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The lack of LEGO Supervans is outrageous

Recommended Posts here's a half-finished one!

...hey, it's more than there were before, I call that a win.

I used my usual inelegant method of throwing bricks at the wall and seeing what shapes work. The main thing I'm not happy with is the nose, I think it needs to be shorter but not sure what I can remove. Also not thrilled about how gappy it looks.

I am happy with how I managed to add the little blue Ford logo in front though. I really don't want to change that. Also happy with the mosaic-like build on the roof.

Suggestions welcome!

Also, does anyone have pictures of this van's electric motors? I saw one picture but it doesn't show exactly how long they are or much details at all.

(This is Ford's all-electric Supervan 4)

52521718556_9201a5ab48.jpgSupervan 4 WIP by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr

52522198235_0bee2e9bdd.jpgSupervan 4 WIP by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr

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Thanks bub, we might be the only supervan fans lol

After a few days of fighting off a blood infection, reflecting on all the poor choices I've made throughout my life, the most important revelation came to me: how to shrink the nose on this thing! While I did lose the clever blue stripe, now the proportions are more accurate and the gappiness is gone.

Time to fill the insides...



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