Odd experience with SBrick and PFx brick

    Just curious, has anyone developed an "sbrick", "pfxbrick" or the like equivalent that uses Wi-Fi 5ghz? Seems like this frequency will have much less interference and greater range at least adequate for shows. Could still be controlled with an app and the signal could be either direct from the controlling device or from an AP for running multiple trains. I don't know enough about the hardware required or if it would be feasible. But just a thought.
  6. Sometimes I find going back to the beginning helpful. I guess in this case back to the design that worked. I have this train too...while I have not motorized it yet, I have had my other trains push it around with no problems as long as the locking mechanism is up so the front truck can swivel.
  7. ALCO

    Replacement Wheels

    Use ball bearings in technic bricks/parts! How about replacement for 2920 as well?
  8. ALCO

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    I was thinking the same thing and it looks like it could be. That would mean the driving wheels could be bogie and since the front wheels are a bogie that will really help the locomotive corner the R40's especially considering all the added friction from the new wheels sets. Just wondering what the likelihood of removing the small tab on the inside of the bearing element to make way for a metal axle and sticking a ball-bearing in the wider part of the holder right next to the wheel....using the old wheels on the metal axle that is...
  9. ALCO

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I sure hope some Ambassadors are reading this! Looking at the image linked to in this thread, it look like they are the new wheels on the wagons.... although, it also looks like they may have the actual wheel in red...or that is a red small train wheel as used in the Winter Village Holiday Train and a 2L axle can be used with the new bearing element. Look closely at the front wheel of the pilot truck. I guess that is a twist to the new element, an axle and standard train wheel can be used as well.
  10. ALCO

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    Looks like the new wheel sets on the wagons.... Ugh oh.
  11. ALCO

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I think this is the case. They don't care. Or they have realized that it's cheaper for them to make all plastic parts and the metal axles are more expensive to make. Also, we have a cheaper source for axles in BrickTracks. In addition, we have found ball bearings so they may have a mind to reinforce the toy element of their sets with these new parts. I'd like to hear what the LUG ambassadors have to report what TLG has said about these parts. Let's hope they quickly realized these are a dud and keep producing the wheels and axles used in the City trains, Winter Village Holiday Train and the Hogwarts Express. Any LUG ambassadors out there that can chime in on these new train wheels?
  12. ALCO

    [MOD / MOC] The Zoo Train (updated)

    My concern with this design is that you will find the battery to be a counter weight and lift the front truck/drive wheels off the track. The WV holiday train is so short the enough weight is on the front to provide enough traction for such a short train. I made one of mine 4 studs longer and had to put a 2x6x2 boat weight in the boiler above the motor and still it has a hard time with a consist longer than 3 cars...easy wheel spin because there is still not enough weight over the drive wheels. You might want to try making it appear the engine and tender are connected, but have the motor under the tender and the battery above it. This will ensure you have plenty of traction.
  13. ALCO

    Side rod/ valve gear advice.

    Just want to add a note here to the side-rod design in the MOD for the WV holiday train: the parts I had on hand were the friction pins but if the half-lever was positioned correctly between the friction ridges, it would function properly, and the friction ridges would actually keep the lever in the correct position so long as a "Hand of God" did not pick the locomotive up and squeeze the levers onto the friction ridges. Anyway the frictionless parts @zephyr1934 recommends would work great as long as the bush on the end of the axle is not too tight. Concerning the motor: I have a 4-4-0 American where the standard train motor is powering the drive wheels. A 7 long half lever is just the right size for the side rods but the wheels might make your engine a little too long for your fancy. One of the fun parts of this process is experimenting. This will also make your engine quite quick and a several laden cars will slow it down quite nicely. I also like the locomotive doing the work and the batteries in the tender. You can check my Flickr for photos and I think even a video of the 4-4-0 running with rods and all. PF motor is driving the large driver wheels. The rods technique is the same as the WV holiday train.
  14. ALCO

    Pneumatic Switch

    Here is a video of the Position Indicator working. (Click image for video) This video is the bare-bones mechanicals at work. Note: the white 1x2 brick is needed to prevent the indicator from turning too far same with the red 2x4 brick. But you can use whatever bricks or combination of plates to achieve the same function. There are more photos of how this works on my flickr.
  15. ALCO

    Switching Puzzle

    Wow! This looks great! I'm curious though, the compressor will run your decoupling set up and the switches? What is the PSI required to operate the switch? Have you been able to figure out the switch issue you mentioned in the Pneumatic Switches thread?