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Greetings all,

today I'd like to present my new moc. :) This is a motorized crane truck, inspired by 8258 and 42009. It took five months to build it, that's the biggest vehicle I've ever made. The truck is equipped with 4 XL- and 5 M-motors, 3 IR receivers, 3 battery boxes and 4 pairs of lights. Its length is about 65 cm (95 with extended arm), the height can be between 25 and 75 (extended arm) cm. The weight of the truck is 4.5 kilos.

Being almost completely remote controlled, the vehicle has following functions: driving (4 XL motors), steering (M motor), turntable, raising/lowering the arm, extending the section of the arm and the winch (M motor for each function). It also has a pair of manually controlled outriggers and cabin, that can be opened to see the V12 hiding under it.







You can also watch the videos (in spoiler) showing the truck's functions. Unfortunately, the arm was too heavy (I used some steel balls from magnetic construction toy as a counterweight) and the XL motors were not enough for the truck. Having the crane installed, it actually moved, but it was going so slowly, that I had to take the first video without the arm, otherwise it would have been really boring to watch the truck driving one meter in half an hour. :)

Thanks for watching!

P.S. I know, my cameraman skills are awful. :(

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The plating on the Moc looks great! Nice job man.

Edited by Dayton

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Great truck man! I'm sorry too that it didn't work out, but these things always help with planing on your next moc. :thumbup:

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Rishab N, Dayton, Nimdian, Doc_Brown, drdesignz, thank you! The problem with driving was quite a good lesson: next time I certainly will not get too far with the weight of motorized vehicles.

Also, I'm very happy to be published by The Lego Car Blog, haven't even expected this. :)

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