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  1. mitx2529

    Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane (49.5 wheel)

    cool!! its a nice 49.5 wheel Grove GMK6400!! good looking and functional
  2. mitx2529

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    the function of door open is amazing!! wow!! WOW!! I'm speechless
  3. @nerdsforprez thanks for your kind words, so I upload some render pictures thought it still need some tweaked the boom total max length could reach around 150~155cm Work in progress.... need a lot of works For your reference thanks and best regards
  4. I used nylon line (ex: fish line, a normal 0.5mm fish line can against 15kg weight), and it raises and lowers by gravity You can see the inside mechanics´╗┐ picture from brichshelf if you're interested
  5. there are four motor in the superstructure, both side had a M motor and a L motor the actuator and the boom both are powered by L motors (use a lot gears to increase torgue) there is no gear in the boom so that it could reach the max length around 150~155 CM as possible. unfortunately the crane was KIA by my little 3 yrs Godzilla. I have to repair and rebuild the moc. maybe I will share some pictures when it done.
  6. Thanks, crane is my favorite technic series The moc test and fail over ten times It's very challenging and fun
  7. I had the same idea, so I built my crane in 2019 base on Grove 5250L the boom I use 3->5->7 and I was happy with the result
  8. mitx2529

    [WIP] Telescoping boom excavator

    WOW. Tthis moc is awesome, two motors withe many function!!
  9. mitx2529

    stringless three-section boom

    I though nylon wire (fish line) work stably, 0.5 mm fish line can offer 16 kg i built my crane with fish line and it works well
  10. amazing!! I like the truck with tipper great work!!
  11. I lobe them!! very creative to play!! you let me want to buy the two sets and modify them
  12. Thansk for share, i will try to modify my crane.
  13. I like the boom , it's beautiful and funtional , can it retracted when it nearly horizontal
  14. mitx2529

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    i saw 1:8 911 RSR on moc-page i though it was much better than 42096
  15. mitx2529

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    it seems have no suspensions or steering only one function : six-cylinder boxer engine and beautiful apperance