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  2. I think the dictionary needed to read that book must me invented first (...) Hint: check you link/image .
  3. PhyBuilder

    [MOC] Waiting for the train

    [horror] I wonder why his dog did't turn into bones as well, but I don't think we wanna know the answer [/horror] Nice MOC, lovely idea .
  4. Therefore your explanantion is shorter and thus better to understand .
  5. None of the posts seem to have completely answered his question, which is about the need for diffs in four wheel drive situations. JB is right, and the principle of two tires moving at different speeds due to difference in distance travelled in a curve, not only applies to right and left, but between front and rear as well. This is the most important reason. The front of a 4wd front steered car always has the greater radius, thus needs a little more speed on the wheels in comparison to the rear wheels. The front on a 4wd all wheel steered car travels the same distance as the rear axle, because the imaginary prolongued lines drawn from both the axles to the side of the car will meet in the middle of the car. This configuration is almost never seen in real life though: even on crawlers the rear axle often steers less degrees than on the front. A center diff will be needed either way, because wheels independently slip, brake, etc. The 9398 doesn't need a center diff because the axles are powered separately and can't interfer with eachother. This picture helps a little. Look a the front wheels, both of them driving on an imaginary circle which is greater (54 and 50) than the circle the inner rear wheel is driving on (48):
  6. PhyBuilder

    Where do Rare/HTF Parts come from?

    I'd opt for that too. On a rainy november evening, Uncle 1974 and his nephews are sitting around the fireplace, drinking a hot chocolate, and the story begins...
  7. I just discovered that the guy doesn't just build great models. He actually designed official models as a freelance project for TLG: things like the 8292 cherry Picker and even the 8674 Ferrari F1 in 1:8.
  8. Sorry for you guys, but the prices are including VAT and are the same as their currently available counterparts. I'm not talking about physical toyshops and the like, but about webshops. Look here And that isn't even the cheapest shop.
  9. This is interesting: a German webshop came up with prices for all of the 1H sets. Except for the tracked loader, which perhaps is a little too much of a bargain, I think the prices are realistic:
  10. Dude... You should open a museum. At least digitally. I would pay 2$ for a ticket to enjoy rarities like these.
  11. Thanks for the info about the source of the micromotors. It makes sense to have much of them especially in your kind of mocs, where motorized moveable parts are uncommon because of the space needed. Good to hear that you actually use them. Some others seem to collect the most rare parts in huge amounts without actually building with it or even without planning to sell them to finance their hobby. So the world is begging for some of those parts, but they are rotting on the shelves instead.
  12. Addition: they both aren't completely what you were looking for. Both of the sites only list the popularity of one specific set by clicking on it (Brickset: owned vs. wanted; Rebrickable: "Users who own this" and "Set Rank"). General statistics are only visible to the site admins who can run all the database queries they like.
  13. I think it's 99,8 % unnecessary: the number and sort of sets someone else owns shouldn't make one feel bad or lucky, nor does it inspire (me) to create own MOCs or buy sets others have. Besides: there are some tools out there which already fullfil your wish: Stats on Rebrickable or Stats on Brickset (account needed).
  14. I can't resist to ask you for the exact details on such a cool story. How did you get that amount (hundreds)? - Are they leftovers from some kind of school project, bought trough Lego's educational department? - Bad production batch with minimal/optical failures on the part?
  15. Look again. He uses the version with 2 holes through the surface.
  16. Hmm, sorry for that not working out either. Those 8421 are sometimes sold for 70 Euro here. Depending on condition € 80-110,- in average. In your case I'd then stick to buying Ls or XLs and gearing them up. Like the buggy motors, a good battery is needed though if you want speed out or your model (Lego LiPo, custom LiPo or a normal battery box with the current limiter shorted).
  17. In my part of the world (Europe) it's not that difficult to obtain them for little cost (15-25 Euro each), but over there I know they're hard to find and expensive. But YES, they are worth it. Avoid Bricklink, buy a 8421 crane instead (this one has a RC-motor in it), and sell the wheels, pneumatics and rare cilinder-holders on Ebay to almost or completely regain your money. Just a tip.
  18. - Look at the positition in between the both front caterpillars: an axle 5 with stop - Look at the roof: there is a little black ball joint on a stick The movement is beeing transfered through a universal joint within the big ball joint underneath.
  19. They don't use € in Switserland, so a) you converted it from CHF into a more known currency or b) you bought it in Germany/Austria. In the latter case, I need to know where .
  20. Haha even without music this video/MOC made me smile. Great idea, but the realization is even better! You probably had a LOT of fun creating and finetuning this one.
  21. I would say both allowed, because : Everyone is able to do those things with little skills and without the need for special or licensed software Functions need to be clear: without a video, the only other useful possibility to explain them is text (added to the image)