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  1. If i already have most of the parts and just want to learn from your techniques how will i be able to show proof? I learned some of the subframe structure from your previews but want to learn how the body panels connect as i'm learning techniques to apply to a car i'm trying to build.
  2. Oh Wow that is incredible. I've been wondering what happened to the modular build you were working on in sept
  3. This is a beautiful B model. Definitely wish Lego would put something out like this for these sets.
  4. i went over the updated instructions and there are still one some areas that is hard to see. I'm still now sure how the seats fit in as where i assume where it fits is occupied by 2 more pieces, that i wasn't sure where they fit either, are currently located. Do you mind if i make some edits to the instructions and send it over to you via pm? might take a bit of time but may help?
  5. you can export the studio io instructions as a pdf so you just have one file. Thats what i did.
  6. I'm just making it digitally in LDD as haven't had time to actually sit down and do a physical build. Quicker and easier to learn lol
  7. Car looks great. I've been building it digitally and noticed, as mentioned by lvdh, there are some issues with the instructions. Just to give you a idea i'm currently on around step 192 -194 and had to go forward a few steps to see how the pieces connect together. also the part on 192 would have been crazy to put in with the some parts already put in place. Would have had to tear apart the rear assembly to fit it in. I'm guessing you used to build the instructions?
  8. Wont blame you for not making instructions or anyone else not making instructions. Its very despicable what they do.
  9. I believe i have and can share what i have. I'm sure i made mistakes somewhere.
  10. Do you have a close up view of where the band is for the gear selector? curious how it is done as i'm building it LDD
  11. actually built this with LDD and it was fun. definitely saving up to get the actual set. Going to get the new gear elements first thou and play around with that.
  12. Now definitely want to get at least one of this. I'm curious how big it is in comparison to 42056. I have the same front suspension issues as this with some of my builds that are a bit larger than the porsche and still wondering how to fix it.
  13. I tried it last night and it does look like its too much. Gonna have to wonder how to make it half a stud. So far this is what i have. everything in red so far is how i think i can implement the motor function for the spoiler while making those links half a stud