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  1. Following this. It's looking really good.
  2. Kidneys are overrated. This looks awesome.
  3. I guess that means it's scrapped? Too bad...I was liking where it was going!
  4. Hey Michael.....any further progress on this?
  5. Thxs for the reply. Yes, if you look a bit later in the thread you can see what I went ahead and bought several displays. They work great. Even stackable with fairly heavy models inside.
  6. Great. Thanks. Admittedly I need to thoroughly look through everything before any specific questions. I want to try and do everything with the least bit of assistance, makes it more fun. As far as the missing pieces, I admittedly am not up to speed on LDD. It is somewhat dated and so I haven't used it in years. But I am running version 4.3 and when I open the file it says there are 196 pieces missing and 8 have been removed due to incorrect placement. So that is the reason behind all that....
  7. Thxs again @Lipko for the .lxf file. I have not yet had time to fully look at the file, but a cursory review shows that it is missing nearly 200 pieces and is typical LDD presentation, that is, very piecemeal. I don't state that as a problem, rather, that will add to the challenge and fun of reverse engineering the build! As I look into the feasibility of doing so, I notice there are additional pics on the original WIP/contest submission of the project. This one here: Can you recall how similar/dissimilar the photos in this thread are to the actual finished product? Obviously, I have done a cursory review of the two, but there are too few to really determine their similarity. If they are COMPLETELY different build then I will not bother with further study, but if they are fairly similar then I will keep them in mind as I recreate this build. Thanks in advance!
  8. DItto. Great changes. Although my updated version is nearly done, and I probably won't be changing much more on it, the improvements to the front rotor cover are tempting. Admittedly I thought there would be more interest/posts about updating this model. This is the first official Lego set in years that I actually bought and enjoyed building. Lots of tinkering to be done. I will hopefully get around to posting my modifications later this week.
  9. Hey there @Aerolight try not to take things too hard. This really is a great group but admittedly it is somewhat esoteric IMO. Which IS FINE; I say that not as a complaint but as merely an observation. The audience here is not into wow or shock factors, are highly purist, and very specialized, talented builders. As such, at times, the audience may come across as stuffy and perhaps not as light-hearted as you wanted. But, on the plus side, on the whole, the group is very knowledgeable, technical, and experienced. They, IMO, are some of the best builders in the world. However, if you are more into the hobby just to have a good time, enjoy levity, etc. then yes, perhaps your build is best to be posted somewhere else. And that is just fine! I know personally I don't take myself too seriously when I build, and therefore don't post anything on here unless it is more of a serious build. For my light-hearted stuff, or perhaps not all that specialized, I may post on FB or something, but not here, which again, IMO, is just fine. But that all varies, as you can see, with plenty positive comments above. Just a friendly reminder to know your audience. FB, YT, and the like will certainly approach your build with much more levity - but will rarely if ever give constructive FB. Destructive perhaps, but not constructive. I think this forum (other EB forums are different) is more serious, great for technically complex builds where the focus is on building/learning as opposed to attention-seeking, which, once more, is FINE IMO. One other observation I have noticed in the past few years (just my personal opinion) is that WIP topics get more attention than completed projects a lot of the time. Which is GREAT I think. But it is equally important for folks to understand that. Cheers and hope you can find a good outlet to post your creative builds.
  10. I also have to step in and congratulate the build. Smaller scale, but the planning and execution are terrific. Great functions and looks in an appropriately sized package. Well done.
  11. So, I am nearly finished with all my modifications of the set. I made @efferman's V.1 version, but they added my own twist. I did not like how slow, even in the high gear, the rotor spin was, not to mention how the single motor seemed to struggle with the set being in the high gear. I also did not like how the motor stuck out of the fuselage of the set. IMO, tacky. So, I removed the high/low gears in the drive train, and replaced with 2L PF motors. Replaced dumb BB with BuWizz. Other gears/functions are the preserved. Adjusted the drivetrain so that the rotors are approx. 2x as fast as the original set. Final drive train is something like 1:1.2 (approximation) for the main rotor. And b/c the motors are where the old H/L gears were, there is no motor sticking out of the fuselage. This allowed me to complete the opening where the motor used to be, and provide more support for the tail, making it MUCH more firmer. Still have alot of room there, even enough for an M motor or perhaps a light pack or something. Not sure I will add something there though. Overall, I feel it is a huge improvement, especially with @efferman's V1 improvements. I leave out of town tonight, but when I am back in town I can submit some pics as well as a video showing it all. Quite fast.
  12. It is planned for August / September 2022 Eric, did I miss the release of this? Or is it still in the works?
  13. Oh this is very cool indeed. Almost a B model. Thxs for sharing...
  14. Keep us posted. I am curious how you will carry the collective out that far. Taking both power and collective out the length of the tail to the tail rotor will be a challenge....
  15. Very coool! Is this going to be implemented in the new bird you are working on?
  16. And your modifications to 42145??? How are they coming? j/k - in all seriousness, great build. Functions appear top notch. I assume we will be getting a video soon to see them in action?
  17. Great! Thanks for the response. Yes, I can try to finish things when I get around to it. But yes, I will be building this at some point, once I have completed the other projects I have in que....
  18. Thxs. It will be some time before I can get to it as well, but I really think I would like to try. It really is a phenomenal build. If I run into a snag or two I am sure folks here on the forum would be able to help out.
  19. I had thought about that too. I have never tried to reverse engineer something, I think it would be quite fun. However, I think the gearbox for the prop might be difficult without more details. The gearing up for the prop speed with a simple twist of the hand is quite remarkable.
  20. Sorry to be bumping this topic.....but I've been looking for instructions for this. I assume there are none....though @lipko has instructions for many other of his builds. Am I missing anything?
  21. While I wait for a shipment for my version of the Airbus helicopter I have decided to build this. Started the trek of gathering pieces now!
  22. @efferman that is incredible. Very nice. And I love that you colored the top. I will watch the progress of your large bird with anticipation, and likely will purchase one of these rotors. But I have to complete my version of the Airbus first. I am trying to incorporate your swashplate into it, along with some other changes I am making, but it will take a while as things in my own career and family have sped up.....
  23.'s the sound to me that is concerning. It definitely drops a few octaves. Also....the rotorhead is tilted forward, it drops even more. Indicating, at least to me...even further struggle. Anyone else notice this?