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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what type of rubber that rubber LEGO pieces such as helmets are made out of. Let me know! Thanks, Brandon
  2. RoyalBrickCustoms

    How to make Lego Cape

    Spongy capes? Do you have an example? Spongy capes? Do you have an example?
  3. RoyalBrickCustoms

    How to make Lego Cape

    They use a type of poly-cotton broadcloth, similar to what I use, [see link in signature]
  4. RoyalBrickCustoms

    How to make Lego Cape

    I am a customizer specializing in custom fabric accessories (including capes)! Shoot me a PM and I would be glad to answer any questions you have.
  5. Hi everyone, I am creating this thread for anyone who might want a logo designed for the Bretheren of the Brick Seas role-play game. Just post your request in the comments section below, I will be glad to design and emblem or logo for you. You can check out my logo design work on my Flickr photo stream here: Feel free to PM me with any questions! Thanks, ~RBCustoms
  6. RoyalBrickCustoms

    Lego-themed Logos

    Because I fixed the broken links.
  7. RoyalBrickCustoms

    Lego-themed Logos

    All of the logos I have designed can be viewed on my Flickr, here:
  8. RoyalBrickCustoms

    Lego-themed Logos

    Hi everyone, Here are some logos that I designed for a few members of the online LEGO community, and BrickLink! Feel free PM me with any questions! Let me know what you think! Thanks, Brandon NOTE: Use of (and reproduction of) these logos without my consent is prohibited!
  9. RoyalBrickCustoms

    Episode X: Deep Space Deception

    ATTENTION ALL WINNERS!!! ALL prizes have now been shipped! Thanks again to all who entered! ~RBCustoms
  10. Royal Brick Customs just released a new custom (LEGO-compatible) fabric accessory, for your elf and LotR-themed minifigures: - Elf Battle Armor This accessory is currently available in a gold printed design. Enjoy!
  11. Send me a PM, I may be of assistance to you!
  12. RoyalBrickCustoms

    Quick question about cutting Lego minifig skirts

    As one who specializes in producing custom LEGO-compatible fabric accessories, I can tell you from experience that if you just take a small dab of craft glue (or in my case fabric stiffener) on a "Q-tip" and run it along the edge of the fabric part after cutting, it should keep it from fraying*. With regards to cutting a straight line the easiest thing that I have found (when cutting outlay products) is to take a small piece of card stock the length of the cut you would like to make, then take a piece of double-sided clear tape and attach the card stock to the LEGO fabric accessory (make sure it's straight though ) and then cut along the end of the card stock, producing a straight smooth cut. You can try the above card stock technique on a piece of normal cloth/napkin, ect. before attempting to cut your LEGO part (just to be on the "safe side")! Thanks! Brandon, CEO of Royal Brick Customs Shop (BrickLink) *You may need to apply several thin coats of glue, and (make sure to) wait for it to dry BEFORE handling. Also, trim all the loose threads before applying the glue/stiffener to the edge.
  13. Here you are. Sorry about the left picture's quality! It is not actually (faded) yellow on the back! The back is basically a faded version of the front (as seen in the picture)! Feel free to PM me with any further questions!
  14. I will upload some pictures tonight!
  15. Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce the [re]release of 6 (new) cape designs. Be sure to check out the full line of custom LEGO-compatible fabric products that Royal Brick Customs Shop has to offer, here: