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Found 6 results

  1. Location: H05. Date: 27 Maian 3815. So this is our main xenobiology lab here on Livgorn. Wow, you managed to get all this set up already? We’ve only been in Andromeda for a couple of weeks! Yes, well, Octan’s science department is known for its efficiency. Here, I’ll introduce you to Dr Johnson. Good morning Dr Johnson, this is Big Sal. He’s a pilot who’s considering a career switch to science. Oh, nice to meet you! You too! Dr, would you mind giving Sal a brief tour of the lab? I have some other business to attend to quickly. Sure, no problem! So you're a pilot, huh? Yeah, but I had an accident a few weeks back – gate anomaly, y’know? Ouch… Yup. I was lucky to only lose an arm really, but there was a lot of nerve damage so they only managed to give me this crude thing as a replacement. I’m still a bit clumsy with it. Too clumsy for piloting? Yeah, though to be honest I’ve been thinking of getting into a less dangerous career for while. The accident was kinda the last straw I guess. Ooh, what are these? Legendary explorer Wick Nole brought them in from the swamps a few days ago. They seem to be surprisingly intelligent, though mostly harmless. Hey, Eddie, watch where you’re going with that- What? Arrgh! Oh no! I’m so sorry! It’s this damn robot arm! Hey, don’t worry about it. Accidents happen. What’s that purple stuff? Will drinking it hurt the frogs? It’s awesomnium serum. We don’t really know much about it yet, but what’s the worst that could happen? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Thanks for reading! This is based on my build from all the way back in Week 2. C&C welcome!
  2. Garmadon

    [O - H05] Underwater, or Not?

    Location: H05, Livgorn Tags: Exploration, Land/Water Vehicle Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from Livgorn... Oh boy! It will be a while until I can talk about that! So much for Forring being any good! Ha! Ginormous ducks, yikes! Yes, yes, another vacation is quite in order... and thankfully, since Dr. Long is no longer first branch executive and good old Jacques is there instead, vacations aren't that hard to come by, haha! Hey, look at this, another Pombe animal plant! Except this one provides fast food, yum! But I shall finish my ice cream here first. Seriously though, this is a very nice planet, but I am having trouble figuring out if I am underwater or flying... and I forgot to check my Domination for Dummies before I landed to find out. Oh well. Remind me to ask Pombe if animal trees can grow underwater or not. But where are my legs? Ah ha, there you are! Get back over here! Now this is a bit better than that horrid planet last week, ha! Here we go! My weekly build - and I'm really not sure if it's underwater or not! It wasn't originally meant to be, but the plants, landscape, mech, and photography turned out such that I'm don't know myself! What do you think of it all? Comments and constructive criticism are welcome as always!
  3. HeadBrick

    [O - H05] Awsomnium export

    ---Begin transmission--- This is Pilot Ace Head, reporting from Awsomnium station #29, H05-Livgorn. The mining operation seems to be going well. With multiple wells popping up all over the place. And when the awesomnium piles up, the need to get it back to Farmolis comes. And that's where I come in. The guys on top has entrusted me the OT-NVG Freighter to bring back the stuff. In order to save cost, Octan made the ship from existing consumer level tech and parts. Which honestly doesn't make the ship particularly fast. But with large tanks of precious awesomnium in the back I can forgive the lack of speed. Well breaks over. I need to get this back to Farmolis. And into a better ship. Ace out ---End transmission--- The moon is really bright here on Livgron. Hope the other guys have set up stations on open areas like they did here. Or I'm gonna have a hard time landing this thing. And here are some shots of the ship itself.
  4. JesseCarley

    [O - H05] Livgorn: First Contact

    H05 - Livgorn: First Contact by Jesse Carley, on Flickr Trekking through the Livgorn jungle to investigate a potential water source, Octan Explorer Hernan Alvaro is surprised to come face to face with a native, clutching a crude trident and smelling strongly like a poorly tended aquarium. Remembering his training, he quickly reaches for an Octan Corporation pamphlet. Inside, the native will find all sorts of useful information, including how best to serve the new rulers of their planet, the benevolent Octan Corporation. H05 - Livgorn:First Contact by Jesse Carley, on Flickr
  5. Location: Livgorn Tags: Building ***START TRANSMISSION to AXLE RESEARCH SHIP*** On the directions of Jebediah O'Reilly I put up a mining station a little up north from the blown up station of the grays. The station is being finished as we speak. FE8-5E is applying the last plating to the roof. I have equipped the station with all kinds of tools to collect air, ground and flora samples. So this station will not only provide huge amounts of Awsomnium, but will also be of great value to Dr. Long and the other scientists on the Axle. At least I hope. Big Z out. ***END TRANSMISSION to AXLE RESEARCH SHIP***
  6. "Log date 316, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the surface of planet H05, or Livgorn. My Sc106 probe drone and I successfully landed at 1200 hours Farmolis time... which translates to roughly mid-morning here, although the days are faster. Sc106 and I are scouting the immediate vicinity of my landing point for signs of hostile life and to collect samples. Supposedly there are deposits of Awesomnium beneath the ground not too far from here. I will look into this. First observation: This place reeks of urine. Likely this is due to abnormally high concentrations of urea in the atmosphere. I suspect this has to do with the wildlife. To confirm my suspicions, I have tasked Sc106 with the collection of multiple samples of the native "Flora" and "Fauna." The air is breathable. I imagine that means these "xeno-plants" are conventionally photosynthetic. I cannot wait to perform experiments on these xenobiological organisms in my lab... and get out of this fetid fen. Second observation: I should have worn a heavier jacket. It's positively frigid, and I'm currently within the tropical zone. Status update complete. Dr. Long, signing off." //Survey// //Specimen Acquisition// ~Dr. Long