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  1. I found an awesome review on CADA jesko on youtube it has a very excellent review and error fixed IMO jesco is much more complicated than I though very worth to watching(English subtitle on) he also had a nice review(and fixed) on Lamborghini Centenario
  2. this crane is amazing! the chassis is functional in small size especially the angled of the boom is very real great moc
  3. wow its very good looking and the speed is very fast
  4. WOW! it looks really big even in the 49.5 tires I will build this beast in the future. thanks for sharing the huge crane
  5. thanks you, I put my whole heart in to this crane, I'm glad you like it the cabin was really hard to build, I tried numerous methods catching the curve thank you!
  6. sorry to repost the topic the instruction is finished and available on rebrickable if you have interesting, maybe take a visit sincerely
  7. you built a LTM11200 with 49.5 tires! I guess it was with 62.4 tires at the beginning looks like a beast! big and awesome I wish your kids have fun with it and play in caution
  8. I though it's a normal set as usual, but I changed my mind after watching your review, it has well design and the functions are good to play thanks your rewiew, Jim
  9. it's so cool and playble for kids nice moc!!
  10. thnaks! yes, the boom lift and extend works with string,I got the ideas from brickshelf and modified to my moc, but I thought the most difficult issue is putting motors and gear in 3 studs space. I had spent so much time to overcome the problem. you mention that variable counterweight positioning sounds awesome and challenged, i had no idea how does it work I can't wait for the final result
  11. thanks for your comment, yes, all problem are exist the 1st and 2nd are the same problem, but I think it's not serious it's all about center of gravity, in the real crane, the boom set up behind the turntable, so did my brick crane. when the boom is in the high angle, the counterweight can balance center of gravity (even with the light counterweight) on the other hand, low angle(under 70 degree) must with a heavier counterweight to balance center of gravity and unbalance center of gravity could resulting in the superstructure would't slew well in this case I had already keep some spaces to add weight in addition, the lego turntable 48452 was too small to handle the superstructure, the lego 24121 is too big to fit in 17 studs (I think we need the new turntable part) I didn't solve the problem though I had add rollers around the turntable already the 3rd problem is the chaissis problem, it driven by only 1 axle(just like u42009), to solve it is add more driven axle maybe I would build my chassis version in the future sincerely.
  12. thanks you!! thanks you!! thanks you!! thanks you!!
  13. thnaks, the video would be add later, it drive and steer like u42009 I though the counterweight size is ok, but you remind me of the idea that I can add two little counterweight on both side thanks! i wll add a video later thanks, I also like the boom, it has a better-looking and work well
  14. Hi, as a crane fans, i'm happy to introduce my lastest building GROVE GMK5250L in scale 1:20 it's a revise version to my last crane project more accurate appearance and gear functions are more effective the 6 panel boom max can reach around 140 cm after extendend, and the crane high is 165-170 cm The angle of rise can reach 82 degrees, just like the real crane the counterweight is datchable Thanks for viewing and appreciate any feedback! 07/08/2021 the video added 09/09/2021 the instruction is available on rebrickable