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  1. fastlane250

    Union Pacific SD60

    Wow, looks amazing! You even added the winterization hatch. I figured the instructions would be easy to modify, I was planning on building the Soo version in LDD and exporting that as a BL wanted file with LDD Explorer.
  2. fastlane250

    Union Pacific SD60

    Looks great! Will definitely have to pick up those instructions when they’re available. I’ve got something different than Armour Yellow in mind, however.
  3. fastlane250

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    Is this compatible with the 9V switch? Those don't have the single, solid 'click' when switching from straight route/diverging route like PF/RC switches. I don't know if the video addressed that because I'm unable view it where I am at the moment.
  4. fastlane250

    2016 Lego trains

    My guess is that 60098 will just coexist with the other two sets for a year or two before getting discontinued, like what TLG did with 3677.
  5. I've been keeping keeping my spare trains/track in the boxes that came with 4558/4559 and storing those underneath my table.
  6. fastlane250

    Mystery Monorail

    I always thought it was a subtle shout out to the Airport Shuttle set. The look of the monorail on the poster is pretty close.
  7. fastlane250

    Discontinuation Speculation

    Seems like 3677 is going to be discontinued, according to S@H's new "Retiring Soon" shop search filter.
  8. fastlane250

    AFOLEGODT's Train MOCs and MODs

    Did you modify the gray side frame pieces on the Super Chief for the PF train motor? I'm trying to motorize a Super Chief myself and the pieces won't accommodate the technic rods used on the motor.