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  1. I guess I was lucky then. I got my order in on the Temple from the Norwegian shop. Really looking forward to getting it
  2. HeadBrick

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I like that they have revived the classic burger sticker. A nice little homage
  3. HeadBrick

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    I want that set so bad. But I guess i have to wait for the pieces to come up on bricklink
  4. HeadBrick

    Review: 70818 Double-Decker Couch

    This was one of my favorite sets of the whole LEGO movie series. I bought two of them just to expand the couch. Now it works as a display of some of my minifigures.
  5. HeadBrick

    10255 Assembly Square

    I really love this. It's just so good. Though I'm worried over what the price in Norwegian Kroner will be. It's always been a bit more expensive here. I really like the building to the right. I think I'm gonna try to build my own version of it.
  6. HeadBrick

    Best Adventurers subtheme

    If Johnny gets a more important role in the movie I would think so.
  7. HeadBrick

    Best Adventurers subtheme

    I think one problem was that it had the fewest sets of the lot. And in my personal opinion it's my second favorite series. The egypt one is just so much more iconic for me.
  8. HeadBrick

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    This is probably the best moc I have ever seen. I would have accepted if it was just the exterior, but the fact that it has a detailed interior too blows my mind. Amazing work
  9. HeadBrick

    10185 Green Grocer MOC/MOD

    Great work. It really gets a brittish feel with those masonry bricks
  10. HeadBrick

    [O - H05] Awsomnium export

    Thanks guys. I was aiming for a sensible industrial type of ship. I'm pretty new on spaceship building so i felt making something sensible was a good place to start.
  11. HeadBrick

    [O - H05] Awsomnium export

    ---Begin transmission--- This is Pilot Ace Head, reporting from Awsomnium station #29, H05-Livgorn. The mining operation seems to be going well. With multiple wells popping up all over the place. And when the awesomnium piles up, the need to get it back to Farmolis comes. And that's where I come in. The guys on top has entrusted me the OT-NVG Freighter to bring back the stuff. In order to save cost, Octan made the ship from existing consumer level tech and parts. Which honestly doesn't make the ship particularly fast. But with large tanks of precious awesomnium in the back I can forgive the lack of speed. Well breaks over. I need to get this back to Farmolis. And into a better ship. Ace out ---End transmission--- The moon is really bright here on Livgron. Hope the other guys have set up stations on open areas like they did here. Or I'm gonna have a hard time landing this thing. And here are some shots of the ship itself.
  12. HeadBrick

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Are you talking about my picture? Because I'm pretty sure it's 100x100px But something could have happened on the site I'm hosting the pic. I'll post it again to see if it's better now.
  13. HeadBrick

    [O - H06] Rise of a rookie

    That's an awesome build, I love the simplicity of it.
  14. HeadBrick

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    100x100 pic Greetings. The name is Ace, Ace Head. And I'm here to announce my employment to the Octan corporation. As employee #43893 I will work as an Octan Pilot Some of you might remember me for driving the Octan sponsored speeder in the galactic rally, so it was no surprise the good people of Octan wanted me to pilot their starships for their new and exiting business venture. And I must say they gave me quite the salary for the job. So why not go down to your nearest Octan building yourself? And see what you can do for them for the future. Hail Buisniess ThismessagewaspaiddbytheOctancorporation
  15. HeadBrick

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    You hit the nail on the head in the authenticity department. When I first looked at this I thought you had built a recreation of piazza navona in Rome. Excellent job on this