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    Trouble on tatooine

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    Big scifi fan, star wars, star trek, stargate, sliders, andromeda, marvel, DC, gargoyles, the mummy, robinhood, most anything medieval related, im also a history nut. So alot..


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  1. Generaltrons bricks

    [MOC] White Knight

    The leaves for the sun emblem is a nice touch
  2. Generaltrons bricks

    TLG Licensed Merchandise Concept Ideas Survey

    The old fashioned method of asking the same question 10 times over and expecting different answers.... I dislike surveys
  3. Generaltrons bricks

    Deep Freeze Scavenger

    I love seeing new additions or renditions to old castle and space themes. This is just another fantastic build. Sorta PT cruiser esk style to the original. Nicely done
  4. Generaltrons bricks

    REVIEW: 76908 Lamborghini Countach

    One of the best speed champion models yet. Im not that much of a car enthusiast but wow.... This one is slick.
  5. Generaltrons bricks

    HellBoy Bust - The Red

    Great build. Teeth are fine, and ron pearlman forever.
  6. Generaltrons bricks

    REVIEW: 71032 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 22

    Definitely the bard, acorn boy, and moon warrior.
  7. Generaltrons bricks

    [MOC] Chocolate Red

    It almost kinda reminds me of nineball from armored core arena. A little bit.
  8. Generaltrons bricks

    To thread or not to thread?

    Not a problem.. in any case i recently stumbled acrossed a flickr page that used that design some 7 years ago... Lol boy do i feel behind the times.. but i guess it had not really caught on back then because his design wasnt reused by others. I dont mind anyone saving that pic. Im clearly not the original for it as its a 7yo design... Have fun :)
  9. Generaltrons bricks

    To thread or not to thread?

    Very true.. when i made the longbow, i was trying to bring the same energy of the still of costner as he was drawing his arrow. And of course with an arrow already in a bow being drawn wouldn't quite fit that energy. So most my thoughts were being as true to the still as i could for the figure most of all then the horse in background with a few trees hence to focus on the figure i purposely blurred the background a bit for that effect. I had also focused on the right hair and head which for some time had evaded me but of course i did settle for the stan shunpike head from the hp line and seinfeld's hair seamed to look about right.. Im very pleased with the overall look. So ill accept it not being a full purist figure this time round. But i do intend to pull more from that movie for other characters in my style. That movie is one of my favorites for robin hood, As historically inaccurate as it is. But that's kind of the fun of it to me. Thank you, im still kinda in the back atm my own self but im just having some fun and bringing a few random ideas and methods to the table. All it takes is that moment of ingenuity and you can get some notice. Im not by any means a top level builder... I have a long ways to go on buildings... I have some interesting ship designs and mechs.. and as for landscapes im below beginer level lol, but i am learning. My main strength is custom figures. Just have fun with it right? Cheers
  10. Generaltrons bricks

    Which Lego YouTube channels are best these days?

    This is exactly why i stopped posting to youtube.
  11. Generaltrons bricks

    To thread or not to thread?

    The main reason i try to go purist route is because i see that as a challange... Like, can it be done purist style.. I like that sort of limiting challange. And i dont hold anyone else to that standard. The only time i cringe is if something is cut and glued... Where parts will likely never be used the same ever again. Which to me kinda defeats the purpose of legos, but thats just my personal opinion and everyone has their own opinion so to me.. its all about the challange.
  12. Generaltrons bricks

    Help with identifying parts/sets! Judging from its size comparison to the platform vader is on makes it 6x6 And the sharp wide exits at the back would make this part a sure bet plus you can barely see the 4 bits of the clips sticking out looking through the canopy
  13. Generaltrons bricks

    Which Lego YouTube channels are best these days?

    I found captain xaviors channel to be interesting and amusing. I too have a channel but have not posted in a while. I also follow bricksie here an there from time to time. The plastic achitect is pretty chill too.
  14. Generaltrons bricks

    How do you keep track of which parts you own?

    Im very much the same, too much to recall where each item is for the most part unless it was something paticularly interesting or of special design.. maybe a one off part.. hard to forget
  15. Generaltrons bricks

    To thread or not to thread?

    Thank you, I have seen that technique used on a moc before at least i think it was that technique... A certain forestmans tree fortress of sorts with some unidentifiable green vines in the tressles.. it also had a viking boat ends as part of the roof design with a nice stainglass window inside it. A little inspiration for something in the future for me... But otherwise that method might not make the best bowstring.. i think i will look into that official small gauge string from the early 90s. It might be thin enough to work. Maybe...