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  1. Shib

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    @Nabii - thank you very much for continuing to engage with the community, your insight always makes for interesting reading. me and the wife have been discussing a big Harry Potter LEGO layout after the announcement so we’re definitely looking forward to this!
  2. Got to say a massive thanks to @Nabii for the contributions to the thread, it's always good to hear the insider view, even when it's restricted by company policy. I think the lesson of Nexo Knights for AFOLs is to look beyond the full set. I'm not a fan of Nexo Knights in general but I love fantasy based castle stuff, so for me the villain based sets scratch that itch, along with the dragons from Ninjago and the Elves theme in general. i know not everyone is comfortable MOCing but with regards to classic castle type sets I think that it's better to create your own solutions. The CMFs even make adding relevant minifigures incredibly easy. While I'll always look at the NK goodies sets as Sci-Fi first and foremost, there is at least enough content being released by LEGO in general to allow the castle theme fans to keep themselves going if they are prepared to do just a little leg work.
  3. Seeing as Dimensions has a story pack (as in the full movie split across several levels) I think another game is massively unlikely. Book figs could happen though, only ones I remember for The LEGO Movie were generic robot cop figs but it's still a possibility.
  4. Remember Toy Master are more like franchises than an actual chain, the one i usually visit is still going by rrp
  5. Shib

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Almost certainly more like the left - goblins in fairy tale fantasy settings are typically grotesque (unless disguised) so they are likely to use the more architypal design standards
  6. Jason Todd wasn't the first Red Hood + this film hardly looks like it'll be very true to DC canon so anything is possible.
  7. I was assuming from the Bat-Merch label that it was something like a t-shirt cannon, doesn't look much like one though so you mighht be right.
  8. To me I just don't see DC signing off on a Robin Design that is obviously based on Carrie Kelley but representing Dick Grayson - there would be too much nerd rage backlash. However, just because CK's Robin is in the film doesn't mean that DG's isn't. As I said this isn't likely to take much canon story from the comics so I'm predicting several different Robins to feature. Given the nature of the DC universe characters like CK's Robin could even just be Easter eggs throughout the film and the appearance on that banner could just be to do with WB trying to use those Easter eggs for marketing. Both 60s looking Batgirl and CK could be small roles and therefore perfect CMF fodder.
  9. That Robin is almost certainly not Dick Grayson, I've heard nothing about the story but from that image I'd put money on Carrie Kelley being in the film somewhere. Given what we've seen so far and the style of The LEGO Movie I really doubt that they are going to be focuses on DC canon story telling, it's just going to be comedy based on DC franchise so we could see any number of variants of heroes etc. I'd definitely like that CK Robin though. I agree that looks like the Series 16 Spy hairpiece, given the glasses connection I'd say it might have been developed with this fig in mind.
  10. Have any sources appart from j2g said anything about this? I know lots of people want Superhero CMF lines (myself included) but always assume it won't happen as often the minifigures are used to sell lacklustre sets. If it does turn out to be true I'll be happy regardless of who's included, just as long as it isn't 16-18 variants of Batman.
  11. Amen to that, I'd have really prefered a moulded head for genie, of course I'll still get him but he definitely could have been better.
  12. Just switch the head for one of the current generic Nexo Knight villains ;-)
  13. I think the Friends penguin mould could probably be reused for a mini figure, it's not madly out of scale and the scaling of animals is often a bit off anyway (I assume as the result of minifigure's dimensions and studs making it all it's own scale) so a new penguin with minifigure friendly printing (non anime eyes) would be great, but wouldn't feel as much of a new animal to me.
  14. Shib

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    While I think the best approach is to assume a straight up redo (to avoid disappointment) I do think that that part in new colours would be amazing for a Scarecrow. Equally they might decide to do a hooded version - wouldn't be as good in my opinion but would be an easy way to do an Arkham Video Game type version (with gas mask printed on the face.)
  15. Depends on age, I'm not that old but probably because near where i live there was a quite well known college for 'nannys' who were known for wearing a very old fashioned type of uniform...but admittedly most people in the UK wouldn't think of a baby sitter service.