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  1. Do really like the look and how low it is. It would be nice if they made the current panels in this color. This has inspired me to try build something similar
  2. awesome. Wish my daughter was old enough to enjoy this.
  3. with no body yet it looks beautiful
  4. [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    Wow Incredible. I wish one day to build like this.
  5. [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    was able to do a render of the frame without the panels to show the construction along with a exploded view of how things come together
  6. [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    Thanks. I wish i can do more with the b pillar since that is also where the roof panels would sit.
  7. Now that i have time i'm going to make ones of these. Maybe i'll make the flying ant
  8. [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    Thanks! my original goal was to make something that i think the original 42056 should've been. Actually showing how the car is put together and easy to take apart. The pictures are not my favorite as they are taken with my phone. I have to find my dslr and take much better pictures with an actual white background and better lighting.
  9. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    I wouldn't want to be the guy that maintains that engine
  10. [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    So I believe this is the final version of this build. I attempted to fix the ground clearance for the front of the car. The front axle was rebuilt using the shock configuration @Didumos69 created for the ultimate 42056. Also did some weight reduction. Was able to knock off almost 70 parts, most of it from the front end. It definitely helped as i was able to improve the ground clearance from 0 to almost 1/2 a stud LOL. now it can roll on the floor without scrapping the front. Part of the weight reduction i have also improved the windshield connection. Before it was weak and wasn't very fluid. Its now better integrated into the passenger body and allows me to remove the steering column with out affecting the windshield. I realized i don't have any video equipment other than my phone so i will just provide some clearer pictures. The rear spoiler Is manually operated Close up of the rebuilt windshield connection With the rear engine cover removed With all major panels removed and the front end removed. The frame with all the panels removed. I have to say this was a very enjoyable build as it being my first completed build ever. After spending almost a year on it i have grown attached and don't know if i'm willing to take it apart. I have event though of rebuilding the frame from module to a stronger/lighter frame or adding Power functions.
  11. Wow with that new front it now looks like a ramp you can just plow through opponents. It also looks small/ simple enough to even be a actual technic set kids would enjoy
  12. [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    Thanks for the info. I'm actually using 2 shocks per wheel in this as you can see in the picture below. Other than the different color springs I can only say the most likely issue is the configuration. There's a over abundance in parts as I have it set to easily take apart. Something I would show in a video when I get a chance. I suspect if I built just a solid chassis it would be better? As I have it set to be modular I may try and build a new front axle that has a torsion bar as well
  13. [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    So I am basically done albeit some minor adjustments to the shaping. It's been a tiring frustrating ordeal but fun at the same time. There's a major issue with the front and I believe its due to weight/shock strength. Don't know if I'm ever going to solve in this configuration. Without the hood there was still some spring but once that went on splat, flat on the ground. The rear thou doesn't have the issues thou. The main difference is that I am using 4 red springs in the rear and 2 red/2yellow in the front. I don't believe the red and yellow has any difference in spring strength so it most likely has to do with the placement. The hood connections could also be better but I can't seem to figure out how to improve it while keeping its shape. While I fret over theses details, Here some photos for you to enjoy until I get to settling down and learn how to make a quick video. Any suggestions on how to fix the front suspension would be great. The "easiest" fix would be to just rebuild the entire underbody as one chassis instead of modular