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  1. CCOOK

    2020 Airport Shuttle

    Havent tried it on the tracks yet: Here you can see design of built motor shroud: Enjoy!
  2. CCOOK

    Updated TIE Craft

    All 100% swooshable and very sturdy; here is the updated Avenger: . The Defender will need some major work as it is still just a display model that is not playable; I have already begun blueprints to address wing issues on this ship. Look for a possible TIE Advanced and also a definite First-Order TIE Fighter in the near future. -CCOOK
  3. CCOOK

    Updated TIE Craft

    Here I finally updated my TIE MOCs for the newer transparisteel windows: Also updated wing designs on the Fighter and Interceptor - they're now rock-solid and can be waved around without flying apart. -CCOOK
  4. CCOOK


    Here somebody aparently made an LDD of it although the wings are a different design: Study my wings you'll figure it out - lots of 2/3 height bracket pieces (2x2 grey, 2x6 black) and 2/3 height grey slopes. -CCOOK
  5. CCOOK

    MOC: Victorian House

    I heard from another guy who made this a few years back that there are over 21000 pieces in it - there are a lot of really rare expensive parts in here as well - all in all probly cost about $2500 to build - I will followup with some interior photos as everything inside is decked, carpetted, and furnished.
  6. CCOOK

    MOC: Victorian House

    Inside is fully furnished with all kinds of crazy stuff - the house is from instructions from "Fully Brick Models" that I bought off eBay a couple years ago. It is hard to reassemble once the roof and sexond floor are removed - I will post some older photos from during the build. -CCOOK
  7. CCOOK

    MOC: Victorian House

    This is the one off of eBay - I bought all the parts for this about 5 months ago and took my time building it: The model had a lot of instruction and design faults so buyer beware; it seems apparent from the instructions that the designer never built the model from actual LEGO bricks and plates. -CCOOK
  8. CCOOK


    Here another update - wing insides and bottom of aft section re-done: Here's a side view: Behind the Defender: Wings are a little bent up from lots of repositioning. -CCOOK
  9. CCOOK


    That image looks like a render from a 20-year old videogame. It's very tough and definitely swooshable; all black plating is anchored with brackets.
  10. CCOOK

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    This is absolutely superb work - I wish I had more time to devote to large-scale stuff like this!
  11. CCOOK


    Here's a rough draft of it: Enjoy. -CCOOK
  12. CCOOK

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    This looks prettty good - nice and lean and more like the real thing - only problem is the angle on the aft portions of the wings - LEGO needs to make a 2x1 wedge plate half in order to fix this.
  13. CCOOK


    Look close and you will see hinge tiles connecting with hinge plates along with support 4L bars on grabbers - the 4L bars support the grey wing framing - this same technique could easily yield the Avenger and most other TIE designs as well. -CCOOK
  14. CCOOK


    Here's a shot of it against a space background: -CCOOK
  15. CCOOK


    Well here it is finally: Back end - it's actually pretty stable but I put it on a transparent mount: Business end: Enjoy. -CCOOK