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  1. JVMCPlays

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    I cannot wait for this set. Definitely buying this. The parts is 1 of the many reasons. This is arguably the best lego technic flagship set. Can't wait for more info about new pneumatic cylinders.
  2. JVMCPlays

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    Hello fellow unimogists. I would really appreciate if people could help me find: 3 sided tipping bed instructions or pictures (Thank you kumbbl!) a way to rc driving and steering in best way possible (Thank you kumbbl!) grit box and spreader instructions how to order black wheel rims and sprockets (Thank you me ) (thumbs down indicating this hasn't been helped with. I will edit them if they are helped with.) If anyone helped with any of these things I will be so happy Part 2: Today I did some research on how to fix the leaky pneumatic small cylinder used in the frame of the claw. I realized that i was one of the lucky few that got faulty ones. I did some research finding out that id have to call up Lego customer service to receive a new pneumatic cylinder. called up, was greeted by a 2 minute wait, a very enthusiastic gentleman who was helpful kind and generous and ended with a pneumatic service pack (every pneumatic part from the unimog) another extremely happy Lego customer service customer Ending note: Thank you all for reading and thanks in advance for helping! This is my first "official" post so expect this content from me in the future! Photos of my Unimog u400 coming soon