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  1. I think the cloud car is a good size. Much bigger and then it would probably have been oversized. That would be a great set of it’s own.
  2. Only Sinner

    [MOC] Outrider

    Looks great! I like the little bits of color sprinkled in there.
  3. Only Sinner


    Watch out. You could end up with an unfortunate quote forever associated with your username.
  4. Only Sinner

    MOC - Mad Max - V8 Interceptor (Beefed Up ATV-Version)

    Sweet. I loved the Road Warrior.
  5. Only Sinner

    [MOC] - Armored Recreational Vehicle

    Cool vehicle, I like the roof and this type of vehicle in general.
  6. Only Sinner

    [MOC] SP-Striker

    This looks like a lot of fun. I would like to see this theme make a return.
  7. Only Sinner

    [MOC] [WIP] Modified Custom B-Wing "Azure Diamond Squadron"

    Beautiful model, and a great color choice.
  8. Only Sinner

    [MOC] Moon-Copter

    What a great build! I like to see folks giving some love to the less popular characters like Moon Knight. Very nice.
  9. Only Sinner

    [MOD] Laundromat Modular 16-wide from Brick Bank

    Looks great! I like the new size and the appliances inside. The owner should seriously watch his back because those corrupt bankers can afford some dangerous hired muscle.
  10. Only Sinner

    [MOC] 5th Generation Ford Mustang GT

    That is a fine model, and the orange looks great!
  11. Oh hallelujah, lord have mercy! Let the terrible reign of stud shooters come to an end.
  12. Only Sinner

    Flooded Collection

    Sorry to hear about your flooded home. I hope everyone is okay. I can only imagine how awful it would be to lose everything like that. Try to keep looking up though, you can clean up and get back to bricking eventually. The community will be here and ready to help whenever you are.
  13. Only Sinner

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I already have the older Lex mech set, but this new one is very appealing. The speed force set is also pretty cool and I don't think I can resist buying it! Love the minifigures too.
  14. You guys are right about the price of plastic toys. First world problems, huh? Maybe it's not too outrageous to buy two of these; one to display and one to keep boxed. $800 isn't really that much and are you really going to miss the money a year from now? Probably not.
  15. Only Sinner

    Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria

    This is a thorough review and very nicely done. This set was one of the best in the LOTR lineup. I didn't appreciate that they used so many stickers here, but the cave troll made up for it.