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    Trouble on tatooine

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    Big scifi fan, star wars, star trek, stargate, sliders, andromeda, marvel, DC, gargoyles, the mummy, robinhood, most anything medieval related, im also a history nut. So alot..


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  1. Generaltrons bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Cannot stand old out of production parts being altered beyond repair for customs. Call me a purist. Idc... I prefer just to not comment on altered part builds. For my sanity. :/
  2. I did alot of reading up in the forums in bricklink before i bought a single thing. Its always good to do your research in any field before getting involved.
  3. Generaltrons bricks

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    Here is my first EU custom fig. (Edit: not quite first but first non droid.) Jedi knight Odan Urr. Head from ninjago snake. Armor from ninjago flame snake. Magenta Cape from ocean master. Body from zombie geonosian.
  4. Generaltrons bricks

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    Just cant beat the pose ability of the old monkey imho.
  5. Generaltrons bricks

    Size of photos allowed

    Um... I may have missed domething somewhere but the allowed size keeps dropping with each pic i post.... Is there a daily limit???
  6. Generaltrons bricks

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    Here is another EU fig. One of my previous builds. Jedi master Arca Jeth Head from chirut imwe. Hair from wonderwoman84's cheetah. Cape from figure labled as sensei wu' fuzzy cape. Body yet again from sensei wu but from possesion line.
  7. Generaltrons bricks

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    I have a great many EU figures that i will be making. This one is my most recent build. Jedi Nomi Sunrider Head and hands from the kordi minifig. Cape from old luke skywalker Hair from castle, lion princess Body from lotr hobbit: tauriel
  8. Generaltrons bricks

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I like that they have removed incomplete figures as this has reduced many many hours of searching for figures or parts as the parts are more numerous and the figures more defined. This has simplified searches for me greatly.
  9. Generaltrons bricks

    Lego Collection Sorting

    Im busy alot so not much time but i got back into lego some 4 years ago after a solid 5 year break while traveling the states. Anyways i spent a few hrs sorting all of what i had and took me about 2 months. Some things i still dont have fully sorted. I dont quite have the number of contaners needed for proper sorting nor the room for such containers atm, so things are very slow going i do have some old Lego boxes that i use for the sorting process. One being the largest explorians box for the big cruiser. Another being both sides of the aquanaughts base box. Sturdy and still usefull. Those old boxes from the 90s just cant be beat imho. Ive had alot to sort through including old megabloks stuff that i had to sort out once i decided to take a more... (Lego only) type attitude. I still like the megabloks stuff as some things have more detail.. but i decided if i cant do it with what lego has supplied then im probably not doing it right. So i am taking it as a personal challange to use only what is official lego. With no custom parts. I hold no ill will to any who use any custom stuff it all looks great. But i do have one pet peave.. and thats altering parts to fit in ways they couldnt. There is a lot of old parts no longer in production that are becoming more and more rare. And i just hope i get the parts i need for the things i have planned. Im still rediscovering some old parts i had not really thought of using since i got them. Lol.
  10. Generaltrons bricks

    Practise Posting Here!

    So here i am... Where not many can see me wondering why im even on this post... Hmm..... Good question Does this topic count on my 10 posts???
  11. Generaltrons bricks

    Hello there ;)

    Just another general here. Lol nothing to see here these are not the droids you're looking for. Move along... But no seriously.. Just having some fun. And i hope what i bring to the table wont be.... World breaking. XD