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  1. Thanks! It was a work of love... Front and rear are the first thing you look in a car, it HAD to be the closer to the original I could do. The headlight is actually the first thing designed lol It's a little blocky but I didn't want to copy the Ecto1 and it was the only solution I found to have the angle and the space for the direction ( It actually had at least a half dozen versions of it...) thanks for the thumb up, I take it ;)
  2. cedtomcat

    What are some of your favorite themes/sets?

    That would be Creator 3 in 1 : I think it's the one with the real spirit of lego. You got one set but can build different models with it. Technic used to have this but is slowly losing it but creator keep it.
  3. Hello all! I'm not new to lego but new to share and make instructions to my MoCs. This is the last one : a Chevrolet Belair 57, my first MoC at the creator expert scale. She has direction and opening doors, hood and trunk. Here the rest of the pictures : https://bricksafe.com/pages/CedTomcat/chevrolet-57-belair Finally, you can find the instructions here : https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-134790/CedTomcat/chevrolet-1957-belair/#details Thanks for your comments!
  4. That's really good! Must be dificult doing a MoC of an existing set and to not do the same... I agree with the comment about the rear windows, it's the weak point of your MoC and are very visible...