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  1. This is beautiful. I may consider using this in a future build
  2. wow really love how all the functions work.
  3. That is a beautiful car. On first look its almost like a cross between a mclaren and the aventador.
  4. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Wow such a big change in design. out of curiosity why did you move the engine to the front?
  5. wow that is a beautiful build
  6. the frame looks awesome. I can imagine a body similar to the rugged supercar on this.
  7. wow. loving how well it moves.
  8. I've noticed that i'm missing a bunch of parts like Conn bush 2m + Cross Axle and Beam i-Frame 3x5 Also some normal parts like 9m Beam is only available in one color. Could it be that i have a bad installation?
  9. beautiful chassis It looks like it could be the tumbler
  10. Custom Jet Fighter (Studded)

    The overall look seems more like a F-18
  11. Do really like the look and how low it is. It would be nice if they made the current panels in this color. This has inspired me to try build something similar
  12. awesome. Wish my daughter was old enough to enjoy this.
  13. with no body yet it looks beautiful
  14. [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    Wow Incredible. I wish one day to build like this.