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  1. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Leofwein scratches his name off the quests he signed up for and decides to go get a drink and rest instead.
  2. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Aye, thanks for the offer. Perhaps I can learn more on the job, this wouldn't be my first quest you know."
  3. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Aye, you are a true mate. What are you skillfull in exactly? As in what path have you trained in?"
  4. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Ooc:Sorry, thought Johon's table already had people. Leofwein sits down, resting his axe against the chair."My name is Leofwein. I'm looking fer glory and a good fight!"
  5. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Leofwein sees Johon, he seemed tough enough for Leofwein's liking. Leofwein makes his way over. "Aye, greetings, heroes. What might yer names be?"
  6. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Leofwein and Alexandre both sign their names up for Quest 128.
  7. Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    Quest 124: Awesome quest as usual, Sandy! Really glad to be in on it! The pacing was nice, and the plot was nice and quick and didn't drag on. I thought all the characters, major/minor, were all good. (Though I agree with Zepher a bit, I'd like to see more in depth stuff from the host of the quest.) Just a few considerations.... the battles. They were really overpowered, like insanely. And also due to luck of the dice, I don't think I got much of anything other than Special Damages. Anyways, even if they were balanced, I wish there was a better variety of getting the quest done. I felt it was battle after battle, and if we tried to solve it any other way, we would eventually be led to an unavoidable battle. (I liked the idea of Darksten throwing a bone to distract the crowed, so adding in the possibility of different solutions to a problem would make the quest even better!) The quest was still good, just some stuff to consider. Fellow PC's were great, would love to quest with both of you again!
  8. Heroica RPG - Quest#124: The Song of My Heart

    "Aye Mrs. Hinkwell, it is your decision. Thank you for the instrument.... men, good questing with you!"
  9. Heroica RPG - Quest#124: The Song of My Heart

    "Aye, thanks. I will have the Fine Tuned Bagpipe."
  10. Heroica RPG - Quest#124: The Song of My Heart

    "Boys, I think we have to tell her. I know you might feel guilty for breaking your promise of not telling, but if you want I can say. "
  11. Heroica RPG - Quest#124: The Song of My Heart

    "Ehhh... Lyren. It would be Lyren..." said Leofwein.. unsure of how to proceed.
  12. Heroica RPG - Quest#124: The Song of My Heart

    "I'll smash yer noggin! " Repeat!
  13. Heroica RPG - Quest#124: The Song of My Heart

    "Aye, sir." Leofwein attacks Crafty, front row.
  14. Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    Why would you ever? Then other players have an advantage and get better stats. Just kidding, but I just stay out of other quests. I wasn't chosen for the quest, and if you start hinting that another choice should be made it might influence the outcome of something.
  15. Heroica RPG - Quest#124: The Song of My Heart

    "A hit! A hit! Let's rip off their heads!" Leofwein repeats .