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New Mech: A.T.A.V.

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Hello all,

I present to you the All Terrain Anti-fire Vehicle.


in Battletech terms:

BattleMech Technical Readout

Custom* Weapons

Type/Model: ATAV A Industrial Mech

Tech: Inner Sphere / 3067

Config: Quad BattleMech

Rules: Level 3, Standard design

Mass: 80 tons

Chassis: Standard

Power Plant: 320 Pitban Fusion

Walking Speed: 43.2 km/h (4 hexes)

Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h (6 hexes)

Jump Jets: 4 Standard Jump Jets

Jump Capacity: 120 meters (4 hexes)

Armor Type: Standard

Armor Factor: 248 pts (94% of Max)

Heat Sinks: 10 Double [20]


1 Large Storage Tank*

1 EnviroSealing*

1 Industrial TSM*

3 Water Cannons*


Calculated Factors:

Total Cost: 8,545,441 C-Bills

Battle Value: 879

As always, comments are welcome.



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Really nice! Someone has been watching the Lego Movie lately, I suppose :wink:

This is a very well built and realistic interpretation of how the fire brigade might look like next century. The legs look very functional, very robust and good for rough terrain with debries. Those toes are a nice touch. I also like the grey tank incorporated in the middle of the body, containing all the water, and the hoses going everywhere. It's great to see the thought in this creation, and that no nozzles go without hoses etc.

I only wonder how you tank. Maybe a hose 'tail' that can be lowered in a pool? Or some kind of future smoke-to-water converter or something like that? Also, some communication equipment would come in handy in remote areas. But those are only details. Well done!

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Well, I did see it once...will own it when it comes out on DVD, of course.

Thanks for the compliments, BEAVeR, and I will have to incorporate some type of communication equipment and your tail/hose idea.

Edited by Jackal76

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What a fine looking mahcine you have there! I like the idea of a Mech having a practical use besides just a tactical use. This is a really good MOC, too! :sweet:

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HEY I built a 4 legged mech named A.T.A.R ! you stole my name :D


Joking apart, this is a nice red firefighter mech, I like the feet, looks like they can grab things like chameleleon feet.

Edited by Guss

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