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  1. Never really been a fan of Ninjago(I like my old school Ninjas which sadly I never could afford as a kid :( ). However those head pieces look very interesting and useful.
  2. Tech Artist

    REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    Wish I could afford this. Looks like quite complex build which are the sets I enjoy building. I love all the little details and the instruction book looks awesome.
  3. If it isn't possible to do that I'd be disappointed. If it is possible, I wonder how it would look sticking 2 together?
  4. That wink better mean what I think it means. WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!
  5. They make great gifts. I got an extra Vet for my Mom and I ended up with a duplicate of the Butterflies Girl which I mailed to my Niece.
  6. Tech Artist

    CMF Series 18 guessing game!

    I'm holding out hope for this after seeing that concept art in the Series 18 thread. I know it's probably unlikely but is such a great idea. If not this series then probably Series 20. What a great marketing idea for Series 20!
  7. I don't know why they are keeping up the secrecy. Cat is out of the bag. Lego even admitted he wasn't secret anymore on their Facebook page. It is not even a great character to keep secret.
  8. Here is my full set: Would post direct images but since I'm on mobile I don't want to post what may be huge images directly. Picked up a couple duplicates in the process. They made nice gifts.
  9. With Series 17 out of the way, I can't wait for 18! I just really hope they don't do this lackluster secret Minifigure thing again.
  10. Yup. How I kept from mixing them up is if you feel those bags extra carefully you can run your finger along the kernels and feel the distinct bumps. I got Rocket Boy today from my local Lego store(only one I was missing from yesterday) and it felt very similar. I had to confirm with the tip of the rocket and the flag pole. I actually thought I'd feel the O that makes the face hole but I couldn't through that packaging. Edit: A tip for the nurse for those on the hunt today, the rabbit is going to be hard to feel for and you may confuse it for the phone. If you feel a small 1x1 piece that feels really weird almost like it's bent in a compact L shape(don't ask why I think it felt like that) or reminds you of a piece of the phone from 80s, that's the rabbit. Confirm with Vet's hair as it is distinctive. Feels almost like the shape the Corn Cob Guy's leaves make.
  11. Went out today on a whim thinking my area might have them and luckily found a box at Walmart in Gurnee,IL. Was able to get an entire set besides somehow Rocket Boy was missing but given he is the rarest out of the box it makes sense. Will be making my originally planned journey to my local Lego store tomorrow to pick him up. Shouldn't be hard to find since I'll be there at opening. Somehow I got a duplicate of the fairy because I didn't listen to my gut. I knew I had her but I wasn't sure. I had felt the flower the first time and then the second time I found her it was the wings but I after trying to find the first one again and somehow failing I decided to take the duplicate just to be sure. Oh well. I did also pickup a duplicate of the vet for my Mom. She is actually a nurse but this character looks almost like a modern nurse with the scrubs she is wearing.
  12. Tech Artist

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    I'm gonna figure out how to buy this. When I saw how tall it is my mouth dropped. I don't think I've dealt with any Lego sets that big before. Love all the details and how it can be separated into 3 sections. The minifigures are also interesting. Are they supposed to match the astronauts suits that were on the Apollo 11? Also I don't know if this was mentioned but I saw this on The Brick Fan's post about this. The piece count is an Easter egg. That 1,969 piece count is also the year 1969 and that is when the Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Such a cool little thing for Lego to do which makes this more special. It would be cool if Lego to send signed copies of this set to Neil and Buzz.
  13. I've decided I'm getting only 12 of the 16 figures. I'll be getting Professional Surfer, Gourmet Chef, 2x Veterinarian(one for my Mom since it reminds me of a modern nurse despite being a Veterinarian), Rocket Boy, Sausage Man, Roman Gladiator, Battle Dwarf, Retro Spaceman, 80s Dude, Circus Strong Man, Corn Cob Man, and Highwayman. I decided based on the expense of these that the other 4 aren't really worth the money. Edit: I hope Lego explains their reasoning behind the secrecy of Highwayman despite not being worth the secrecy.
  14. YOU ALL DOUBTED BRICK SUIT GUY. You will see. He will make his glorious appearance and it will be grand! On a serious note, I do rather like that concept art. If it was an actual usable brick as well I could see some interesting concepts come from that. Edit: Oh wow. The rest of those are amazing and it is interesting how almost exact Rocketman is to the current one. I'd welcome any of those ecpesially Ice Cream Man.