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Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

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Welcome to Avalonia. If this this is your first time to the Guilds of Historica, check out each of the guilds and decide which best fits your tastes as a builder/storyteller. An overview of Avalonia is provided below. If you've chosen Avalonia, please introduce yourself in this thread and post a picture of your sigfig and a short description of your character. The guild color are dark green and sand green, so please include some sort of standard bearing these colors with your sigfig. Your standard can be with standard flags, brickbuilt flags, or whatever you can come up with. Check out the current challenge, or post free builds. Free builds can be any size, and whatever you wish to build. Check out the MOC index in the general discussion thread for ideas.

Origins of Historica

The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten,

Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge, and the arcane land was thrown into chaos. When it all seemed but lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s great city; the fortress of Cedrica.

To settle the grievance and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined all the clans into one mighty Kingdom; Historica. They founded the Four Great Regions- each one a realm in itself; - Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin to this day rule the Central lands of Historica. So goes the legend. For ten decades the races of old have migrated and spread through the world, following the trade routes, establishing cultures and prospering towns.

Today, it is a world of wonder and natural beauty; a realm where a man and a woman may find peace. But peace is short lived…

Treacherous assassins have tried to murder the King! The capital is in shock and there will be repercussions; the Four Regions assemble their forces as the balance of power shifts, and blame is passed around. For the first time in a century, the guilds of Historica build up old defenses and prepare for the inevitable confrontation; everything hangs in the balance, and Historica is on the verge of chaos once more…

Guildsmen; this is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire and battle for the glory and honor of the banner…

Avalonia: The Western Paradise

Avalonia is the western-most realm of Historia. Often referred to as the 'Sacred Paradise'. From the rolling green fields and countryside of its capital, to the great lakes, hidden waterways and mystical islands of its heartland and all the way to the enchanted forest at its far western-most point, its beauty is one of a kind. Home to all kinds of life and treasures, it is a land full of myths & legends and stronghold of the mighty Guild Of The West.

History of Avalonia:

Avalonia has always been a sacred place. From its very beginnings it was home to a powerful race of Druids who settled there. Attracted by its beauty and mystique they lived in harmony with the land for many centuries and used their skills to protect the land, which flourished under their rule. As time moved on, their numbers started to decline and the last few remaining took it upon themselves to create one final enchantment. They gave all their power and their lives in one final spell, a treasure, that if found, would bring peace and protection to the land for all eternity. They hid the treasure in their sacred shine, and with their final task now complete, they vanished into dust, although many of their shrines and temples can be seen throughout the land. Days turned to months, months turned to years and years turned to centuries. During that time the land became inhabited by all sorts of mysterious life and became a very dangerous place. One group who settled there were a tribe of Elves who made their home in the forest. The Elves were drawn to the land's sacred power and vowed to watch over the land until the day came when a suitable ruler could be found. One who's people could bring peace and prosperity back to the land. And so they waited...

The Guild of Avalonia:

Avalonia's Guild is the youngest of the four great lands, having only been in power for a few years. From where they came, no-one knows. All that's known is that when Avalonia was at its darkest hour, a Guild led by men rode to its safety. Mounted on huge war horses, they thundered through the land and no enemy or evil could stand in their way. For two years now, the new Avalonian guild has ruled. In that time they have given protection and stability back to the land, secured peace with the other realms and trade has flourished. A warrior race, they are never ones to back down from a fight and have no fear in battle. For in battle lies their true calling, in battle they are free, and as the joy of battle takes over them, their minds are focused towards one thing, the slaughter and destruction of their enemies. Riding into battle, the sound of charging horses echo's that of the beating wings of a mighty dragon. Hence they are known throughout the land as 'The Flight Of Dragons'.

Avalonia is made up of three regions.

The East Region: Countryside and Capital



This is where Avalonia's Capital is located. It is an area full of lush green fields mighty stone castles, quaint villages and shimmering lakes. The area has very rich farmland which gains much trade between the other great Guilds. We regularly supply farm produce to the other three corners of the world in exchange for oil and other resources. So you may often see a raised flag from another land when their emissary's come to barter goods. The area is primarily inhabited by the realm of men, but many other peaceful races have also made their homes and lives in this area, so it is not uncommon to see all walks of life in the busy Capital and its surrounding villages.

The West Region: Enchanted Forests


This whole area is engulfed by an ancient enchanted forest. According to legend, the forest sprung from the grave of a mighty Wizard. When the Wizard died, his followers plunged his staff upright into his grave, which then grew into a giant Oak and the rest of the forest grew up around it. No one has ever found the mythical Oak, but some claim its guarded by the Elves. The Forest can be a dangerous place for those who venture here without a guide, as its known to have a mind of its own and is constantly shifting and changing. It is home to the Elves who live deep in its heart. Not much is known about the Elves, but they are a proud race, and feared by all in battle. They are allied with the Guild but will only fight along side them if the cause is a just one and threatens the land. The forest is also home to many bands of Outlaws and other unknown groups who have taken shelter in its depths.

The Middle Region, Heart Of Avalonia: The Mystic Isles


This area is the most sacred of all Avalonia. It is here, where the legendary ancient Druid shrine is supposed to reside, with the mystical treasure hidden within. Many have lost their lives in search for it, and most now believe its simply a myth. The Isles are shrouded in a think mist, supposedly cast by an ancient Druid to keep the evils of the world at bay. Now it acts as a gloomy curtain, concealing the unknown within. The Isles are surrounded by mazes of twisty waterways, lakes, marshes and tidal estuaries . It is not known exactly how many Islands lie in this area, many say that you can never find the same island twice. The only way of travel through these waterways are by the 'Water Folk', dark figures who are the only ones who know the safe hidden routes across the Isles. Who knows what creatures and tribes have made their settlements deep in the center of the Isles and remain hidden. The thick mist makes visibility difficult and Will O' The Wisps have been known to frequently lead unfortunate souls to their doom. The main route across to the Enchanted Forest is on the outskirts of the Isles, and allows an easy passage to and from the Capital. What really does lie deep inside the heart of the Isles? That's for you to decide...


Avalonia's memberships is open for those who wish to pick up arms and fight to expand our land and extend our Capital with stone castles, villages, farms and anything else they can think of to help the land. Do you fancy yourself as a tradesmen and want to set up a business to increase our wealth? Or maybe you wish to cut out a life in the forest with the Elves and help strengthen the alliance we have. Or maybe, just maybe, you're brave enough to master the Mystic Isles, find the shrine and fortify the Islands with your own designs? We welcome all races, but on the agreement that you will be loyal to the land and fight for her when needs arise.

The royal colours of our land and our guild is based on the lands lush earthly feel.

The combination of two shades of green. Dark Green and Sand Green. The law states that you will need to represent at least one of these flags and colours within every thing you build for the land.

If you choose to be a member, there is lots in store for you, but your first task will be to create your mounted warrior sig-fig, for each one of you, shall make up our ruler's elite army, 'The Flight Of Dragons'. You can create any type of character you wish, maybe a heavy character with lots of amour to add more crushing weight to the horse, or maybe a light agile approach. The choice is yours.

Avalonia: Names & Places



Albion - Capital city of Avalonia.

Arfelan Plains - Village and Settlement.

Antyria No.24 - Village and Settlement.

Azgareth No.23 - Village and Settlement.

Basilita No.14 - Town and Settlement.

Benoic No.17 - Town and Settlement.

Burrium No.8 - Coastal Town and Settlement.

Brickdocton No.6 - Village and Settlement.

Circardia No.5 - Town and Settlement.

Dawynia No.16 - Village and Settlement.

Durnovaria No.15 - Avalonian Village.

Fuchal No.19 - Town and Settlement located at the far south east of the Countryside.

Glevum No.27 - Town and Settlement.

Greenmoss No.1 - Orc Village and Settlement.

Hemresa - Watchtowers and settlements.

Hybrasil No.20 - Elven City and Settlement.

Kydenon No.21 - Town and Settlement.

Panik No.12 - Village and Settlement.

Mesodraconem No.11 - Town and Settlement.

Tigeria No.18 - Town and Settlement.

Ynys Wydryn No.7 - Sacred Druid Watchtower of Avalonia.

Build our mighty capital of Albion. Head over to this thread and choose a part to build!

Albion build sign-up thread

Avalonian History - Book I

Warriors Of Mighty Avalonia......Heroes Of Historica!


Link to Avalonia Book I guild thread

Link to MOC Index


Current Avalonians:

Lords of Avalonia

Lord Artorious - Derfel Cadarn - Lord of the DragonFlight

Lord DeGothia - DeGothia - Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, Drow Challenge - CH 1, CH 2, Lord Regent of Avalonia

Lord Simon of Nalderic - Buurli_Burri - Task 4 - CH 1, CH 2, Lord Regent of Avalonia

Nar Bilu - Narbilu - Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, Drow Challenge, CH 1, CH 2, Defender of the Southern Forests

Alexander Vandangant - Wedge09 - Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, CH 1, CH 2, Defender of the Northern Reaches

Nikutai Arfelan - Niku - Task 1, Task 2, CH 1

Cassius, Duke of Burnby - Carson Haupt - Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, CH 1, CH 2

Sir Brychan Cedry - Hammerhand - Task 1, CH 2

Sir Beorthan - Bregir - Task 2, Task3, Task 4 - CH 2, Gatekeeper of the East

Lord Dan - LordDan - Task 1

WIlliam Harkenshire - Task 1, Task 2

Osric Fairwind - Milo Nelsiano

Funem Le'Fox - CableFoxley

Faladrin - Task 2, Task 4

Henjin Quinones - Task 1

IxyPixy - Task 3

LegoEomer - Task 1

Isundir - Task 1

Sir Gillian - Sir Gillian

Lord Alric Drondil - Titus V

Aeldric - Windusky

Sir Rikkard Darby - Full Plate

Residents of Avalonia


The Maestro

Columbus 019

Historic Avalonians

Previous Lords of Avalonia

Lord Arlindus - MikeyB - Task 1, Task 4, CH 1

Eremir Lanthorn - HammerBro33 - Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, Drow Challenge, CH 1

Silvius Flaecius - Kerntechniker - Task 1, Task 2, CH 1

Owlan - Penkid11 - CH 1

Kelptherth Darwyn - Jason Cicchini - Task 1, Task 2, Drow Challenge, CH 1

Feren Vandalar - Mpoh98 - Task 1, CH 1, Shadow Master

Krono111 - Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, CH 1, CH 2

Adam Draper - Cesbrick - Task 5

Lord Mephistopheles - Mephistopheles - Task 4

Lady Wyhn - Odidoma - CH 2

C.J.Cutrone9 - CH 1

Balthazar Heyward - Balthazar - CH 1

Zach Mills - Zach Mills

Sir Ridge - Ridge Montante - Task 2

Ezra Oakheart - Slobey - Task 1

Gilbert Despathens - Task 1

Lord Rohan - TheRedViper - Task 1, Task 2

Jakorin Swiftsword

Aymer Gray - Vitroleum

Sir Moriartus - Rolli

Siercon & Coral


Lord Whitetiger - Timura

Robin Sylverton - Robinson

Guthric - RagnarDeerslayer

Asulf - Candia

Kronus Blacktiger - Blacktiger13

Lord Godfred of Ethyrion - DustyBricks

Garren Karj - Dagashy

Father Darlph Monsoon - Darlph Monsoon

Lord Baconus - Bacon Potatoes

Leki - Meldrum

Prince Pyfrael - Pyf

Lady Elyscia - LegoLoco

Lord Joachim - Grinsebar

Petric G

Paul von Brickenstein - Disco 86

Jason of Allerdale - Jaset J

Justin de la Valetta - Brickman Studios

Sir Nevyneke - Nevyneke

Lord Robin - Robin Creations

Graham of Reyelan - Graham Gidman

Sebastian - Frumpy

Elisa - Halhi 141

Vistrak Gauroth - Vistrak

Glaenneckor the Wise - Hinckley

Current Avalonian Callenges and tasks

Challenge: ATTACK OF THE DROW! - This Challenge is Closed.

With the ongoing strife in Nocturnus, many Avalonians have picked their allegiances and been sending troops and aid to their allies in the conflict. While Avalonian focus is elsewhere, the Drow of the Black Spire have seized this opportunity to strike out against Avalonia. Working from the labyrinth of caverns that stretch across Historica and beneath Avalonia, the Drow have been staging raids on small settlements and homesteads.

Challenge Rules

  • Only Avalonians may enter this challenge.
  • There is no size limit to this challenge, but a minimal effort must be put forth in your entry.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Entries should be new.
  • A picture of your entry should be posted in this thread. If you have multiple pictures, you should create a separate post and post a link in this thread with your one picture.
  • No clone brands are allowed, but custom pieces and decals (such as Brickarms, Brickwarriors) are allowed.
  • There is no limit to the number of pictures you may post in your entry thread, just make sure they do not exceed 800x600.
  • The deadline for this challenge is December 22nd anywhere in the world. There will be NO deadline extensions.
  • The rules for this contest may be changed at any time to ensure that people follow the intent of the contest.

Build forth Avalonians! We must show Historica that we can fend off the menace of the Black Spire!



Avalonians! Our guild is composed of many different realms, and in these troubling times, it is necessary for each realm to muster militia at a moments notice or maintain a standing troop of soldiers. While there is a standard uniform for Avalonia's common soldiers and Army regulars, what do your troops look like, and what crest or device do they bear on their shields or tabards? How would one differentiate them in battle?

For the first task, you should provide a picture of your realm's soldiers/defenders/mercenaries, etc. I have displayed a number of different soldiers common to Avalonia in the picture below. Are your troops garbed the same, or do they display a different coat of arms or unique helm or weapon, or are they a mishmash of warriors? Remember that you should be displaying flags in the guild colors (dark green and sand green) or incorporating these colors into your uniform or standards.



Avalonians! Your Lords and Ladies (Sigfigs) have need to travel the realm. Who accompanies them on these journeys? What is their standard retinue. Lord Varis is attended by his Master of Blades, Commander Aderian, and his Master of Bows, Commander Elldellan. He is usually also accompanied by a pair of Elven blades and a pair of Elven archers.

For the second task, you should provide a picture of your Lord/Lady and their entourage. They can be mounted or on foot, but it should be how you'd expect to see your sigfig about in the realm. Remember that you should be displaying flags in the guild colors (dark green and sand green) or incorporating these colors into your uniform or standards. Entries for this task should be posted in this thread.



Name and describe your realm/territory/region. What would one encounter as they travelled across your realm. Are their great forests or rolling plains? Is there a great lake or river of note? Who are the residents and what are they like? Do you have a tribe of hostile goblins living on your lands?

Some Avalonians have already provided a very vivid picture of their realms through their builds. Any entry for this task should be posted as a separate topic and a link should be posted on this thread. This topic should include description in the form of words and pictures. The pictures may be in the form of builds, photos of real life locations or art.


FOURTH TASK - Open to all Historicans

Historica is home to many towns, villages, hamlets, and even a few Cities. The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion and the Avalonia's foreign affairs minister wish to officially recognize the many settlements of Historica. As a prerequisite to official recognition and inclusion in the "Royal Registry of Historica's Locations of Note" and "Avalonian Sites and Monuments: a comprehensive guide" each settlement must prove that they contain the minimum facilities to provide for their residents.

To establish your settlement, you must post MOCs from specific categories common to all settlements. These MOCs CAN be already completed, but they MUST not already be referenced to a different location. To find out all of the details, check out this page:



Avalonians! All Lords and Ladies need a stronghold or fortress from which to rule their realm. Do you have a castle, a keep, a fortified farmstead? Where is your base of operations?

For the fifth task, you should provide a picture of your stronghold. This should be your main fortress, not a small outkeep or tower. Remember that you should be displaying flags in the guild colors (dark green and sand green) or incorporating these colors into your uniform or standards. Entries for this task should be posted in their own topic and a link should be posted in this thread.


SIXTH TASK - Open to all Historicans

Merchants ply their wares throughout Historica, bringing Avalonian wines to Nocturnus and Kaliphlin spices to Mitgardia. But some brewers are renowned for their finest stouts or lagers, certain Kalihplin oil magnates that are known to provide reliable cheap lamp oil, there are prized meats that can only be purchased from specific breeders. These are the goods that are known throughout Historica by name. What are these goods, and who provides them?

For the sixth task, you need to establish a brand of trade. This "brand" could be the maker/sewer/brewer/carver/grower of goods, it could be a specific region (this should be very specific to a location or small region, not "Nocturnus Cake" or even "Mystic Isles Pizza") or it could be more of a large trade conglomerate that provides a multitude of goods, or has stores throughout Historica. Some of these "brands" are already established in previous MOCs or posts, and some have not yet been established.

To find out all of the details, check out this page:



Avalonians, we know much about your Lords and Ladies, but how do the common folk live? Do your commoners live in squallor, or do they have the bare essentials for a decent life? The common folk are the life blood of each territory, and their individual failures and successes intermingle to determine the success of Avalonia as a whole.

For the seventh task, you should provide a picture into the life of your peasants. You MUST include a finished interior build of their residence. It is OK to include the exterior as well, but an interior build must be included. Entries for this task should be posted in their own topic and a link should be posted in this thread.


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de Gothia is here to serve for the mighty Avalonia again! He now swores loyality to the new leader of Avalonia!


de Gothia and Lena, daughter of Elon Chorian.


de Gothia has lived his whole life in Avalonia. Nobody knows his first name, and it will be a secret to his death. There were hard times in Avalonia before Artorious Rex and his men finally came to rid the land from evil. de Gothia was enlisted into Artorious' elite warriors, the famous "Flight of Dragons". Now de Gothia could finally bring justice to those who slaughtered his mother, father and brother. The only family member he has left alive is Quinn, his niece. He swore an oath to his dying brother that he would watch over and guard her and let her decide by herself whoever she would marry. Quinn died during Book 1. During the battles to rid Avalonia of evil and unite the land again, Artorious was able to take back de Gothia's captured land, and so de Gothia once again ruled his family's ancient estate. He chose to rename it Benoic, a beautiful stretch of countryside with villages and the mighty Gothia Castle.

He continues to fight as one of the Dragon Flight and is one of Avalonias most trusted and famous warriors.

Titles during book 1

de Gothia:

Lord of Benoic

Sheriff of Avalonia

High Chief of Agriculture

Lord High Executioner

Siege Expert

Champion Of Avalonia

High King Of The Elves

Prince Of The Forest

First Knight

Sir Lancelot

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gah degothia beat me to first place!

guess ill join nocty then. my character gladia us taking over glevum, and i will continue to map make, (unless one of you wants my place?)

Edited by Legonardo

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I, Lord Eremir Lanthorn will join the mighty cause again. I preside on the Council of Vanguard which is the governing body of my county, Vanhorn.


My titles during Book I

High King of the Elves

Lord High Chief of Agriculture

@LD, I would help, but I don't know how to make the map. :sceptic: Thanks anyway for the effort.

Edited by HammerBro33

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Alexander Vandangant swears allegiance to Avalonia and to its new leader.



While the other Elves prefers to stay hidden in the deep of the forest, his thirst for knowledge leads Alexander, going against the dictates of his race, to abandon the forests and begin a journey to discover the world outside the Enchanted Forests. After touching, during his travels, various parts of the continent, including the sultry regions of the south and the cold northern regions, and have come in contact with different cultures, Alexander found in the Western Region a place to which he feels he can fight.

Alexander swears allegiance to Avalonia, he swears to defend the land and all the people from anyone who will try to hurt them.

Alexander, like all elves, is a great archer and uses his bow, always kept in perfect condition, as the main weapon while, when it comes to a close clash, uses a sword of elven steel.

Titles during book 1


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It looks like we're losing some of our power- house builders (ZCereberus, Legonardo and Beerbeard) but we're gaining a few with Buurli, and Derfel (hopefully).

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It looks like we're losing some of our power- house builders (ZCereberus, Legonardo and Beerbeard) but we're gaining a few with Buurli, and Derfel (hopefully).

Wait, Derfel's coming back?

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...but we're gaining a few with Buurli...

Yeah, here am I :wink::

Simon of Nalderic


History: ...

Edited by Buurli_Burri

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Nice fig!

So now you joined Avalonia, you turned into a a transvestite gnome? :tongue:

How quickly they turn on you Buurli, Welcome! We are accepting of all races in Avalonia (except Drow).

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Nice fig!

So now you joined Avalonia, you turned into a a transvestite gnome? :tongue:

A gnome? Do you see any big yellow ears? Maybe you have some and thats why you always wear your blue jedi hood :tongue:.

How quickly they turn on you Buurli, Welcome! We are accepting of all races in Avalonia (except Drow).

Thank you! Btw. My fig is just a human who wears a green cap, not a gnome or something indefinable else (=Ecc) :wink:.

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Name: Nikutai Arfelan

Rank: Lord of Arfelan

Age: 24

Weapon of Choice: Bow, Elven sword, shield



Lord Nikutai is a young explorer, third son from Lord Hide Arfelan from Avalonia and Hanako, a wealthy merchant from Kaliphlin.

Before his father passed away, he had to return to the plains, leaving many friends and his heart at the Enchanted Forest,

He was then betrothed to a Kaliphlian, daughter of a prominent merchant.

Swearing an oath of service to his first brother, now the first Lord of Arfelan, Nikutai became first advisor, sadly a disease took his brother on his first year of rulership.

His other brother was nowhere to be found, even from Lord Hide last days.

So the weight of command passed to Nikutai. He is the commander of Avalonia most known rangers and scouts, Arfelan Explorer´s.

Forms part of the "Flight of Dragons" as a reward on its family last past efforts at the service of Lord Artorious Rex.

At the moment of his appointment swore loyalty to Lord Artorious Rex, as the previous members of the "Flight of Dragons", to protect Avalonia and his people to the last.

And he continues to do so on these days.


Arfelan Plains would be part of the plains south region, right to Antyria, Beonic and Burnby, sharing border with the land with Duke Burnby(Carson Haupt)

Titles during book 1

Siege Expert

Prince of the Forest

High King Of The Elves

King of the Castle

Lord High Executioner

Lord Of Arfelan

Edited by Niku

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Just a quick question, wasnt there a prize for whoever got the most titles in book 1? Just saying, cause i won :p

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Name: Silvius Flamecius

Rank: Earl of Greater Burrium

Age: 29

Weapon of Choice: 2 x Elven sword

Silivius has been born and raised at the western, coastal part of Avalonia after his journey over the seas he has returned to the land kind ruled by his family for ages. When he was back a lot of things have gone wrong his parents has died, his stupid always drunk uncle claim to rule and was putting the land into darkness. The people had have nothing to eat, the traders nothing to trade, the navy no ship to defend the coast line. A lot went wrong in his absence. First he arrested his uncle, second he announced a new naval building program and third he asked his elvish friends for support regarding agriculture to feed his people. Now he can ride again into the countryside and the corn on the field and friendly and satisfied people.


The land is now like he is remembering it from his youth. Were he has spend so many happy days with his parents.


The idea of Greater and Lesser Burrium has been defined in the end of Book I.

Titles during book 1

I guess I made just in time

Lord High Chief of Agriculture

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Just a quick question, wasnt there a prize for whoever got the most titles in book 1? Just saying, cause i won :p

How many titles did you earn LD?

Great to have you in Avalonia Buurli Burri! I loved your mocs for Mitgardia !

Edited by de Gothia

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Cassius, Duke of Burnby,

On the tenth day of the month of September, in The Year of Our Lord 2013,

does hereby and forevermore swear alliegence to Avalonia, and it's ruler.

His titles include Champion of Avalonia.

He and his house swear this today, to uphold and guard Avalonia!


Caseus, Duke of Burnby 031 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr


Also, could you please add Burnby to the map?


image by Carson Haupt, on Flickr

Edit: Added Map

Edited by -Carson Haupt-

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1High kingof the elves

2High chief of agriculture

3Siege Expert

4Lord High Executioner

5Sheriff of avalonia

6Champion of avalonia

7King of the castle

8Prince of the forest

9Lord Of Glevum

10Avalonian Assassin

11Lord Of Dwarves

12Master cartographer

it appears zcerberus has 14, so i was wrong, mybad,

Edited by Legonardo

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@LD there was meant to be a prize but I didn't publicize it well and the whole thing was forgotten about. Not sure if anyone really knew there was one which maybe why not many people tryed to get all the titles. Even I forgot about it untill I saw your post. I'll get something lined up to take its place.

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I find myself very glad that Owlan isn't a Lord of Avalonia. It makes traveling to the different Guilds without lasting effects all the more easier...

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I find myself very glad that Owlan isn't a Lord of Avalonia. It makes traveling to the different Guilds without lasting effects all the more easier...

You're leaving?

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